Hey OBama, What Do You Think of This Health Care Reform Idea?

Socialized Medicine, Health Care Reform, Social Security, Govt. in Business and other issues are nothing new! Medicine in the years just after World War II approached the subject with Truman in the lead tried to implement National Health . It was a horrible Flop and ultimately the subject was dropped by government as such a political hot potato, if held, would burn political hands by way of voter revolt! Today very little has changed in the political argument from years ago!

In 1993, Hillary Clinton, then wife of Pres. Bill Clinton attached the Socialized medicine issue and led the fight to a blazing defeat. It was not that long ago ans should still be fairly fresh in your minds. But once again, Americans relate freedom to their health care. Freedom to choose what will one day result in your ultimate decision, the doctor you die with.

Now Pres. Obama and the gang want to stuff Socialized Medicine down the throats of Americans and bombard the youth and the future children of our youth with what is our responsibility! Now the Democrats control the whole American Govt., this is the perfect chance to ram through something that Republicans have never agreed with.


Obama wanted this bill passed before the August Break. This thousand page bill which had been read by nobody out side of Congress and the Senate, as it was stated on CNN, needed to be passed before the break or the bills chance had less of a chance of surviving. I´m sure you remember that, just a few weeks ago, if you remember. Now we have these Town Halls, where people are actually turning out and voiceing an opinion that the Dem. Congress Reps don´t want to hear! They say these folks are being paid by outside organizations to disrupt these Town Halls. But I have yet to see anything that supports those high level statements. They say people are being mis led by misinformation on Death squads, Age issues, doctor issues, public option issues, plenty of issues to go around.

Plain, concerned and totally screwed Americans are finally take notice of what is happening around them. They see that their govt. is not looking out for their best interest, but rather their personal best interest. These folks are not ¨Of the People¨, they are the elite who allowed you to be swindled. Senators and Congressmen can be in office for decades and most have been! Now we´re taking the same group of people who basically financially raped this nation and giving the same folks hundreds of billions of dollars to fix their mess. With no real direction, restrictions or plan on or for the money! Scam abound and if you for one minute think this money is being spent on the welfare of the nation, you better think again.

Where is the money that went to the banks for the bailout. Remember folks that is our money they made off with, this is now our money they are hording so their bottom line is stable and in the mean time the businesses that need the liquid cash flow to manage day to day business is not there! Business are failing all over the the place because of banking freedoms given to them by congress. Did you know that while you weren´t looking, congress and the Senate passed the bills making unsecured debt illegal to file bankruptcy on! At first this didn´t work, Congress discoverd that 80% of the debt that was held, was in womens names, not men! For years women have been getting credit cards in case there was a divorce or some sort of emergency, they would have credit, money! But a year later, special interest groups from the now all powerful banks go it all passed..

Back on track, Town Halls are normally ignored by the public. Usually held in small public venues for 250 to 500 people at the most. Now folks are showing up in much greater numbers. And these everyday folks are being essentially called social terriorist of sorts for voicing a rather irate opinion! I have to say I love watching people finally wake up and take some care of their finances! And boy are they ever now! Retirement accounts desimated, investments evaporate, homes foreclosed on, banks failing, everyone has some sort of involvement and pain.

Yet we are now supposed to have any confidence in our Corrupt, Yes I said corrupt govt. representives in setting up a system that is best for us? And lets not forget ear marks. If you think these bills aren´t going to be stuffed with special interest payoffs in the form of contracts and administrate proceedures, they you have your head in the sand amigo!

The drudgereport.com had a link to a political radio presentation about Socialized Medicine by Ronald Reagan in his early political days. He goes into great detail on how socialized medicine is the loss of a freedom in the name of the public good.  I think that if you have an opinion of Socialized Health Care, have listened to the few Republicans that are in Congress, then maybe it´s time to listen to something a little different. This is though provoking at the very least and will give you some diffirent ¨tools¨ to put to mental use.


I for one do not want MY Govt. looking out for what it thinks is MY best interest. I can do that for myself, thanks for caring, bud out of business. Like they say, you think health care is expensive, wait until you see how expensive it gets when it´s free!

