QUICKIE REPORT: Yellowfin Tuna / Striped Marlin at El Banco!


Striped Marlin at El Banco

QUICKIE REPORT: Yellowfin Tuna / Striped Marlin at El Banco!

After weeks of me telling you to forget about Yellowfin Tuna at The Bank or El Banco, once again these fish zig when I zag! As late there seems to be a warm stream coming down from the Sea of Cortez which is bringind down Striped Marlin from Mazatlan and Yellowfin Tuna back to El Banco! This is amazing and a very welcome thing with this being a more normal condition than the early frigid water conditions we presently have….. In fact Caremela had four hook-ups and brought one in with them a few days ago. I was afraid to announce this since I figured it was a fluke, but it looks like it´s a super fluke now.

Corbeteña still has the Cubera Snappers, but if El Banco has Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna, can Corbeteña be far behind? Stay tuned on this one…

The Marietta Islands are still working with Rooster Fish, Jack Crevalls, African Pompano, Snappers, Sierra Mackerals, Bonito, and the list just goes on. There have been some Sailfish caught in the area, but it is more miss than hit. We even came in with some Amber Jacks over 50lbs. But the fact remains that anything is possible so be ready for anything.

Water temperatures yesterday were running in the low 60’s close to the mouth of Marina Vallarta, which is the coldest temps I can remember in the ten years I have been in Vallarta!

The bay is still small game fish, but there are Groupers that taste great, plenty of Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Sierra Mackerals, Snappers and who knows what else is out there. One thing for sure, shorter days are producing much better than a few weeks ago and now it´s worth the time and fuel money right now.

I am not going to say the fishing is rebounding, but it is better and if you’re in town it is worth an 8 hr day.. Maybe 12hrs if you want an elusive Yellowfin or Striped Marlin….

That’s all for now, stay tuned and until the next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!


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