Water Temps Fluctuate, Late Bites Frustrate Early Anglers, Fish are Biting!


Mike and His Jack Last YEAR... Lots of these in the bay


The way things have been happening around here in Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds it´s enough to make you pull your hair out. One day the water temps are down-right frigid, the next day they´re much warmer in the same area. The currents are changing and swirling. We have seen some areas with dirty water, especially in the bay. We’ve seen areas that are normally fishing machines, disappoint anglers as the available species thumb their nose at baits. Tiny bait is everywhere, where as Whales may love this, the fisherman is having to face challenges cross the spectrum of their experience. But no worries amigo, there is nothing new about this sort of thing in the world of Fishing! Experienced Captains pay off in fish. Others, well talk is always as cheap as the boat they put you on!

For the last few weeks I´ve been telling the fishing public that the water temps have dropped into frigid ranges and fishing basically sucked in a nice way. But the good thing about our fishing grounds is that no matter what conditions we have at the moment, if you can be patient, things will always get better and they have. The best thing a person can do is keep up with the fishing reports, and there aren´t that many coming out of Marina Vallarta, about things like what time the bite is happening! Right now many of the locations you would head out to are having a late bite. That means if you are one of those break of dawn guys, no matter what, you´ll be spending time on the water when you don´t have to. More on this later….

Those looking for Moby Dick are going to be out of luck, Black Marlin have all but disappeared. There seem to be a few Blue Marlin out there, but very few hook-ups. Striped Marlin are still north by San Pancho or even farther north and there are no guarantees by any stretch of the imagination you´ll come back with one. So goes the tale of Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta. But if you can find a warm streak, anything, and I do mean anything is possible. Sailfish have been hanging out in this same area but are small. One nice thing about heading north, there are lots of options along the way. Your worst case scenario is Dorado (yes I said Dorado) and Snappers, which both taste great. Rooster fish are in the structure areas around Sayulita so you have several spots and possibilities heading up north.

Now if you are one of those guys who fantasize about a 200lb Yellowfin Tuna, they are at the Tres Maria Islands, the locals just call them ¨ The Islands¨, but we wouldn´t want you to think Marietta Islands. These islands are 80 miles one way and will run you at least 14 hour days and a minimum of $1,400.0 usd on a decent sized boat. Super pangas will bounce your fillings out of your head, but they will do the job for a much better price. So it´s all your call amigos.  If you´re looking for a Monster Yellowfin Tuna, this is where you have to go until spring has sprung!

El Banco and Corbeteña are still areas that have had very few visitors these past weeks and the reports from these areas are sparse. But you can always depend on Cubera Snappers over 50lbs at both locations. Now you can find Snappers closer in, so there really is no need to burn the fuel money heading to these locations. You’d be better off heading to the Marietta Islands….  But like I said, things can change in a heartbeat so stay tuned. Update 12/27: Nothing has changed at either location but if you are interested in larger Cubera Snappers, then bottom fishing here will turn up Amber Jacks as well. Maybe even a Sea Bass in these cooler waters if you´re lucky. Yes, we are seeing Sea Bass here and we never see Sea Bass in PV’s Fishing grounds….

Speaking of the Marietta Islands, there have been herds of fish all over the place. Many reports of Anglers hitting these abundant Rooster fish (40lb s), African Pompano (50lbs), Sierra Mackerals 20+ Lbs), Snappers (30 lbs and up), Skip Jack Tuna, Jack Crevalls (large), Bonito and the list just goes on. In f act the other day there were Sea Bass out around the reefs and we very seldom see Sea Bass around here. Now when I lived in Southern California we saw lots, but they are a cold water fish, so this should tell you about the cold currents. But if you´re lucky enough to hook into one, they are like 30 to 40 lbs and man do they taste good! Now don´t expect to find these, I expect them to disappear as fast as they appeared, but how nice it would be if one hit! But here is the secret, if you are out there early, like before 12:00 right now, and that is pretty much all the fishing grounds, you are going to have to have a lot of patience. For some reason, and I wish I knew why, the bite is happening mid day and it has been like that for about a week now. My clients have been discovering that a later bite means they can sleep in a little, have breakfast and still come in with the Blue Plate Special. There are a lot of good tasting fish out here right now, so keep this secret to yourself!