Here´s something to think about, let Americans have medical coverage outside of the United States where there is high quality care at prices around fifteen percent of that in the states. Carlos Slim, the second or third richest man in the world is starting  Medical Care Hospitals all across Mexico dedicated to offering local Mexican population and FOREIGNERS Medical care at a fraction of the price in the United States. Now you may hear the American Govt.  squak on this, saying the medical care is second to none in the United States, but that is a lie friends. United state is not the holder of any of these titles any longer.  Infant death rates in Mexico are lower than that in the United States, a major indicator of a countries medical care.

An example of this is my brother, so I am speaking of this from some level of experience. My brother had a disentegrating disc in his back. But not just any disc, the one just above the hip bone. He had been in a car accident twenty years earlier and this was an on going condition. It ultimately got so bad he went into a Mexican Hosipital (San Javier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta) to get a new technology disc that worked as a replacement disc, no fusing. The American had told him if he got the operation he would have a very high percentage chance of never walking again, the insurance was squaking about the proceedure being experemental so the issue of payment raised its ugly head. But my brother lived in Mexico and was told by American Board Certified doctors, Doctors that could practice and many have, in the United States if they wanted to. Remember, the USA is not number one in Medicine World Wide. In fact Mexico is rated higher in Medicine than the United States, I found that very interesting when I discovered this. To get back to the story,  my brother got the operation, it was a cake walk if you look at recoverty time and therapy. The operation was six hours and sensitive for sure. But when the operation was over, my brother never wore a back brace except when first out of the operation. Three days later he walked with no problems, no pain, and no monster bill to pay. You see this operation for hospital, Doctors, Medication, Disc and all the other stuff came to a Whopping fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00 usd). You heard me right, the operation was less than half what the deductible would be in the States for the better medical insurances available.  But then again, the general population does not have the money to pay insurance premiums, so there are no expensive insurance companies. You can get high level international medical insurance, for a fifty year old man for around two thousand dollars a year. You can travel to any country and get medical care while on ¨Vacation¨ and be insured .

This can never happen in the USA, Insurance companies have the American public tied up in a nice little bow and the American Political Machine gave them the ribbon to tie is up. Insurance premiums, Lawyer on retainer, Ambulance chasers, unecessary operations, necessary operations or proceedures not covered, you name it. There is a whole sub culture of vultures just waiting to pick your bones should you fall ill or elderly.

My suggestion to the American Public, Write letters, Call your Congressman or Senator, raise your voice. Form community committees and vist yoiu representives. Take charge of your life and stop looking to some corrupt public official only interested in his own self interest to look out for YOU!

Tell your representives that you want the same system, just have the insurance regulated out of it. Demand financial controls on run a way cost! And for god sake don´t let them pass a bill that will change everything in one big swoop of the pen. By regulating Medicine we can control cost, expenses and get the issue of Mal Practice in line. Let it get back to more of a non profit thing instead of the big business it is.

My name is Stan Gabruk and I am fed up with all  of  it!


Fishing Frenzies and Empty Fishing Grounds, It´s like the 70´s in PV


Master Baiter´s Associate Felipe Bravo with a nice 75 lb Yellowfin Tuna

Master Baiter´s Associate Felipe Bravo with a nice 75 lb Yellowfin Tuna

Fishing Frenzies and Empty Fishing Grounds, It´s like the 70´s in PV




This year we´re seeing the season shape up much better than last year. The fishing grounds are alive with action, blue water and smooth seas. Plenty of carnada or bait in English and if that´s not enough, you can have the high spots at El Banco to yourself! These are the kind of conditions that fisherman all over the world hope to experience on their next trip. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its Big Game fishing, but you would be surprised by the lack of takers. I guess with the Economy in the states and the other issues CNN loves to distort, those with the disposable income have dropped off considerably. We all understand market conditions, especially here in PV, but the fish, they don´t care at all. In fact, not having charter boats out there means they´ll hang near the surface instead of being chased down by too many boats. So conditions are really about as good as they can get when it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta.


One great example of this is Mamba Negra, Master Baiter´s 36 ft. Luhrs convertible, came back with Felipe Bravo, Master Baiter´s partner, came in with some sizeable Yellowfin at El Banco and Corbeteña. That´s him in the photo. Running between El Banco and Corbeteña Capt. Carlos and first Mate Juan put Felipe on fish and the rest of the day was non-stop action. Yellowfin Tuna running in the 60 to 150 lb range were abundant around the high spots with plenty of Chorras in the water! Sailfish and large Dorado are here in the area as well. Now that we´re out of the full moon, we should be moving in an even better time frame for Yellowfin. Hopefully if all goes as normal, the monsters or Yellowfin over 200 lbs will be at all the favorite spots!


