Dirty water finds Corbeteña, Action Moves to El Banco, Dorado explode at Punta Mita, Bait Scarce


Shannon had 17 hook-up and these were what he came in with!

Shannon had 17 hook-up and these were what he came in with!

Dirty water finds Corbeteña, Action Moves to El Banco, Dorado explode at Punta Mita, Bait Scarce


When it comes to fishing, at this time of the year there is good, then there is Really Good, and then there is great.  Right now we have slid back to their ¨Really Good¨ conditions. The abundant bait last week has either been eaten or moved on with the currents.   Of course this is creating challenges, improvise and adapt is the nature of big game fishing for sure, Nothing ever happens the way it is supposed to, it´s not an exact art to say the least! There are still lots of fish bigger than your car to target, but it’s not like fishing in a barrel at the moment. Keep an eye on those who come in with fish. This is when the equipment, experience can create your ¨luck¨  fishing that amigos!  This is World Class fishing at its finest and it´s within your reach.

Let’s just jump in, Corbeteña has gone from firing on all cylinders to a sputtering engine this week. With murky water, just on the verge of being dirty, the action came to a halt. Those hitting the rock the last few days have found Marlin and Yellowfin have deserted the area for the most part. There were a few hook ups, while El Banco was Hook-Up City! Those I know fishing Corbeteña came in with a mostly Dorado in the 35 lb range, but that was hitting he trash line that we were lucky enough to have. Some Sailfish, Striped and Blue Marlin were there in weak numbers. Bait was nowhere to be found and they were not hitting lures! Like I said, it went from hot one day to freezing the next.  Now this can change in the next ten minutes, so keep your ears on!

By now you get the idea that if you wanted to boat something trophy worthy you had to hit El Banco. Where bait was difficult to make at Corbeteña, El Banco was a little better.  The area was wide open, not only on the high spots but in the surrounding area. There were more boats out this week as October is one of the busiest fishing months of the year. Everything was hitting live bait, but there were some lure hits of black and purple, Yellow and Black combinations were working well also. But not like live bait. The Malin were hitting in some cases over 700 lbs down to 250 lbs. Where you could expect at least four strikes a day, you may have only one when it comes to a Marlin. Yellowfin Tuna have decreased a little and are now running in the 80 to 200 lb range with the bulk of them being boated are in the 80 lb range. Sailfish are also in the area, but they are not as abundant as last week. Last week was incredible and those lucky enough to be on the water experienced some arm breaking action. We are now in the middle of the fishing season and these days are not the exception. As a rule we will continue to see this world class action into late December, so no worries, they´re out there, you may have to work a little for them, but you´ll get them. One thing that kinda hindered the number of fish on the docks was the time the bite has been happening. If you’re on the high spots around five in the afternoon, then you were at the right place at the right time. Before the late afternoon and it was mostly hit and miss. With boats leaving the marina before seven in the morning, that means you´ll be leaving El Banco when the bite is just coming on. This is why you need to keep track of when the bite is happening. Without this information and thinking earlier is better many times will bite you in the butt and the fishing trip when heading out just an hour or so later would insure you return with a trophy. So let that be your tip of the week, know when the bite is happening, maximize your fishing dollar, and increase your fun factor by being in the right place at the right time.

These past weeks down riggers were not an Issue since the water temperatures have been hanging in the perfect range of 82 to 86 degrees. Currents are presently in the process of changing which means we can see upwelling’s or dirty water currents coming in. This also means water temperatures can drop a little also, so go prepared for any circumstance. Even though we have not seen many using kites so far this year, it doesn´t mean they aren´t working. One thing for sure, if you don´t have it, you’ll need it.  Dorado are in the area ranging from 25 to 40 lbs. If you are targeting Dorado, there are closer locations to hit maximizing your fishing bucks amigo… read on.

Dorado have moved into the area and mostly taken over Punta Mita. A lot late to arrive in any size this year, Punta Mita has turned into a Dorado Machine.  They are hitting live baits for the most part, but will not discriminate if they see a tasty little lure.  Running anywhere from 25 to 45 lbs the average has been in the 30 lb range. From the point around to Sayulita has been the place to be.  Roosterfish have taken a powder it seems this week.  The come and they go, and there are some still out there around the rocks and structure like they like. I would target other species for the moment. Sailfish are also here at Punta Mita, about eight miles off the point. Not exactly plentiful, like Elvis, they have left the building for now, but will return, you can count on that!

The area around the Marietta Islands and the reefs remain productive. Mostly boating Bonito to 35 lbs, Snappers to 35 lbs, some Rooster fish in the 30 lb range, Smaller Dorado and Needle fish, you´ll have a fun day.  Some amberjacks have been boated, but incidental catches mostly. For my money, you´re better off hitting Punta Mita for the same timeframe, you´ll have better results.

The bay is it´s normal summer fishing.  Plenty of smaller fish, with the occasional surprise like a Sailfish off Yelapa. For the most part those looking for a short day will still catch Roballo in front of the river mouths, Snapper, Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito and other assorted species.  Still worth the time, but when you have the larger fish at your finger tips it´s probably better to find someone and partner up for a longer day on a shared boat. Talk to your concierge to see if they have parties that may be interested in hooking up and coming in with Moby Dick….

As the season suggest, we are now in the middle of High Season for Fishing. The demand for boats is finally going up, along with the price of fuel and anything that has the word ¨marine¨ on it.  You can find the price you like, but make sure you understand what exactly that product is, it may be different than your expectations.  If things like fresh line, smooth drags, fast boats, plenty of bait and a worth captain  mean anything to you, then you will be paying for this on a full service tournament ready boat. If the boat is less than this, you will be paying less. Also unsured and unlicensed boats are cheaper also, but you won´t know they’re unlicensed and uninsured, they won´t tell you. These boats are now being screened and stopped when heading out in the morning. You may find you got a cheap price on a boat that is being confiscated for operating an illegal fishing charter company. When this happens the Captain will be arrested and the clients will be released at the naval station. You will lose your money and have to deal with an unpleasant and tense situation on your part. Now you will never be threatened or challenged, but you will lose your money and your day on the water. So make sure you know who you are dealing with and that they have the necessary papers for safety, operation and insurance…. Know your vendor!

Remember, we have our Tournament coming up in November and it promises to be the wonderful event we´ve all come to expect. Prize money this year is still high with free cars and boats being offered to the lucky winners out there! If you are looking for a boat, Master Baiter´s doesn´t double its boat prices and we always have new line and fresh drags on our reels. We also have great prices on our boats, just slightly over our normal daily rate to account for the long, long days and the extra fuel usage. Magnifico is available with other boats if interested. So call me before someone else gets the deal. Magnifico won the Pez Vela Tournament in 2007 with Master Baiter´s, maybe you can too…..

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta make sure you visit The Village at Marina Vallarta. With 150 shops and Restaurant row it´s the number one attraction for Puerto Vallarta. Check out the daily catch on the docks or the jewelry stores or window shop for a new condo… What’s that, You´ve never heard of the Village? Then it’s time you came on down and checked it all out.  If you need it, it can be found in the Village! Check out their Facebook page (The Village at Marina Vallarta) and hit the ¨Like¨ Button to keep up with all the exciting changes as they happen!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

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