Quickie Report: Water Temperatures Rocket, Sailfish, Striped Marlin Sightings, Fishing High Season is coming fast!

 Rooster Fish at Litibu

Rooster Fish at Litibu

I don´t normally write something on my blog if there is nothing happening fishing wise, but I do like to let all thirty of you know when conditions are changing and what we think, hope would be a better word, might be a possibility, maybe….. you get the point.

The last few days the humidity has spiked to where the air temperatures in Puerto Vallarta have remained in the normal range (81 Degrees), the humidity shot up to 79% with a high pressure center sitting right over us , which means the 81 degrees felt like 94 degrees as per the weather channel! It was shocking to say the least how this just sprung up like this, the humidity that is. You may say ¨What does this mean to me¨?  Well every year as summer marches in you can feel the curtain of humidity envelop your body as you walk in the sun. May if the beginning of the heat and the humidity. For most people this is called low season when it comes to tourism. But in reality, we´re talking about fishing here and while the seasonal tourist leave before they melt, we of course know this is the sign we´ve been looking for.  For better or for worse, the seasonal changes are beginning now!

Water temperatures have jumped up to 79 degrees, four degrees warmer in just three days. This means the currents are changing and we are glad to see this. With the warm currents we will find the Sailfish and Marlin return shortly. In fact there have been several sightings near Guyavitos of Sailfish, Striped Marlin and now Dorado! YeHa! There is plenty of bait in the water, the conditions are perfect as they presently are for Billfish return. That‘s the positive news, but there is a down side to currents changing. And that would be the dirty water. You see the mountains here in the area are Adobe clay. When it rains in the summer this adobe silt works its way down to the bay via streams and rivers. This will eventually settle on the bottom of the bay and other areas near the bay. When the currents clash it creates swirling situations that basically mix it all up. Now this is a unwelcome sight or condition, but it is necessary since this is an early sign that the currents have changed in earnest!

Once again what does this mean to us as fisherman, well let’s hope it means more fish, the return of Dorado in larger numbers and the possibility of Yellowfin Footballs coming into the area. Now my crystal ball is broken, and the duct tape I have holding it together gets in the way, but this is what came through so let’s see what happens….

On the present conditions it is still all about Rooster Fish and Snappers at either Litibu, which is north of Punta Mita or the area around El Morro or the Marietta Islands. The temperature changes are a neutral condition to them…. No Sailfish or Marlin boated yet that I know of and with very few boats leaving to go fishing in the morning it is even more difficult to say what is exactly happening. Short days in the bay are always producing fish, but nothing the magazine reader would be interested in. Yet smaller kids and adults looking for a smaller game fish can still have a great time in four to six hours as well.

OK, that is it for now… remember, this is a quickie….  Report that is!  Hahahaa….


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