Over Night Conditions Improve, Water Temps Back to Normal?

Feb. 10, 2011

It’s funny how things can be the same for weeks, then all at once fishing conditions change and all of a sudden there are fish moving into the area!  Get ready, you are about to hear some stuff you haven´t heard for a while.

First, Water temperatures are back in the normal range of 71 to 73 degrees, for some reason!? That’s right folks, the water temperatures have returned to what we would normally call cold, so things are not frigid as they were just four days ago!  This means the water in the area has hopefully seen its coldest days and lets keep our fingers crossed that this trend continues.

One of the funny things about currents, we have seen a slight warming current coming up from the south for the last couple of weeks. When about four days ago the water clouded up I wondered if this was an indication that maybe we had a shift of sorts in currents. With the warmer water, and it is everything at this time of the year, we could see Sailfish move back in to the area. Jack Crevalls that normally save the day when there are no fish to be had, have returned again. Sierra Mackerals are getting larger and the smaller Snappers have become more abundant. So it looks like things for the short term at least are improving.

As far as the dirty water conditions of the other day, the water is still a little dirty, but fishable for the most part. The red time is breaking up and getting spotty and we are seeing Dorado up near Guayavitos, a ten hour day, but there are also sailfish in the area as well… maybe even some Striped Marlin, now that would make my customers happy! I have had many waiting for the conditions to improve and it’s looking up!

There are Sailfish and Striped Marlin between El Banco and Corbeteña. Once word of this gets out you´ll see boats heading out this way, so we should have some information on this area soon.

Larger African Pompano have moved back into The Marietta Islands as are Snappers. No Rooster Fish sightings lately, but they have a tendency to disappear and reappear out of the blue. Stay tuned for more to follow in the coming days….

I had a boat head out to the Marietta Islands and the fishing was great. Something I have not been able to say in a while. In fact just a few days ago your chances of coming in with fish was 50 / 50 at best. Now with bait easier to make this could even improve things more….  My boat that went out for 6 hrs yesterday came in with more bait than fish! 

I write my report for Western Outdoor News tomorrow, stay tuned for the long version of that report….

Until then,… take care and don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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