At the point of Punta Mita we´ve seen a real increase in the Snapper action where they’ve been running in the 45 to 50 lb  range and this is a six hour day, but again, make sure you are there during the bite, or it will you who got bit! Dorado are here as well and will take anything shinny at the right time of day.

Inside the bay there has been some arm burning action if again, you´re in the right spot. One of those spots to think of that goes ignored is MaJawas (pronounced Ma-HA-wase).. Not Majawitaus (I know I spelled that one wrong). The area south at the river mouths, and in the Nuevo Vallarta Area, where the fresh water meets the salt water has seen Roballo, or Snook in English in the 20 to 45 lb range and there are very few fish in the bay that will taste as good as these. With white meant and a fierce attitude they like to hang around the surf line. Diamond jigs will work well, Rapallas, even a Popper will work for these babies and the time of day is not an issue with them for the moment…  You can even fish for them from the shore if you have the equipment.

On a side note, while in Puerto Vallarta make sure you visit The Village in Marina Vallarta, with Restaurant row and 150 shops and services it’s Puerto Vallartas other Malicon (board walk in English) and should be on your list of places to visit…

Changing gears again, many times people will come into the shop and ask if there is anybody that smokes fish? Well until recently I had to tell them NO, I don´t know of anyone, but now I do! There are these two ladies who just moved to Buceras that are smoking fish and if you are interested in having your catch smoked, they have a 30 kilo minimum, about seventy pounds worth. They will also vacuume pack your fish and they´re the only ones I know of in the Vallarta Area that do this. They will come pick it up and deliver after the process is done. I don´t have prices on hand, but if this is something you might be interested in the call Caren or Heather from ¨Made of the Sea LLC¨ at: (044) 322 136 7365 or email them at: madeof the sea@gmail.com for more details.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

The trade name Master Baiter’s ® Sportfishing and Tackle is protected under trade mark law and is the sole property to Stan Gabruk.  Always ask to speak with Stan to insure product quality and to insure you are working with the true Master Baiter´s ® and not an imposter

On The Docks: Black Listed Boats Agents are selling!

On the Docks: Black Listed Boats Agents are Selling in Puerto Vallarta.

One of the recent changes in Marina Vallarta is that we finally seem to have a honest Captain of the Port or Port Authority as many call them….

You probably remember me writing articles about how many, many fine charter fishing companies have gone under the last few  years due to Pirate boats operating under a different set of rules than most legitimate fishing companies.  By this I mean there have been many, many boats over the years that have not had the proper operational papers, safety Equipment like life preservers, radios or insurance! Now I am not kidding on this! What has happened in the past is this, the port authourity comes along and tells everyone they need to walk the straight and narrow. In reality he is telling all the boat owners and Captains that there is a new boss in the Marina and now they need to come make / pay their mordidas or bribes to operate to him! So nothing changes and the boats that don´t pay taxes, or for licenses or for insurance or even safety equipment have been able to charge hundreds of dollars a boat cheapter. Naturally this puts the Legitamate companies out of business, but in Mexico this is not a concern. The only concern is how much money they can put in their pocket at your expense. You can only imagine how you are taking your safety and the safety of your family for granted and in mexico you can´t sue! But of course people assume Mexico is like the United States or Canada on these sorts of things. So Many, those who don´t know what they are doing to themselves, go for the lesser price. What follows then,  of course there are always strange issues on the dock, like the boat now cost more money and since you are there, people normally pay for this and in the end understand they got exactly what they paid for….. a Mexican boat ride with no cares if you catch fish. Plenty of those guys still around. But things are changing now making it harder and harder for them to operate and better for you the unsuspecting public.

Now the Latest Port Authority has been scouring the docks looking for boats that operate illigally. They have also gone after guys like me who do book boats that we don´t own as well. Now if an agent books a boat that is not insured, licensed, etc the agent takes the heat! But of course that is based on the assumption the agent can be found.  If you book one of these boats on the internet, from possibly six different websites this one guy owns with six differnt names…. They can´t even chase those guys down….

Just the other day, the port authority has done something I have never seen before, they put out a list of boat names that are ¨Illegal ¨ and are being stopped as they leave the Marina. Now nobody, including the Navy wants to stop people from having fun, but when the boat returns and the clients leave. The authorities will be coming down on the boat and the agent / owner selling the boat with fines and p0ssible loss of business license (different than an operating license)  for fishing charters or anything related to water sports!

