Very Early Season Yellowfin Tuna Just Outside El Banco, Look For the Spinners!

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Very Early Season Yellowfin Tuna Just Outside El Banco, Look For the Spinners!

As we move into the summer, fishing around here goes from the daily cookie cutter report of Bonito and Jack Crevalls into some different conditon every day. Now we move into the ¨What Next¨  season. We know right now we are on the cusp of summer. We see the Blue Marlin move into the area and Sailfish are filtering in. We will also see early season signs of Yellowfin Tuna moving in closer to El Banco or The Bank in English. Anywhere from ten miles west, east or north will produce wildly fluctuating sizes from 60 lb to close to 200 lbs. Fishing forecast are made even more difficult with the uncertain currents and water temperatures. Fasten your seatbelt, Experienced Captains will be worth their weight in gold. The new, brazen Captains will have their words quietly ignored as the local talent will once again shine.

After the last couple of years with the bad economy in the states, the swine flu news lies and now Americans afraid of their shadows in Mexico over reports in the liberal news services warning travelers off Mexico. The fishing industry is going through a consolidation where those who were offering cheap prices on nice boats are no longer in possession of those boats. Those making a fast buck and ignoring market conditions played the wrong hand. As prices continue to go up on fuel, insurance (da!), licenses and dock fees, relying on the uncertain tip at the end of the day is no way to stay in business and feed the family. This was bound to happen with all the new ¨Jimmy Buffets¨ living the Margarita Ville Lifestyle. Once more, the challenges to the Sportfishing industry, everywhere, are formidable. Yet the American Economy is still nervous and the news reports of how the sky is falling in Mexico is taking its toll. If you were in Vallarta this all would be obvious, but we understand. 

For those who braved the reports, the fishing is getting better daily. The summer species like Dorado are still out at El Banco, Blue Marlin at time reaching 800 lbs, Sailfish and of course just outside the bank YF Tuna. With so few boats heading out to these deep water locations, you´ll be operating on ¨give it a shot¨ planning. No stories or reports to base a following days game plan on.  So it can still be a crap shoot, but if you are out there for more than one roll of the dice, then you will have a time to remember!

Corbeteña this week has the Spinner Dolphin with their friends the YF Tuna Footballs chasing bait at the Rock. Now there were only in the 40 to 60 lb range, so don´t get too excited. Still, to have action where previously there was none, we’ll just be grateful and keep an eye out for what develops here. Should see Sailfish, Blue Marlin in this area as well. With the seasonal rains just starting this week, we expect the summer this year to be very ¨tropical¨. By this I mean we will see plenty of rain this year and it should be a good year for Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Vallarta this year.

Marietta Islands are still rocking with Rooster fish (40  -60 lbs), Lots of Toro’s or Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Snapper to 35 lbs, Needle fish, African Pompano and the list goes on. Sailfish have not been paying much attention to their normal hangout!

Now if you are in the bay, a six hour trip will get you in the middle of Sailfish city which is just down the bay in front of Nuevo Vallarta! Five to ten miles off the shore and you may just find yourself with a billfish hook- up. So don´t be stuck with just light tackle for now in the bay amigos, could take forever to release that billfish! With the rains, the river mouths will be where the locals hang out. With Roballo (Snook) hanging out in the river mouths, you can cast from shore and land dinner amigos…. Great tasting!

Remember, the seasonal rains in Puerto Vallarta are primarily from humidity build up against the local mountains. It cools the city off and cleans the air. The rain is also good for fishing. If you head out in the rain, the seas will still be smooth and the fish will be excited!  If there is a tropical storm or Hurricane that could be heading out from Costa Rica, the storm swell period will normally be no more than three days. It never hurts to schedule your days on the water as early in the vacation week as possible so you can reschedule and still get your days in. Another thing most people don´t consider is after a tropical storm, the fishing can be spectacular. Why, I could speculate, but the fact is when you think it may be too rough and you think you should wait another day, that is the day the fishing will be its best. So trust your Captain, they don´t close the port if the swells are not over six feet with short durations.

Update June 21: Yellowfin Tuna are not in front of Sayulita, ten miles off the shore. Now this is unheard of and it is difficult to explain, but there are tons of Sardines coming in close and that  could be one reason. Now they´re nothing huge, but forty to sixty pounds closer in is a blessing. Sailfish are taking over the inside of the bay, in front of the Nuevo Vallarta area there are sails all over the place. Now this is unusual also, so if you are a local and reading this blog, get your butt out there. If not, well…. Enjoy the photos… hahahahaa…..  

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Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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