Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin, Puerto Vallarta Fishing Kicks into High Gear



Magnifico Victory Lap flyin Flags, 1Sail, 1 Blue Marlin, 2 Dorado

Magnifico Victory Lap flyin Flags, 1Sail, 1 Blue Marlin, 2 DoradoSailfish, Blue Marlin, Magnifico does it again with Rob McGregor

Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin, Puerto Vallarta Fishing Kicks into High Gear



Everyone who walks in my shop door wants to catch fish and don´t want to be stuck on another slow boat to China. Well at this time of the year the fishing is about as good as it is going to get for the season. But that doesn´t mean you´ll always come in with fish! There are days when you can head out and the fishing is incredible and still not find a fish to take your bait. I guess that is why we still call it fishing, the risk of not catching a fish makes catching just that much sweeter! Now all my boats this week came in with fish, but on some days you take what you can get and the frustration of not getting the exact fish you targeted is just part of the game. More the exception than the rule, but always a possibility.

This week we have seen the scarce bait conditions continue. But this only makes the fish hungrier as they take what they can get. This is when live and fresh bait is worth it´s weight in gold. The good news is the bay is teaming with bait like Bonito, Skip Jacks, and Mackerals. This means you can offer live bait to your target species and have a better than average chance of boating that finned fantasy. So my suggestion is if you see bait boils on the way out, get what you can and stuff them in those expensive tuna tubes you paid for! But if for some reason you can´t make bait this week, it´s not the end of the world. Lures of Black and Yellow, Pink Tiger prints, Purple are all working as well. Just not as well as live bait!

Corbeteña this week, the water cleared up a little and the Sailfish and Dorado have returned to the area just a little north of the Rock. Dorado in the 35 lb range have been plentiful, Sailfish are increasing in numbers now as we enter the time of year they vacation in our world class fishing grounds. Black Marlin in the 400 to 800 lb range are still in the area as are Blue Marlin. Water Temperatures are fluctuating with the change in the currents, but this is not much of a concern for the moment as the fish don´t mind.

El Banco as I have said a thousand times is the place to be again this week. With the water still blue Yellowfin are still in the area around the high spots. For those of you who don´t know, El Banco is an underwater mountain where there are two spikes like peaks that jutt up are at 65 and 58 feet below the surface of the water. I like to refer to this area as a Marlin McDonalds as species set up house for the fishing season. With all the bait that this area attracts the fishing is always good in the summer to Early January. So if you have a few extra bucks, there is still time for you to join in the action. Continuing on, the area is still on fire.  Yellowfin Tuna in the 80 to 160 lb range have been a little ¨On again / Off Again¨ situation, but at least surface trolling is working. Remember to keep an eye on the water temperatures and have a down rigger at the ready.  My boats this week are also running kites, with scarce bait this can make a lost day and found opportunity. Black Marlin to 800 lbs, Blue Marlin in the same range, Dorado in the 30 – 45lb range, Rainbow runners, Sailfish, Cubera Snappers, Amber Jacks and a host of others are all there waiting for you to show up. The water here this week was a little murky like Corbeteña, but has cleared up and is a nice shade of Blue Water!

At the Marietta Islands this week we have seen the action mostly around the area where the reefs are. Sailfish are finally moving into the area and with abundant bait the area has drawn Sails in like a magnet. Rooster fish in the 35 lb range have been taking baits, but there are not that many Roosters right now running in the area. Bonito, Snappers and Big Eyes have all been running 30 to 45 lbs, with the Bonito being larger than you would expect…   Live bait is still king, but lures are working well also. Just remember to stay off the reefs; this can cost you more than money amigos!

Punta Mita is warming up again as Sails and Dorado move back just off the point to 8 miles out. There were a few days there where for some reason the fish deserted this normally hot location. No telling why, but they´re coming back so no worries. North of the point near Sayulita you can still boat Roosters as well, but not like a few weeks ago.

As I mentioned earlier, inside the bay there is plenty of baitfish. This in turn has drawn in some Sailfish as well. When this happens anywhere from Yelapa north to Buceras can produce these in demand Billfish. Yelapa just a few days past had boats coming in with 35 lb Bonito, which are large and will tear your arms off. With Roballo still at the river mouths and snapper around the rocks and shores, the bay is still worth your attention. Especially for those looking to catch fish and are short on budget!

Now remember, if you are reading this article and planning a trip, things can change in a heartbeat. By the time you plan your trip and get here three weeks later, everything can change. So keep up with my articles and blogs and feel free to fire me an email at any time with questions of the local conditions and bite….

Speaking of the bite, the clock seems to be set right now for 9 to 12 and from 2 on in the afternoon. So use your fuel dollars wisely. As we get closer to the full moon, if you’re targeting Tuna you’ll have to hit the fishing ground, not leave for the fishing grounds about sun up… the bit happens earlier at the full moon, later at the new moon… keep this in mind amigos!

Remember, we have our Tournament coming up in November and it promises to be the wonderful event we´ve all come to expect. Prize money this year is still high with free cars and boats being offered to the lucky winners out there! If you are looking for a boat, Master Baiter´s doesn´t double its boat prices and we always have new line and fresh drags on our reels. We also have great prices on our boats, just slightly over our normal daily rate to account for the long, long days and the extra fuel usage. Magnifico is available with other boats if interested. So call me before someone else gets the deal. Magnifico won the Pez Vela Tournament in 2007 with Master Baiter´s, maybe you can too….. For more information go to: and get the details!

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta make sure you visit The Village at Marina Vallarta. The Village in Marina Vallarta is scheduling all sorts of events in the weeks and months ahead. This coming week we have Oktoberfest where the restaurants will be serving sample dishes and twelve peso beers (that would be a dollar a beer!). So come to the Village at Marina Vallarta Oct. 21 to the 23rd and have some great food and fun times!


With 150 shops and Restaurant row it´s the number one attraction for Puerto Vallarta. Check out the daily catch on the docks or the jewelry stores or window shop for a new condo… What’s that, You´ve never heard of the Village? Then it’s time you came on down and checked it all out.  If there is something you need, it can be found in the Village! Check out their Facebook page (The Village at Marina Vallarta) and hit the ¨Like¨ Button to keep up with all the exciting changes as they happen!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: or

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