If while you are searching the web and you come across boats  listed,  you are on illegal boats that are not safety rated or licensed  out of Marina Vallarta: Sirena or Anna Maria are both very popular boats that have Capt. Steve Torez at the Helm and he is running the company. Now this Capt  has a following, but is a crook and feels no qualms to take your money and lie to you. I have informed the company of his actions, but because he wins a few small level tournaments people flock to him. He did work for Master Baiter´s for years and screwed us so many ways it was unbelieveable, but he was my brothers friend and my brother had the company then so there you are.

Other Boats for the moment to look out for are: Guanatuna, Chelita, Pecositas II (High Maintenance previously), Sirena and Anna Maria. GuanaTuna is a fine boat  and they got caught in between owners changing licenses, but for the others, they deserve to be on the list!

It is only human nature to look for the best price and we all know that… The one thing most people don´t understand in Mexico is that all the boats are not maintained the same or priced the same. Older, non-maintained boats can cost you the same price as a beautifully maintained boat(s).  These floating Pirate Agents will tell you anything you want to hear. But for the most part they won´t know the captains name, what is biting, when the bite is happening, what baits are working, water temps, nothing except they are selling it cheap and trying to get you into a time share presentation.

But  take heart, if  you are working with an agent with an office you can go back to and find the owner or agent, then this is a measure of security and confidence. If the guy you got your fishing boat from was walking around and just happened to start talking with you, on any subject, blow the guy off, He´s a pirate and he looks like a decent guy. Speaks great english and will even find something in common with you to make you feel comfortable with him…… If this person is sitting in some booth and has a bunch of tour posters, make sure you are asking the right questions as I just mentioned. Go talk with a few different guys and get a feel for the whole industry….. Your gut is a good guide… Fast talkers with little information, and no shop, they’re pirates and your chances of having problems goes way up….

The main reason I am  writing this today is because  I  helped two different fishing groups who had issues of boats not showing up and the other having a different boat show up all together,  and the  boat wanted another 120 dollars over what the boat should have cost. So there you are, my articles have a purpose and that is to save you from these situations.  People who are vacationers feel sorry for the poor  Mexican  as they´re being  jerked around. This hurts the industry  and is a real thorn in my side…. so now you know my motivation.

To be safe, ask the captain for proof of his insurance and operational license before you pay the balance or leave the dock. One small step like this can prevent what could be a serious problem ….

Enough about that… Just remember to take your safety seriously and you´ll be ok….

Until Next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….


Quickie Report: The Fish are out there, if you’re there at the bite!

This is a simple and quick report… Right now if you are heading out to do some winter fishing, the Marietta Islands is your best bang for your fuel dollare. Now this is an 8 hr trip and the difference these last few days is not the bait, but rather the time!

If you are one of the Early Bird types that clings to the idea that fishing  is at it´s best in the morning, that mentality right now is working against you… With the extreme tides, the Eclipse and the Moon and Stars all in strange alignment, hittin g the fishing grounds early is all but a waste of time.

If you are near the Marietta Islands, Anclote or the Reef is full of your favorite winter fish. Roosters, Snappers, Sierra Mackerals, Dorado, African Pompano and more… they are all in the 30 to 60 lb range and if you get there before 12, you spent time on the water wondering what the issue was. If you are not on the water, looking for a mid day to early afternoon bite, then you may just miss an outstanding opportunity at some arm burning lite tackle action….

At the right time, everything you throw at them is working… Jigs, Live bait, Plastic, no worries. Just make sure you are there between 12 and 2 i n the afternoon and you will understand what I am talking about…..

Same goes for Punta Mita and in the bay !

So there you go, the inside scoop for the next few days… use this information well… this message will self destruct in  seven days…..

