BloodyDecks PV Agenda, Destroy the competition, Fill the void with the Bloody Decks Sportfishing Company?

For years now Master Baiter’s has been the premiere fishing Charter Company in Puerto Vallarta, everyone already knows this and we have been in more magazines than all of my competition put together.  From the day we opened we were considered by many in Puerto Vallarta as the enemy for just opening our doors. After we won the WBS Billfishing Series Grand Championships (The U.S. Open for fishing) in 2000 & 2001 we were the ones on top!  With all the business we were getting, we still gave our overflow business to other Marina fishing business to help them as well. Naturally we made money on these charters as well, but we shared the wealth without bad-mouthing anyone. Even then there was plenty of finger pointing and bad mouthing about Master Baiter´s though, even from the same people we were feeding work to! Such is the environment in the fishing industry in Puerto Vallarta, even those you think are friendly towards you, are sticking you any way they can.

Years later nothing has changed, but it seem the loudest and most aggressive group of finger pointers these days are coming from Bloody Decks contributors with the sites blessings. I could never figure out how a Bulletin Board on steroids could be such an enemy of Master Baiter´s since nobody there ever met me or even cared to meet me. But their eager volunteers, the Bloody Decks Taliban as I call them, are all too happy, even to this day to point a finger at Master Baiter´s and make slanderous comments. In general the Taliban will do everything they can to keep people from looking at Master Baiter´s in a favorable light. I ALWAYS figured it was because the Skate boarders who opened this free, unregulated bulletin board on the net were friends of certain individuals in the Puerto Vallarta Marina and they were just some sort of guys club for the locals to rag on each other. That was even fine, they still talked about  us (Master Baiter´s)  like dogs, but hey, nothing new there!  So I just ignored another fishing bulletin board on the internet.

Then came those with the serious accusations that I, Master Baiter´s was embezzling peoples money!  When I went on the Bloody Decks website and called out these big mouths with no facts, the site responded by banning me from posting on the site so the truth could not get out and the slander could go on unobstructed and the Taliban could rule their domain with no interruptions for things like the facts or the truth. The Taliban could preach their gospel to the willing and unsuspecting. That is until they try to post something about their fishing trip. So now they all could say anything, at any time, about my company and I was unable to respond to those flat out self seving lies that supported some of the local businesses they considered friends who were in the click. With what I have learned in the last few weeks and now knowing what I NOW KNOW, I understand… really I do.

Now everyone knows I am no fan of Bloody Decks, Bloody Dicks is what many call them, but I could never understand how or why the site would go unregulated and unrestricted in their lies and toxic comment s. That was until last week when I got some interesting news.

It appears that Bloody Decks is getting into the Sportfishing business here in Puerto Vallarta. The Bulletin board on Steroids hits the water to save the Puerto Vallarta Anglers from themselves by offering them the best boats, captains, equipment, etc. Puerto Vallarta has to offer(or so I would expect).  I can see the articles now. So here´s the deal, there has been an effort to get several of the Bloody Decks Favorite sons to come and become part of the new company being formed in Nuevo Vallarta. I guess the few putting this together have made an arrangement with the Paradise Village owner Graziano Sovernigo. Mr. Sovernigo owns the hotel or rather Time Share Hotel, Paradise Village and the attached marina in Nuevo Vallarta. As the owner of the marina he had total control which included having the only charter company that operated out of the Nuevo Vallarta Marina, again that he controlled.  Known mostly as a sailboat Marina since there is no boat yard or fuel dock, you still have to come to Marina Vallarta or the La Cruz Marina to fill up. But it appears that Mr. Sobvernigo is allowing Bloody Decks, or rather those using the name and the bulletin boards influence to start a new operation out there.

