Quickie Report: Dorado Desert Punta Mita, Making Bait is Difficult, Marlin Still at El Banco, Yellowfin Tuna running 100 lbs

Shannon with a Sailfish off Punta Mita last week

Shannon with a Sailfish off Punta Mita last week

Quickie Report:  Dorado Desert Punta Mita, Making Bait is Difficult, Marlin Still at El Banco, Yellowfin Tuna running 100 lbs

You know they say what goes up, must come down. After a couple of solid weeks of Mahi Mahi at Punta Mita, they have deserted the area for the moment. I had a boat head out the other day targeting Dorado and couldn´t find one for nothing. So keep your ears on and before you head out check the reports on the docks or call / email me for the latest info….

Corbeteña just a few days ago was an expensive waste of time, but now Sails have moved into the Area and there have been some 100 lb Yellowfin Boated at the rock. Black and Blue Marlin are here as well… The water is still a little murky, but getting better. More on this in a few more paragraphs, stay tuned….

El Banco is still the place to be with larger Yellowfin Tuna at or over 100 lbs, Black marlin, Sailfish and good sized Dorado…

There is plenty of bait in the water, that is until you get out of the bay, then it may be an issue to be able to make / catch fresh bait. This has been the case for the last few days. But this is normal, the bait comes in, the fish follow, the bait  get s eaten, then the fish will hang for a while, but if there is no food, their stomachs will do the thinking.

At times like this a boat that does not have Tuna Tubes will be at a disadvantage. And if you paid for a boat with no electronics and tuna tubes, then no matter how good a deal you got, you paid for nothing amigo. Be sure you know your boat and the captain. It all makes a difference and at some point the deal is not worth the price…. I always say fishing charter companies are like street hookers, there is always one that is cheaper on the next corner, but at some point, the quality you want will conflict with the price …. At some point you understand you will never get more than you pay for.

It looks like the seasonal rains may be coming to an end now. We’ve gone two weeks now with no measurable rain and the days have been hot. Humidity is dropping by the day and the mornings to me, as an acclimated person living in PV has been a little on the chilly side before the sun comes up. I actually had a thought of wearing long sleeves around the Marina. Just another indication that the seasons are changing.

Another indication is the f act the currents are already starting to turn causing upwelling and in turn this will leave a bad taste in a fish’s mouth so to speak. So they move into clean water which explains the conditions at Corbeteña the last few days. But like I said, the water is improving and in a day or two everything will be back to it´s outrageous self!

As I mentioned  earlier, Water conditions have improved, it’s not exactly clean, more on the lightly murky side, so you can catch fish, but the conditions could be better. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The good news is the water temperatures are in the favorable range which is nice and keeps the fish on the surface. For now the need for down riggers has gone away. Kites are working, but again, they are taking surface trolled baits, why get fancy when you don´t have to. Besides dealing with a kite can be a hassle anyway…

We are also seeing more and more demand for fishing boats daily . October and November are always high demand months, but we had no clue what to expect this year. The cool weather in the northern parts of the States and in Canada have been unseasonably cold. For that reason we are seeing more visitors, earlier this  year than normal. The timeframe around Thanks Giving is getting kinda full. So no matter who you go fishing with, make sure you reserve early. The better boats always get reserved first. The second rate boats are always available for less money. So keep this in mind and don´t get stuck…

Don’t forget to make sure you come and visit the Village in Marina Vallarta when in Puerto Vallarta. With a huge restaurant row with all sorts of food, there are shops and services of all kinds.  The Village is walking distance to anything and everything you could need or desire. If you want to get across town six and a half pesos will get you on the bus into town…. So keep the Village in mind and check it out. Take a walk on the board walk as it winds around the Yachts, Sailing boats and Fishing boats. Watch the fishing boat s come in with their daily catch and marvel at how big a fish can actually get! Every catch a fish bigger than your car, well you can here and now!

There are crazy deals out there right now to get you to Puerto Vallarta, right now you can afford to get excited with the low air fares and cheap hotel rooms.

Just a reminder, Nuevo Vallarta is not Puerto Vallarta. So when reserving a hotel remember the Westin, Marriott Casa Magna, Velas Vallarta, Mayan Palace and the Melia are all hotels in Marina Vallarta, in Puerto Vallarta Proper. With the heavy rains and the bridges falling in the rivers, making the extra effort to focus on these hotels will save you time in traveling to where the action and tours are, not to mention taxi  fares that seem to get more expensive by the week….


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