Corbeteña this week was its normal and consistent self with Pargo or Cubera Snappers in English, Sails, Tuna ranging from good sized to large in the 120 lb range. Of course there are always Marlin in the area and the water has been perfect. Blue and 86 degrees makes for a perfect combination and should continue into Mid January now.


You know, writing this report this week is like stating the same facts over and over again, but this is consistency and we should all be glad we have that. Take Punta Mita and The area around the Marietta Islands / El Morro. This area is boring to write about. It´s almost automatic in these areas at this time of the year. You can always rely on Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Roosters if there´s bait in the water, Snapper, Needle fish, Jacks, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna and the list is endless. Just trolling a goggle eye in calm water will surprise you with freight train hits from a determined Dorado. Running in the 25 to 40 lb. range can truly make your day and you don´t have to be on a boat for the whole day. 8 hrs in this area is perfect for vacationing anglers and locals alike. Unless you´re looking for really big Marlin or Yellowfin, this area can give you just about everything else when it comes to game fish!


With Rainy season not being so rainy, the Trash line fishing has not been in the picture. With the little rain the mountains have been seeing, this usually reliable, yet moving target has not been producing this year like it normally does. This being an El Nino year again, I suspect this is the reason for the dry weather. But things can change in a heartbeat and the local fishermen know how to boat fish even without a trash line. So no worries just get out there!


Don´t forget we have the 3rd Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament in Riviera Nayarit coming up Aug. 13, 14 and 15th. For more information check out their web site at: www.rivieranayaritfishingtournament.com  for all the details. If you´re interested in a tournament ready boat for this tournament or any of the tournaments coming up in the area you can contact me and we´ll fix you up. Contact info at the bottom of the page….


One interesting thing that came up this week was an offer I received to do an internet program on the local fishing to help build tourism to Puerto Vallarta, but more importantly building business for the Marina Vallarta. It´s amazing, people have been coming to PV for years and years, but there is no promotion of Marina Vallarta in any way so most people think Marina Vallarta is the Cruise Ship Marina. People who have stayed in the Marina in the local hotels had no clue that just a few hundred feet out of their hotel room there was a huge area stuffed with Restaurants, shopping, sports bars, and of course fishing companies like mine. Did you know that Marina Vallarta is considered one of the best private Marinas in the whole world! It´s the only protected Marina from San Diego to Panama. Just tell the taxi driver you want to go to the light house in Marina Vallarta or El Faro in Spanish and see what you may have been missing!


I´ve been doing the Twitter thing (MasterBaiters) if you´d like to follow, or if you know of any interesting fishing tweets, let me know! I am also writing a blog (www.MasterBaiters.wordpress.com ) about three times a week to post news-ish type information as well as the fishing going on. I always post a fish pic of the day, so check it out. And I of course I have a Facebook site under the name Master Baiter Stan for those who want to be friends and follow us in what we do. The internet program and city promotions will be just two subjects we focus on…. So come join us in the fun and who knows, you just may like what you see!


That’s about it for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!


We Still Guarantee Your Catch or 30% of your money back.  We are the only company I KNOW OF that does this anywhere! Only on specific company boats (company boats only in Marina Vallarta Store on the boardwalk). If you ask, we are also giving free hour fishing with every charter (except 12 hr charters) and a free T-shirt to who ever catches the biggest fish! That’s about a $125.00 usd value. Take advantage of this insider offer for reading my articles.


Master Baiter´s now has a host of sites and features you can check out or become involved in. OK, if you´re interested in my Biweekly news letter contact me at: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx   Or My Public www.Flick.com  Photo gallery is here: MasterBaiters.com.mx Puerto Vallarta!  Facebook:  MasterBaiter Stan …. My Post Cards from Paradise, Puerto Vallarta Sport Fishing Blog: www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com  We have World Famous T-shirts, Hats and other souvenirs items to choose from. We’re recommended in Fodor’s Travel guide for PV. Fishing and Tours Phone from Canada / USA: 011 52 322 209 11 28.. In P.V.: (322) 209 11 28


Warning: There is a pirate Master Baiter’s site that is in the process of being closed down by the Mexican authorities both on the internet and in a store in town. But the legal system is slow in Mexico, so if you visit any cloned site that claims to be Master Baiter´s offering guaranteed prices, at sites OTHER than www.MasterBaiters.com.mx, you are NOT dealing with me (Stan Gabruk) directly, . They even say they´re me on the phone, so don´t be fooled by imposters!


