Quickie Report: Very Brief to the Moment.. Spring fishing Up and Down

A friend of mine sent me an email asking what the action was like, he lives in the area so I did not go into much detail, but I realized after wrote him t his brief report, that it said it all with few words so until i finish my latest report, this is what is happening in a nut shell….

Ron , Started seeing some  Roosters of nice size …. 44 inches…    Milk Fish which are strong fighters and in the area which is unusual… Cubera and red snappers, needle fish are moving into the area so the water is warming up… Sailfish off El Banco and they´re right on time….  Gil Netters have surrounded  some areas around the Marietta Islands. It´s funny to hear  commercial fisherman complain about sports fisherman and at times carry guns…vice versa…. but it´s still basically illegal for the both of them to be there fishing in the first place!…..   Dorado near Sayulita but long liners are screwing things up again…. Some Jack Crevalls still …. Fishing is up and down, some days you hit the jack pot , others are tough at best…. Best fishing is still in the 8 hr range, but 4 and 6 hrs has small fish. Bite happening sometimes around 8 right now, but the late day bite is between 12 and 3… Now go get me some pictures to publish amigo!!



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