Marlin Moving Out, Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco, Water Temps Drop!


Karl & Marlise with their 100 lbs Tuna

Karl & Marlise with their 100 lbs Tuna

Marlin Moving Out, Yellowfin Tuna at El Banco, Water Temps Drop!



With falling water temperature hovering in the 78 degree range we are seeing some drastic changes in the fishing. Yellowfin Tuna and Black Marlin for the most part have disappeared from our deep, blue water location of Corbeteña. But take heart, there are still Yellowfin at El Banco and a few Striped Marlin.

Let’s start with El Banco, the area had been a hot spot before the dirty water moved in three weeks ago. Now that the water has cleared up you can still find Yellowfin Tuna in the 140 to 200 lb range from nine miles before you hit the peaks. There are a lot of these thin and long Sardine type fish out there and this has been enough to keep the Tuna in the area for this week anyway.  Sailfish are here as well, but this is one of the few places you will find sailfish the past week. Running mostly in the 85 lb range, they have been anything but abundant. Dorado are running in the 30 to45 lb range and of course you can always have a shot at Cubera Snappers, Amber Jacks and more. All and all this is a good place to hit if you are worried that this may be one of the last chances you have at YF Tuna this year.  Something to think about…  UpDate 12/6/’10: Yellowfin have over night moved fart her out these last couple of days and you now need to head towards the Tres Maria Islands to find larger Yellowfin Tuna in excess of 100lbs. For those looking for these beauties, if you´re serious about coming in with a Yellow you´ll have to bite the bullet and cough up the money and the time. But the rewards are there with a 90% chance of boating a trophy sized Tuna.

Corbeteña, nothing has happened here this week and frankly people are avoiding this location with its lack of action. Although this week there were a few days when Yellowfin were there to be had. It´s a gamble, when was the last time fishing wasn’t?

The area north of Punta Mita in the Sayulita area is still producing large Rooster fish just off the shore from 40 to 60lbs or pure strength. Red Snappers are here as well running 30 to 40 lbs. Sailfish this week have moved to other areas so don’t get too excited amigo. The point itself is running in smaller Dorado in the 20 t o 30lb range. All and all, not too much happening at the point. Now if you are near the San Pancho or San Francisco in English, there are lingering Sailfish and larger Dorado, but depending on what is happening it may be better to consider other locations.

The Marietta Islands are still rocking with Rooster Fish in the 30lb range, Dorado in the 25 lb range, Pompano, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Snappers, Sierra Mackerals and the list goes on. They are mostly in the 30lb range and worth an 8 hr day on the water.

The bay has been taken over by Jack Crevalls. These are great fish for beginners and experts alike and have saved many a fishing day for empty handed Anglers! Anywhere in the bay these beauties are available and waiting. If you are around a river mouth there are Snook and snappers as well. Bonito, Sierra Mackerals, and many others are around the rocky areas or places where you can find some sort of structure. But I still suggest the eight hour locations for the time being as your best bang for the buck.

Don’t forget to visit The Village in Marina Vallarta to catch the charter boats coming in from their day of fishing and be part of the action. The Villages Restaurant Row has any sort of restaurant you could hope to find ready and willing to cook your catch / fish in any fashion you like. Remember to visit the shops, salons and leather shops in the Marina Village as well….  The Village in Marin a Vallarta is Puerto Vallartas ¨Other¨ Malicon and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta! Come c heck out the Artist  Display their works on Friday Evenings beginning just before dusk. It´s a big hit and a great way to experience the Village in Marina Vallarta for free!

Until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!


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