The Maximus (Moth) Flew Too Close To The Tres Maria Islands!

The last few weeks I have been telling everyone how the Tres Maria Islands have been alive with action…. more specifically Monster Yellowfin Tuna. I have also gone out of my way to mention that these islands are a Mexican Prison.  It’s a little city out forty miles from shore that has always had big fish at all times of the year. So you have to ask yourself why now, the last two years, have charter boats started heading out this direction to go fishing when we all have known of this location and the ever present Yellowfin??

Now I need to warn all of you out there about the Tres Maria Islands. I have been ¨reporting¨ a lot about this location since there have been so many boats heading out to this protected area. One thing to remember when heading out this way, the limit is fifteen (15) miles. Any closer than that and you are risking being arrested and taken in. When you are on some of the popular bulletin boards on Puerto Vallarta you will see them all puffing their chest up about the Monster Yellowfin Tuna and then proceed to tell the world how cool they are as some guy in his living room is reading this crap. Now the Yellowfin Tuna are  out there, but look at the Maximus. A newly operating long distance charter boat out of Puerto Vallarta that can handle up to ten people was caught the other day by the Navy! This charter boat with paying passengers had no insurance, no fishing licenses and a forged permit to fish these islands. Now this boat gets more than $1,500.00 per person for a three day trip. That is top dollar for anywhere, especially here in Mexico! The guys onboard all read their articles, they all believed this operation to be first class and they all found out that they got duped! In fact there was a guy on the boat who word by word explained why the Navy was there interrupting their fishing!  The boat was TOO close to the PRISON ISLANDS and with the phony documentation, then other missing necessary documentation, the passengers were all mad as hell! The Captain as it turns out had been warned before, at least two times before! The boat and it´s passengers were sent home and I am sure you can imagine the taste that left in their clients mouths!

Now i HATE BLOODY DECKS THE WEB SITE. And this guy Ali is a computer something or another that is as I am told part of this operation so it does not surprise me… As I understand it he is connected to the operation in some way, but i have no facts, just hear-say on this so you can do the research if you want….

But  the site is a  club, not a real company or web site, it´s a public bulletin board that anyone can post and market on for free off the internet.   So don´t expect to find this information on the bloody decks site, but it may be…. It was, lets just say that… They are known for pulling down unflattering information that is posted by unhappy people! So you are receiving filtered information.

I have been in PV now for more than ten years now.  We always knew about the Tres Maria and we stayed away from the place for two reasons, the first being the distance and the expense we would hve to charge in a middle class market. The second reason is naturally the fact you can have your boat confiscated. So if your three or five hundred thousand dollar boat is worth risking for a few two hundred pound Yellowfin is worth it, then good luck. It seems that more and more people are willing to risk their boats and do some short sited shenanagans to look cool on a site that is basically a bunch of liars and blowhards blowing smoke up their own back-sides. They as a club get to blow smoke up each others back sides as well! So if you want to float around the room and still be handled by low rent operations  who deceive paying customers with no recourse then head out with them….

Now  Bloody decks is also promoting The Anna Maria, Chelita and others that are also in the same condition.  Hell you´ll even see them showing them selves winning tournaments in Barra, but these boats also have no insurance, no operating licenses and the poor clients who think they are getting something special are flying under the radar. Ultimately there will be some clients that find this all out the expensive way… when they´re being forced in!

One thing  I know about the Tres Maria Islands, it will take you all day to get there, and you can not be closer in, legally that is, within 15 miles. So when you read about these guys inside two miles, they´re telling you they are actually risking their boat and the clients well being by pushing a fishing location that for all practical reasons should be avoided. Even if there are fish in the area, going here is a risk and getting away with fish is nothing more than luck, dumb luck!

There are those out there that will tell you the fishing is getting worse because they are being fished out. But in reality the currents are more than twenty five miles out from the bank and this is not unusual at all. But winter is not Tuna Season, unless you´re out to these islands. Now the Yellowfin may be thinning out, but that is no reason to put clients at risk, wouldn’t you agree??

You can get a permit, on occasion. But those who tell you that they have permits, remember the forged documents I just spoke of. THESE ARE PRISON ISLANDS, NOT DISNEYLAND.. There are very, very, very few permits released and if you don´t know someone, you don´t get one!I know some high powered Mexicans that can’t get one from their buddies, do you think some gringo is going to get them at will??

One recent problem was the fact that there have been some criminals who have escaped the island! They also bring and return with other criminals by boat as well. I am sure yoiu can see what the problem is for the officers doing their job. Boats too close to the islands are possible escape / attack vehicles. Even if it is almost impossible to clear the rocks  to get out to a boat, stranger things have happened. So to say these officers and Navy guys take this seriously is a understatement. Expecially when you have boats inside two miles of the islands! Now who in their right mind thinks that the risk is worth a few pictures on bloody decks is risking your safety and all your money, not to mention  your vacation fantasies!  Those thinking they´re smart and will do a hit and run scenario needs to get his head screwed on straight. They patrol the islands now that those prisoners have escaped.

Take it from me, stay away from the islands unless you are on a several day trip. If you are on a several day trip, make sure you know who and what you are dealing with! Be informed, be safe and have the time of your life in Puerto Vallarta. For some reason it seems your safety and well-being is not a concern to many on ¨that ¨ site that would have you believe they are too cool to be caught.

Remember, it is our job, we have a fiduciary (responsible for others  in a position of knowledge) responsibility to make sure our clients have all the safety equipment, insurance, fishing licneses and operating licenses necessary to be considered a safe boat. Everything else comes second, yet when you talk with clients they all seem to focus on the price and what they can catch… not to mention how they throw in your face the unsafe guy down the road is a hundred dollars or more cheaper than you are with insured, etc. boats! Now this will drive you crazy and then put you out of business.

Remember to do your home work and look out for the things they should be taking care of for you!

You may ask how do you find a safe and professional company? There are several resources at your disposal. Western Outdoor News, World Wide fishing Guide, Marlin Mag, Saltwater Mag, and other pay for advertising publications and web site. If you have a company that can afford to advertise on real sites, not bloody decks which is free for every person who wants to throw lies out there to get your business. Ignore the trash talk, the sexy chicks in skimpy clothing and the smoke being blown around.

You´ve been informed, now use this information to protect yourself. If you have a question about any charter company in Puerto Vallarta, I will give you an honest assessment of the company, their boats and their captains, I have no interest in beating up my competition if they are worth their salt!  I have been in Vallarta a long time now and many of the guys you read about got their starts with Master Baiters. Bloody Decks, especially this Ali guy who is connected at the hip with Bloody decks is in the thick of this all.

FYI, I have been banned by bloody decks from posting because I called some of their inner circle guys out (Drew) as they told the world I was embezzling peoples money and could not come up with the proof as they slandered me across the board. Their idea of getting business is blowing smoke up their clubs ass and then trashing any competition with the  Bloody decks taliban as I call them. …. I don´t need bloody decks to survive, but the others do…

There is always plenty of finger pointing, but when charter boat clients get harrassed by the authorities because they are not looking out for your well being and not taking care of business, then you the client will lose every time…..

Take care and until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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