Take care and have a happpy and safe XXXmas…. Stan… Oh, and don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Yellowfin Available in PV Fishing Grounds If You Are Willing to Pay the Price

Yellowfin Available in PV Fishing Grounds If You Are Willing to Pay the Price

December 20, 2010


Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands just off the Reef

Rooster Fish at the Marietta Islands just off the Reef

The normal fishing grounds of El Banco and Corbeteña have changed from summer fishing to winter fishing conditions. You can still find Striped Marlin at these spots, but the chances of you boating one has been greatly diminished with several days of no sightings in either of these places. Of course Corbeteña always has Cubera Snappers and other bottom fishing. But most people are looking for billfish in here. The same goes for El Banco. But for now, you are better off heading to other locations for these species until spring time amigos…

With the low water temperatures the currents have been changing quickly. This has stirred up the water and the silt from the bottom so we have some areas that have some dirty water. The good news it is mostly only the bay and the bay fish don´t seem to care much about that at the moment.

If you are looking for Yellowfin Tuna, and for the most part the fisherman who are shooting for these understand that once winter comes to the fishing grounds, they will pretty much only be found at the Tres Maria Islands. Now this is nothing new, but what is new, people are wanting to catch them in the winter and they are willing to pay for a 14 to 16 hr day to hit this spot located 80 miles out from Marina Vallarta. So what is the draw?  Well for now, if you’re in Vallarta and want a chance to boat a ¨Monster¨ you will be able to do it here and now! The down side is most boats in the Vallarta Marinas do not have the permits that allow them to get closer than 15 miles to the islands. They, the navy, seems not to get too excited about people until they get within 10 miles. But those interested can get a permit to fish closer, but you have to be screened. So I predict as demand for these fish go up, the permit procss will get more difficult to go through. Stay tune….

Those looking for Striped Marlin and Sailfish are heading up to San Pancho or San Francisco in English. This in the neighborhood of a ten hour trip and your chances this past week of getting one of these bill faced beauties was just about 50 / 50. Some days were naturally better than others and of course that is fishing. But if you´re a mind to catch one of these, this is where you´ll be heading.  The good news is they are taking baits and are in relatively close to shore, within 15 miles. So if you are determined to give it all a shot, take it here!

As is normal for winter fishing we see the Marietta Islands become one of the primary fishing grounds with Snappers in the 35 lb range, African Pompano, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna in the 30 to 40lb range,  Rooster fish around the reefs in the 30 to 45lb range and the list goes on.  Not many Dorado for the moment with the chilly conditions. Sierra Mackerals and Jack Crevalls or Torros as the Mariners call them are everywhere. So a short day will always produce these for those not looking to chase down a Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna. These days it seems lures and live bait are working equally well…. So make sure you have a good bag of tricks with lots of color. Keep working it until you find a combination that works. I would start with the color purple in combinations. Poppers and Diamond Jigs are cheap and they work well cast or trolled!

Punta Mita has seen some small Dorado and Snappers. Sailfish which are normally all over the place seem to have vacated the area for now.  Rooster fish are farther up the coast by a few miles where there is structure and they´ve been fair sized of 40lbs. For the most part people are just skipping this area on their Marlin quest.

Inside the bay is Jack Crevalls land, with Sierra Mackerals a close second. Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Roballo or Snook by the river mouths and more are in the bay for the guy looking to spend a little time and a little money for a shorter day on the water. This is a great option for those with young kids that don´t want to hook into Moby Dick! Our super pangas are just what the doctor ordered. Even the girls can go since my pangas have a head / bath room for privacy. So why not consider a day on the water and who knows, you may come across a whale that is checking you out!

Remember as we move into what many call the ¨Slow Season¨, this means you will not be coming back  with fish over 100 lbs. But if a 30 to 50 lb fish is what you’re looking for, then you will have a great time. So remember, deal with the guys that will tell you the truth and now just what you want to hear. If some guy comes up to you on the street or boardwalk telling you he has twenty boats, run away from this guy, he´s a pirate! These guys will take a deposit as large as they can shake out of you, give you a slip of paper and a phone number that doesn´t work. I have seen this happen a million times for those looking for a cheap price and ultimately end up sorry. Use people you can find later in offices or shops like Master Baiter´s in Marina Vallarta to be sure you get it straight and fairly priced options.

If you would like to have your fish smoked and or Vacuum packed there are a couple of ladies in town now that will come and get your catch, smoke it, vacuum packed then deliver it back to you for a fair price. You can reach Caren of Made of the sea at: madeofthesea@gmail.com or call (044) 322 136 73365 for more information….