Now the Bloody Boys have been hitting up their favorite sons to come join the ¨Club¨. But the ones who use the site to promote their businesses for free don´t want the attachment. You see The Bloody decks guys have been telling would be partners (if that is what you want to call them) to come and join them with the usual Cheers and promises of big money.  At the same time they are being told by Bloody Decks that they will naturally have to take less for their boat so they can make a healthy commission.  Also, that all their charters have to come through the Bloody Decks reservation system, even their long time clients. And on top of that, they have to be exclusive to Bloody Decks which means they would basically control the flow of their charter business and the money they would make. For some reason these guys (the captains and boat owners)have not exactly been lining up to be abused by giving these guys their long term clients and get less money from a business they already have set up? So why would you as an up and running established fishing business owner want to hand over your business to a group of start-ups at best with no clientele? I mean why would anyone want to do that, but that is what they are expecting those who want to bask in the light of the Bloody Decks Bulletin Board to do!  You know I DON´T GET SOMETHING, if the Bloody Decks Taliban are ¨ all that and a bag of potato chips¨, why don´t they buy  their own boats and hire some of these great captains they have all this praise and worship for?  I mean is this a real operation or is this just a guy or group of guys using the Bloody Decks name with some unknown boats and captains trying to dominate the fishing charter business? Well, that is exactly what this operation is and I know the boats they will be using or I should say who they got them believe their preaching’s , ¨drinking the juice¨ so to speak. One person, no names, has been quietly asking several boat captains, most are Bloody Decks favorite sons, to come and be part of their company.  Of course the previous conditions apply and there have been a few responses.  When it is all said and done, the real deal here is the Bulletin Board Bloody Decks has no money to support this effort. So another broke operation under the guise of Bloody Decks opens their doors.

The boats that are so far part of this new Bloody Operation are boats that have been for sale and can´t sell a charter. One unnamed business on the malicon in Marina Vallarta that opened at the beginning of Summer has agreed to make their boats available to Bloody Decks as they close their dieing business doors and hook-up woth Bloody Decks.  These boats that are of good quality and crews adequate, but  they never get any business. One person I am thinking of is a bright guy, but he´s a captain and business owner himself who is working for another guy on a full time gig running his fishing boat.  So even the guy setting up this operation will not be the guy running the show! I mean really, there is no nailed down and responsible type that will be running this business from an ownership point of view which makes them little more than employees.  Right now you could have these same boats for less money here in Marina Vallarta! Looking at things from experience and from an owners perspective, this venture is lost before it starts.

I also know there must be some reason Mr. Sovernigo would allow these people to do what they are doing and it all comes down to business. That’s right, if you are not getting hit up for a timeshare presentation while fishing on these boats, then he is an idiot and frankly this is the only reason Mr. Sovernigo would agree to this since fishing operations contrary to popular belief are not money making operations! Besides, the money this operation would produce would not be enough to go to the trouble of dealing with other-wise. Mr. Sovernigo is in the time share business, this is supporting his company  bringing in a fresh flow of clients who want to get a cheap charter and rope them intointo a six hour presentation in a Paradise Village Timeshare sales rooms!! You can take that to the bank! So there you have it, Bloody Decks has aligned themselves with a few boats that couldn´t get their business off the ground, a Timeshare Operation gimmick and a Devoted Taliban to get the word out. And the whole time they are out there talking themselves up, who do you think they´ll be pointing fingers at? … funny stuff….

Now if you take the money pie and start slicing it all up, you have an interesting deal for sure. Bloody Decks will want their share, so take that slice away. Mr. Sovernigo definitely wants his slice of that pie and then he gets the extra slice of getting these folks into yet another timeshare scam with fishing boats thanks to Bloody Decks.  So Mr. S gets two slices of this pie. Then of course the guy running the show needs his slice, the sales agent (if there was an agent involved) will want his slice and of course the company needs the major slice of the pie to pay for offices, internet, phones, you know, the normal business operations expenses. Now remember the company can only make money if the guy who actually owns and operates the boat takes it in the shorts or worse!  That is one hell of a Mexican Plan!  The guy doing all the work gets the smallest part of the pie and will have to pay for maintenance, fuel, employees, docks, water and the list goes on. It´s ridiculous and comical from my point of view.

So I now understand why the Bloody Decks site is so hell bent on letting those ¨ loose mouth cannons ¨  with unregulated opinion(s) spout off about Master Baiter´s! They have an AGENDA! That´s right folks, the famous agenda that Bloody Decks Denies is hanging out there in front of you! For a company full of people I never met and don´t know, it all starts to make sense to me now. It´s like deciding to invade a country, you don´t send the troops in until you´ve bombed the place into oblivion, soften up the battle field for the invasion! So Bloody Decks after doing everything it can to put ¨unworthy¨ fishing companies out of business with bad mouthing tactics to look superior If you are perceived as bad, then you will suffer the slings and arrows of uneducated people with an axe and an agenda to grind.

