Simi Quickie Report: It´s all Red Snappers and Rooster Fish

Rooster Fish like this at the Marietta Islands!

Rooster Fish like this at the Marietta Islands!

Just a quickie report….. It’s still about Rooster Fish and Snappers when it comes to fishing in Puerto Vallarta right now. If you are heading out to the deep water locations of El Banco or Corbeteña, you’d be better off fishing at the Marietta Islands or El Morro. Rooster fish and Snappers have been ranging in the 20 to 70lb range. Those heading out for less than eight hours expecting fish will find very small game fish to choose from at best. Jack Crevalls are being seen less and less, but  I did see some today when sailing, should have had a pole with me… But Jacks like cold water, the water is warming up ever so slightly day by day. So they´re moving out and they have saved many a day fishing for clients and kept my guaranteed charters happy!

Bait is not an issue, we have plenty of bait fish in the area and have seen the flying fish move in. I expected to see Sailfish or Striped Marlin to move in but this has not happened. I have gotten to the point where I should stop talking about what is normal and just report what  is happening.  But when things or conditions move outside of normal, then you have to ask yourself why or what is different than previous years. Last year was a La Nina Year, so we know we have El Nino and La Nina is out of our hair for at least a few years. That explains what has happened fishing wise to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. We are now moving into the summer fishing season where we see huge fish and I am keeping my eyes open for the time of year, water temps, type of fish coming in or of course not coming in!

March is normally the month we see Sailfish move into the area, but it’s now mid April and there have been a few sightings, but no boatings. So they are late, but  too late.

We normally see Dorado turn up about this time of the year in stronger numbers. This year Dorado are moving into the areas  north of Sayulita. While it seems late, it is better than last  year when the Dorado of any size did not show up until July. And not  in abundant numbers either! In fact  Dorado all last summer was a tough nut to crack… that is if you could find them. Even the commercial buoys we normally invade were slim pickings for sure. Many of the captains blamed the long liners and gill netters for the down turn in Dorado Fishing. But even the long liners were slim when it came to fish.

Right now, as I mentioned earlier, is very difficult to know what we can plan for. With Yellowfin Tuna following the currents, El Banco has not been the hot spot for Yellowfin Tuna it normally is in the Summer! El Banco is  fifty miles out of Puerto Vallarta. The currents generally favor El Banco and hit them dead on. This helps the fishing off what I call the Marlin McDonald’s of the sea. With plenty of bait hanging around the deep and not so deep structure there, if the currents are swinging in the El Banco area we will have huge, Monster Yellowfin Tuna.  That goes for  Marlin and Sailfish also. But for the record, we get huge Black Marlin, Big Blue Marlin and Sailfish here in the area even if the Yellowfin pass us up…… You will normally see good Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in cabo when the currents are farther west than El Banco, just like the last  couple of years!
Bloody Decks and their crew of wise asses have been telling anyone on that bulletin board site how cool they are by going cowboy and fishing a place all the old timers, the same guys I learned from years and years ago, won´t go  because of one big fat reason, you will have your boat confiscated by the prison authorities at the Tres Maria Islands! You see the prison islands or Tres Maria Islands are eighty miles or so there one way from Vallarta. These idiot cowboys started heading up this way and making noises how they had discovered this new ¨frontier¨ for fishing where Monster Yellowfin Tuna in winter waters , the same way several of them take credit for finding El Banco 30 years after the locals were making a living here fishing! Now those big fat blow hards are keeping a low profile as  these cowboys and their boats are being taken in. Several captains have been put in with the prison population but only after their heads have been shaved. I have written several articles on several boats that have had issues with the authorities there for fishing within the 15 mile limit. That’s right folks, there is a 15 mile no fishing zone for those who don’t  have one of those impossible licenses it takes to fish there.  I am not going to mention names and companies, but if you ask Capt. Steve Torres off Ana Maria about his four days in prison and what his cowboy clients had to go through, you´ll find a big mouth who learned how to keep his mouth shut. But he forgot to share these experiences on  Bloody Decks. There have been several boats that Bloody Decks supports (or has a vested interest in) that have been approached like the Maximus who didn’t  have enough fishing licenses, a Bogus permit to fish the islands,  insurance or life preservers. Yet they are very  happy to  take your $1,500.00 dollars as they put you on the illegal fishing boat out of La Cruz Marina! So much for this bulletin board on steroids as being a real source of information as they promote their own agenda here in PV. So the moral of this story is don´t listen to those beating their chest, talk with those that have been here in the Marina for years and ask them what you should be doing. It´s funny, there are several Captains / people that know better on better  quality boats that have been heading out this way to the Tres Maria Islands because if they didn’t go, there were those who would.  They were cautious, but still there…

With few boats at best heading out fishing it is difficult at best to relay information to folks looking for condition and bite information. Master Baiter’s is right there as well with few boats heading out daily. With rising fuel prices and economic conditions night mares are made of, there has been a real down turn in tourism here in Mexico, to be specific Puerto Vallarta!

For now there is decent fishing for those who can  handle a short 8 hr day. Those looking for shorter days are finding themselves hearing reports on the radio of fishing frenzies as they’re hoping to hook into something within the bay ……. There are also those in the Marina and else where who will tell you that Moby Dick in the bay… He isn’t and never will be, so be informed!

I attached a recent picture that represents the size of Snappers and Rooster fish we are seeing …. Some days are better than others and if you are not at the fishing grounds  around 1 O’clock  to about 7:00 pm, you will be hard pressed to catch fish.

Remember, the fish don’t care is you show up or not. So if you are going out there go fishing when the bite is happening, not when it is most convenient for you and the family / wife.  That way you can get the bang for your buck you just paid for. Not hear how you left before the bite even started! If that is the case, and the bite is not at a convenient time  for you and the other reasons (people / tours), then  you would be better off golfing with that money.  I see this happen every day and for now it is best to sleep in and catch fish in the afternoon!

So much for a quickie report…. I will be posting a fishing report in the next day or two…Any thing is possible when it comes to fish… Stay tuned…..


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