Quickie Report: It’s All Happening Now, The Bite is on in front of Puerto Vallartas Front Porch!

Sailfish in Puerto Vallarta

Quickie Report: The Bite is on in front of Puerto Vallartas Front Porch!

This has been a hard season to call with the strange weather patterns and the formation of tropical storms and Hurricanes off our coast t his year. It must have looked like a weather circus out the there and trust me the year is not over as yet. Strange currents, warmer than preferred water temperatures, and a noticeable lack of some species still have us scratching our heads.

The season has been short on Dorado or Mahi Mahi, which ever you prefer… But the word is they ´re finally here in larger numbers and larger sizes. NOTHINg HUGE now but fun and more plentiful everyday. Punta Mita, El Morro, Marietta Islands, you´ll find them. If you find a log or something favorable floating you’ll have a Dorado day to remember. Mostly in the 25 lb range, they´re keepers for dinner. But the numbers look like they can be dwindling, hopefully not, but always, always, always throw the females back!

Sailfish are moving in stronger by the moment. Punta Mita, Marietta Islands, El Banco, Corbeteña, they will take a lure, live bait, your car keys with a hook, they don´t seem to care much the last few days…. These guys are right on time and will be here long after the first of the New Year.

Looking for Black Marlin, well you won’t be looking long, they will find you. The word is out on the Black, Blue and Striped Marlin that will be our resident species for the rest of the year into the first week of January. Marlin are mostly in the 350 to 700 lb range. But several have been released much smaller in the 250 lb range and some even in the larger ranges in excess of 800 lbs! Now these are big fish and these fish are hungry.

Last but not least the Yellowfin Tuna are showing up a little better than they have the last few weeks. Running from 50 to 160 lbs with many over 200 lbs being brought in the drought seems to be over and hopefully they’ll just be more plentiful and larger. Again, take what you need and don’t over keep. One 200 lb Yellowfin can feed an army for a week, so remember this. Look for water temperatures, if running warm, use down riggers. If birds are surface diving, make a bee-line to it! Remember not to run over anyone’s lines, been having a lot of this problem with other people rushing in lately……

Remember, this is the time of the year that everyone declares they are superman when it comes to boating Black Marlin, but let them do that. They are measuring their ¨Manhood’s¨ on the docks and to impress clients into thinking he is superman as well. The same goes for Sailfish, Excess Dorado, Excess Rooster Fish, Excess any fish, just don´t do it. More fish in the bay, the better it is for all of us!

So get off your duff and get out there!

Until next time, Kiss your fish….


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