So what now is this site all about?  Promoting fishing in Puerto Vallarta, promoting it´s own company, what?  I mean as the scenarios run through my head I have to laugh at this whole thing, seriously. Does that mean the guys who used to be their bread and butter are now their now their competition?  Does that mean the favorite sons now stop posting on Bloody Decks since they, the Bulletin board with competing boats is now their competition? I mean it all seems like a conflict of interest to me.  Where does this all go now?  Timeshare, Taliban, Bloody Decks favorite sons, Competing operations, personalities, and in the end it will all come down to what it always comes down to, Customer service, a  good product at a fair price, and a business reputation based on happy clients.

Now that Bloody Decks is the competition, those same favorite sons who have been pretty much using this free Bloody Decks bulletin board exclusively to drum up clientele and now they´re the competition?!  Most of these Captains and boat owners have no other avenues (money or brain power) to promote their company anywhere other than a free bulletin board? Sure they have a web page and a fishing report declaring they are of course the king of world. Then they can declare how you can forget about fishing with Master Baiter´s now that they are here to save your fishing day and fishing future in Puerto Vallarta. I guess we all should take our queue and pack up while we can, again.

In the last year there have been nine different fishing companies in Marina Vallarta and surrounding area go out of business. Some of them have been here as long as Master Baiter´s. Others were for the most part another guy looking to live in Margarita Ville, open a charter fishing company and then live the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle in paradise. But again, nine more companies went belly up this year after two of the worst years in history. And they keep coming, each declaring their superiority, their superior knowledge / Experience, their superior captains, boats and the crap is endless.

There naturally is much more to this developing story, but for now I will sit back and watch it all play out as the Bloody Decks Bulletin Board becomes the next Timeshare Sportfishing fiasco as they kick in their high gear bad-mouthing.  Other than Master Baiter´s, who are they going to bad mouth now, the guys they used to love? And the Bloody Decks Faithful, do they now stop fishing with the guy s they used to fish with as the Bloody Decks favorite sons or is the new company better than those they were promoting? I mean really… how this all fits together is going to be like watching a slow movie as this all progresses.

One simple thought, as you go out and visit Bloody Decks and read what they will have to say about this article, look at those who are writing these negative and toxic comments. It´s always the same guys banding together ganging up on some guy who wants to share his experience. FYI, the bloody decks boys in the past have copied and pasted my articles with changes they added or deleted to fit their purpose, so this will probably be the issue once more, so keep an eye out for that on the site… I can´t post, so if you see a post by or from master baiters, it´s not original copy…..

As far as this article on my own blog, which they hate they can´t control, I already know I will receive many emails threatening me in several ways, some to do harm, others to tell the world what a horrible company I am. Why would they stop now, yet they still cannot produce one person who will step up to the plate and publically denounce me or my company from anytime in the last six years or more.  Accusations are easy to make when you can make them on a public site like Bloody Decks. The cyber world equivalent of a guy with a spray can painting his tag on your garage door.

I have one question for Bloody Decks, if Master Baiter´s is such a horrible company, why is it I am still in business and still putting out happy customers every single day? Why is it in all your efforts I do more business than all your favorite sons put together? How is it I still have the only business that will still guarantee you catch a game fish for the same money they charge or less?  Why is that?  And if you can find one person in at least six years that will tell you, with proof, no more bloody dicks lies, that I DID NOT REFUND THEIR MONEY, I WILL PUNCH THEM IN THE NOSE IF THEY HAVE THE BONES TO COME TO ME AND MY FACE AND PRESENT THEMSELVES AS A VICTUM!

My name is Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle. I am proud of my company and the thousands and thousands of happy customers that come back fishing with us every year. I am still here ready to stand up to the comments that are lies and misrepresentations by those with Agendas.

You see I have quite a following and I publish my articles in several locations including delivered magazines in the states to paying clients who are looking for my insights and information. Some I even pay to write for them, but then again, you need money to post in sites where the professionals actually read and gain credibility in the industry. Bloody Decks is a rag of a site and now they are going into the fishing business. I could never see Marlin Mag doing something like this, but then again that is a first class publication, not a NO CLASS BULLETIN BOARD! My suggestion to you Bloody Decks, keep in an industry you have a nitch in, writing about what other people do.  I could never imagine a publication on the internet or in magazine form to compete with all the other fishing companies in PV. It kills what you are about for one thing and it makes you look foolish as you lose credibility in the market place.

My advice to Bloody Decks Readers, invest your time reading something  in a worthwhile site, there are lots of them out there, go find one!

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