Tourism is way, way down with the perception the press and the television stations have created. I literally have people telling me that their friends have told our visitors coming to Puerto Vallarta that they will ¨Die¨ if they come to Mexico. This is not the case, but with all the bad news they seem to be digging up I can understand how people feel that way. For the Record, Puerto Vallarta is as safe as it gets. Mexico in general is very safe, but the Drug Wars exist because Mexico is trying to support the efforts in law enforcement to stop the flow of drugs into the United States. But for the life of me I don´t understand why Mexico would take it on the chin and lose billions in tourism to help the states stop drugs they obviously want at all cost. With Tunnels and an open border, the border crossings are a joke! With the demand as high as it is for drugs, I think it´s time Mexico do what it can, but not at it’s won expense. By killing or removing the top drug lords, this creates a void of stupid idiots with guns. At least with the top guys in place there is some sense of order… but I don´t like what I am saying, but what is the option! Until the United States either legalizes the product the Americans want, Mexico will never be without drug violence.  Until the border is closed, including the tunnels that have existed for a long, long time.   The problem lies north of the Border with the huge appetite for Marijuana, Cocaine and Meth there is really little that can be done south of the boarder except die and lose tourism because the Mexican govt. is doing the right thing just to be beat up in the press and on television. I want to take this opportunity to tell people that unless you´re in Juarez, you are not going to die,  you  have no reason to be afraid of places like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo or other tourist destinations ! Take it from a guy who has lived in Mexico for the last ten years, I am safe and so are you. I also live in a real Mexican neighborhood, and I still feel safe and have seen no incidents of anything the press is warning you about….   If you are truly interested in hearing or reading some facts about Mexico I suggest you to: w w w . The Truth About Mexico dot com… put it all together and you’ll find the truth, it is out there amigos….. I hope this didn´t get to heavy for you, but Americans are being manipulated by the press and there are good people going out of business in the Marina and in the city and it just gets under my skin…. So take that CNN!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

The trade name Master Baiter’s ® Sportfishing and Tackle is protected under trade mark law and is the sole property to Stan Gabruk.  Always ask to speak with Stan to insure product quality and to insure you are working with the true Master Baiter´s ® and not an imposter



On The Docks: Changing Market Conditions, Fishing Industry Improvising and Adapting



Carmela overnight, Dinner on the Gaff
Carmela overnight, Dinner on the GaffCarmela overnight, Amber Jack Filets Ready for the GrillCarmela overnight, Amber Jack Filets Ready for the GrillCarmela overnight, Tomatoes and Jalipenos…. YumCarmela overnight, A Captains Gallery / Kitchen

On The Docks: Changing Market Conditions, Fishing Industry Improvising and Adapting            Dec. 21, 2010


Here in Mexico we have a few devastating things happen to us all in the last couple of years starting with the Swine Flu (H1N1 Pandemic) and now we are dealing with the press spreading irresponsible journalism that makes the American public think they will die if they come into Mexico. Of course the drug wars are bad for Mexico, but the real facts are not getting to the public and the press has its own agenda now. Just like the Swine flu, Mexico is taking it on the chin for doing what America has asked Mexico to do. Go after the drug lords. But this article is not about that, this article is how the Captains and boat owners are adapting to the worst financial conditions they have ever seen.  Oh, by the way, you will not die, you are safer in Mexico than you are in Los Angles, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, etc. Look for the real facts, they´re out there (www.thetruthaboutmexico.com)

To begin with a few facts, Big Game fishing has never been cheap and these days it is getting more expensive to operate a boat by the day. Naturally boat insurance from American providers has doubled in the last year.  The price of fuel has gone up every month for the last two years and is now $10.40 mn or about $4.00 a gallon now which is almost double what it was last summer. Attendance is down to most of the Fishing Tourist Locations like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan to name a few. With fewer people, they have to cover the expenses which in turn makes everything, everywhere more expensive. So you can imagine the challenges the local boat owners and business are facing. Now figure you can go through 250 gallons like nothing and you can do the math…. Not much profit here after maintenance expenses. Nobody who owns a boat is getting rich here amigos!