Master Baiters Sportfishing and Tackle ™ is a registered trade mark and is protected under Mexican and international law.  Unlawful use of this trade mark will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law in the applicable country



Fishing Report for Aug. 9, 2009 for Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle

Written by: Stan Gabruk.

Pres. Obama in Guadalajara, God Help Us!

Twenty Pesos with Swine flu Protection

Twenty Pesos with Swine flu Protection

Sunday, Aug 9th Pres. Obama came once again to Mexico. This time to discuss Swine Flu, NAFTA, Economic conditions of the ¨Tres Caballos¨ or Canada, Mexico and the USA.

If you remember the last visit from Pres. Obama, the swine flu sprung up just after. Now i don´t blame the Pres for this. But his cabinet members were among the first in the news with theis disease. Mexicans on the street discuss how this was all a conspiricy, involving he pres. of Mexico also, to kill tourism in Mexico in an effort to keep the American Dollars up north to help save the economy in the States. Now in the beginning it sounded a little crazy, then when we had no visible signs of any Swine flu or H1N1, Europe, Canada and of course the United States airlines stopped coming to mexico, period. Everything just stopped. Business now are closing amazingly fast, now that their cash reserves have run out since the end of  March when this all got going.

As a business owner, in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be exact, one of the major tourism locations of Mexico, is like a ghost town when looking for North American Tourist. Now Mexican Nationals are here, but even they are in reduced numbers. The hotels after closing for weeks, have reopened for the Mex. National clients. So the hotels are at least getting support from the nationals.

Now in August, we hear how this Swine flu can mutate into something much worse and my god, you better be scared of what ¨could¨ happen. Or as the fairy tale goes, ¨The Sky is Falling¨…. Run for your lives…

Well, let a local tell you what we know. Until recently there have been no swine flu incidents in Puerto Vallarta. Those with the bug brought it with them. I know more people in the states with this flu, than here in PV. In fact, I don´t know anyone who has contracted it in Mexico.  Interesting statement, I live in tourism central and I know people in the state with this disease. But in Mexico, Swine Flu Central, I don´t know of anyone with this disease? Seems a little strange don´t you think….

The bottom line here is we could talk about the Flu, Drug Wars, Economy, etc. but the truth is out there if you search for it. But if you don´t want to search for it, then you can find some interesting facts at: www.truthaboutmexico.com  Without the CNN and FoxNews spin on things!

Share this information with your friends coming to Mexico who are a little nervous about the trip.

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta Daily Fish Pic

Rare Swordfish

Rare Swordfish

Every once in a while we see something that is out of normal. This fish would be a perfect example, we knew it wasn´t a Marlin, Maybe a relative of the Sailfish, but that didn´t seem right. Not a white marlin, so we went looking for the old timers who may know what this fish was… Turns out it was a Spear fish and one hasn´t been spotted in PV for more than 30 yrs. Or that was the story I was told. Enjoy this special Fish Pic of the Day…..

H1N1 Smear Tactics for Mexico by CNN and Others!

On the Drudge report yesterday I read this thing that was represented as a news article on how the cases of the H1N1 flu strain had dramatically increaded in just a few weeks. Throwing the normal scare tactics out to the American public at large who actually thinks these news services are something other than creatures to generate income. Before we move on, we first need to remember the swine flu pandemic happened during sweeps weeks where the stations determine what the advertising time will cost for the next six months as determined by who watches the channel! So this was a story that got rolling during a slow news period in the worst possible time of the year for them. So to have something international they could put in front of an already anxious public about mexico was perfect for them. So the timing was perfect for a Tourism perfect storm for Mexico. ….

I talk with Americans and Canadians visiting Puerto Vallarta (PV) who have questions about the Swine Flu, Drug Wars, If you can drink the water (in puerto Vallarta you can),  Safety issues and much more. Now that the News services have learned that they can create the news with  hypothetical situations, all of a sudden the ¨Sky if Falling¨.  I´veheard at least fivedifferent strains that this strain ¨Could¨ mutate into. Well, I could come up with at least a thousand, maybe more! Why stop at five?  But now we have a whole new category of news! It´s Scare tactics propaganda designed to lead he masses in herd down the path of their ¨best interest¨, as dictated to them. Now nobody believes the United States would mislead people now…. or would they?

The News reports on American Television have decimated the tourism industry in Mexico. Since I own a Sportfishing company in Marina Vallarta, I know of this issue intimately. The real facts of what has been happening about the swine flu deal is below. This is all stuff I know from watching CNN, Fox News, and reading the news services. Using their own facts agains them, this is how things really shake out. Yesterday the Drudge report stated that 17,416 cases of H1N1 flue was in all of Mexico.  as if this was a scarey number, lets face it, it sounds scary!

So  now Lets sort the scare tactics out. 1) 36,000 people every year in the united states die from one flu or another, fact. That is close to 100 people per day in the United States alone, FOR YEARS. Yet this is not deemed a pandemic? 2) You are also more likely to transmit this H1N1 flu in the united States much, much easier than in Mexico. So Mexico is actually a safer place to be than in the USA and Europe relative to this disease. 3) CNN this morning was saying that in fact the H1N1 strain had not mutated in these southern countries as was hypothetically possible,  and treatments work! 4) If all the 17,416 cases that they report to be accurate happened in only Mexico City, with a population of 28 million, that would be .000622 percent of the total population of one city alone, big city true. That is 6/10,000 of one percent of only Mexico City equivalent population. Leaving the numbers in the rest of the county microscopic in comparison to the States.  Now remember, these are not deaths, these are instances. 5) Mexico in front of the whole world closed the entire country down for many days. No church services in a Catholic country is huge. Restaurants could only serve two drinks to people and no more or they got a five thousand dollar fine! No open bars, Movie Houses, festivals, Soccer games, etc. in an effort to stop this disease in it´s tracks. Lets see the rest of the greedy world do that or is money more important than citizens 6) CNN and FoxNews, etc have smeared Mexico as the Villian in this scenario, but in fact, Americans need to be more afraid at home, where no action is being taken except lip service about how the vacine is not available for months. Ask your self this, what would you do to not contact this disease, and couldn´t  rely on a magic shot to protect you that we already know is going to be too late! Shouldn´t we do what ever it takes now and stop waiting to be victims. What would we all have to do if there was no hope of a high tech solution?? Time to think a little more low tech…. 7) last of all, older americans have an immunity to this H1N1 because at some point in the past, they were exposed to some virus like H1N1 which protects them. So this may not be a new bug at all, just one that was out of the mainstream. Now CNN and the rest of you news services, these are your facts presented to the public at large, why are you doing your best to kill tourism in Mexico, Europe, world wide …. it can´t really be all about selling ad space?

When it fcomes to the H1N1 Flu, no matter where you are in the world, it´s there. Everyone best defense is your own imune system. Healthy foods, plentyh of sleep and exercise, the stuff we should be doing for ourselves anyway, will help. Avoiding people that are sick, that´s always a good idea no matter what they have. Some hand jel never hurt anyone.

The bottom line here, you´re more likely to get sick in the States, not in Mexico.

Whewww… I got that out of my system…..



Master Baiters 36 ft. Luhrs Express Mamba Negra came in this week with some nice Sailfish and a boat load of smiles.

Stan Gabruk www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

Sailfish and Dorado, Puerto Vallarta Sportfishing

1st Mate Charlie left and Capt. Pepino with their catch of the day. 8 hr trips can produce these results on a daily basis! Come see what Puerto Vallarta Fishing is all about with www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

1st Mate Charlie left and Capt. Pepino with their catch of the day. 8 hr trips can produce these results on a daily basis! Come see what Puerto Vallarta Fishing is all about with http://www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

Today we came in with a nice Sailfish and a Dorado or three. This was scheduled for a 8 hr trip, but one of the guys got sick…  back in three hours and they still got fish.  Remember, we offer a fish guarantee or 30% of your money comes back. We take the risk with you. Remember, at Master Baiter´s  We Won´t Jerk You Around!