Abundant Rooster Fish, Pargo and Milk Fish at the Marietta Islands!

Abundant Rooster Fish, Pargo and Milk Fish at the Marietta Islands!

Once again Paradise had another wonderful week when it comes to Tourism and of course fishing in our world famous fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta. We are seeing some increases in water temperatures which is good for the cause of course, but the currents are swirling and the warm water can be hard to find. If you can find a warm streak, then you‘ve got fish, if not, then best wishes! We’ve been waiting on summer and the larger game fish to arrive which is like watching a clock, it will never move until you look away.  With the warmer water we are starting to see some of the cold water species like Jack Crevalls and Sierra Mackerals, stables for us during the winter, move out. There are still some of them around and some in good size ranges, but this is their last hurrah and will be gone before June arrives! These welcome changes are painfully slow for a guy like me. But this is normal and right on time. With the moves upwards in water temperatures we are seeing some positive signs which mean the larger fish like Sailfish and Striped Marlin will be heading our way soon, but not soon enough for me!

Milk Fish at Marietta Islands on Policonfondido , 8 hr day!

Milk Fish at Marietta Islands on Policonfondido , 8 hr day!

The area north of Punt a Mita, Sayulita to b e exact is still smoking wit h Rooster Fish action and some Dorado are starting to hang out in the area, but no promises amigo. Roosters are anywhere from 30 to 70 lbs and Dorado while s till on the smaller side of 30lbs are still fun to catch and better to eat! Live bait is king, but lures of yellow and black are working well.

One of the early season indicators that summer is on its way in is when the foot ball Yellowfin Tuna show up.  At Corbeteña this week we have seen them arrive. Now they are not worth heading gout 38 miles for, but they will hopefully draw some larger fish into the area looking for a nice free meal!  Sailfish have been seen in the area, again… but none have been boated.

Inside the bay things are less than spectacular, but there are still plenty of Jack Crevalls to keep the visiting Anglers happy.  Snappers and Needle fish are taking up the slack. For now the younger Anglers are doing well in the areas of structure or rocks around the Los Arcos area.

As a whole the fishing is good, but it will get better soon. One thing we are dealing with right now as I mentioned earlier are the swirling currents.  Some days you will find clean green water. Others you´ll find it murky at best. You will have to be flexible and patient, once you find some warm water then anything is possible.  There is plenty of bait in the water, the days are longer and t he conditions are as they should be for this time of the year. From now until the first few weeks of June we will be in a transition period where the conditions and fish will change daily. With Sailfish in the areas of Manzanillo and Barra we know that when the wager clears up the fish will be coming in. Save your fuel dollars when you can get a better bang for your fuel buck or head to the Marietta Islands for a nice 8 hour day. Your time and money will be well spent!   The fishing will turn world class in the next few weeks, until then do whatever it takes to make the little woman happy. Get yourself some extra points and when the fishing gets to a frenzy level again, you’ll have some wiggle room. It won’t hurt to send them to the spa these days either. Just remember, it’s cheaper to keep her!

That’s about it for now, until next week, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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