Right now those that are interested in going out fishing are dealing with a bad economy and are short on disposable income, those ¨Rebels¨ that choose to come to Mexico that is. Those that know firsthand they won´t die in Puerto Vallarta from the drug lords, etc.  But the clients are different, they want cheap boats and the old saying comes to mind, ¨You Get What You Pay For¨.  Newer boats cost money, but in the real world, older well maintained boats can be just as productive as newer and more expensive boats. The payments are the issue here. So the locals have been churning out ways to keep cost down for the visiting angler looking to have a day on the water and not mortgage their life to do so. You may ask how they are doing this, well one way is to take advantage of the very same market that is beating them up. What do I mean, well here it comes…..

New boats cost lots of money and they are not getting cheaper. But the boat market, the first thing that goes when hard times hit, has a glut of boats just sitting at docks all over the world. Reposed or sellers dumping them for whatever they can get has proven to work out for the guy looking to stay in business and still have a nice boat. Now many of my clients ask me things like what year the boat is, what the boat has, but they never seem to care much about the captain or the first mate. The beating heart of any boat or fishing trip. It´s the captain and the first mate that makes the experience and your day. A bad captain on a nice boat is a wasted day and wasted money. Remember, the fish don´t give a darn about the boat, they´re looking at the bait you are presenting and they will be in places you may never expect! Only an experienced Captain will know these things. With every person or quasi captain telling you he is superman, you have to look at things from all angles before you make a decision on how you will be spending the limited resource of your disposable income! And this is a moving target, the boat you are on this year will more than likely change captains, owners and even dock locations by the time you return to the area. So of course you are looking for companies with roots and are easy to find.

The smarter companies now are taking advantage of the down boat market and purchasing nice, older boats in fine working condition that have been well maintained. The mere fact that the boat payments are much, much lower means that  the  smarter companies can still offer  an affordable experience on a very nice boat that looks like a newer boat. The Carmela is an example of this and it comes with Captain Oscar. Capt. Oscar is one of the finest captains in all of Puerto Vallarta and he comes in with fish. I mean this guy can smell them. You take a guy like this, give him the equipment and tackle he needs then put him on a nice boat that isn’t costing him a fortune to  operate and you´ve got a recipe for success on all levels. I have attached a bunch of photos of Capt Oscar and his new boat the Camela (we don’t like the name, will change soon), a 38ft. Bertram (1994) with a wide beam and it has all the extras. Air conditioned bumper pads, huge cockpit and a price that is hard to beat in these days as prices increase daily on all things ¨Marine¨.  So for $1,200 usd you can have this boat for twelve hours and come back happy and with a full fish box. This price is cheaper than the cheapest 32ft Luhrs express that is a 2006 or newer by about $400.00 usd with lesser captains or owners pretending to be captains. Of course these are bottom line prices, but they are great prices for groups. Now if you want to do an overnight, Especially in the summer, the air conditioning is expensive to install, that is why most boats will not be air conditioned, even in summer. With a proven tournament winning captain, this is a deal for those who know the industry! I have included photos of the boat for your viewing pleasure with clients on an overnight trip. Now that is the deal, an overnight tips are especially nice when you can cook your catch of the day, that evening… it doesn´t get any fresher than that. Imagine waking up at the fishing grounds ready to drop your line in the water. Now that is a luxury where you don´t have the travel time to eat your patience!

I just was shown another boat, a 35ft. Tournament Luhrs this is beautiful, nice bumpers, fast, another tournament winning and consistent captain, Ten hour day heading out to Corbeteña or San Pancho will run you $1,000.00 usd and you´ll be amazed at the equipment, service and fun you´ll have… not to mention catch fish and that is always the bottom line. It´s only 750usd for 8 hrs and you can bring along as many as eight people. This is cheaper than going golfing and you´ll have fifty thousand dollars worth of equipment and tackle on hand. In fact a Jet ski on the beach would cost you more for the same time frame than these fishing boats that do what they claim they can do.

So remember, there are lots of options for those looking for larger boats and rock bottom prices… I will be posting some of these on my web page soon so stay tuned and enjoy the photos.. In the mean time remember, people are not dying in the streets here in Mexico amigos.. Take it from someone on the inside wondering what the press is talking about…

Feel free to contact me at Catchfish@MasterBaiters.com.mx or check out my web site for weekly (many times two reports) fishing reports. My blog is meant to keep my  25 interested readers informed about what the inside industry conditions are so you the fishing public don´t get blindsided by those that would feed you a line of Sh_T just to get your cash.

Until Next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Written by: Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle