Quickie Report! Trash Line Returns with Seasonal Rains, Dorado, Rooster Fish & More! Fish Pictures!

As we enter the Rainy season here in tropical Puerto Vallarta we are all looking forward to the Trash Line we get in the bay as a result of the seasonal rains washing all sorts of organic materials and matter down the mountain sides. This  in turn forms a line or a ribbon of stuff that looks like leaves, dirt, just crap in general that will stretch for as much as miles in any direction. This is a good thing for summer fishing in the bay amigos…

Dorado on the Trash Line

Dorado on the Trash Line

Now this cat and mouse game has been going on forever and the larger fish do wind up getting some smaller fish for lunch for sure. But this is how it all works in nature and who are we to judge. But we can use this information to make our fishing days on the water more productive!

Now introduce a three inch silver diamond trolled or cast just a foot or on the clean side of the trash line and you will have arm burning action on light tackle.

Rooster Fish on the Trash Line, Say AhhHHhHHhH

Rooster Fish on the Trash Line, Say AhhHHhHHhH

The Trash line is in the bay everyday once the rains start in ernest. These trash lines can go out for miles and miles and are not always centered in the bay. But for the most part this is where you will find this trash line in the bay. This means short days will be productive  for those on a short budget or just want to head out for smaller gamefish. Either way it works all around.

Dorado, Mahi Mahi or Dolphin, it all taste the same amigos!

Dorado, Mahi Mahi or Dolphin, it all taste the same amigos!

One more reminder, fishing in the rain is a good thing. When the rain drops hit the water surface, from a fish point of view it looks like bait falling back into the water after jumping from the water for a brief escape from harms way. But what goes up must come down. So the rain excites fish like Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna into a frenzy. So the next time you think you want to wait until the rain is gone, it may be a good idea to think that one over again….

I attached a few pictures of Trash Line types of fish you will come across when fishing on the trash line.

So now you know why the Trash Line is Your Friend…..

More Dorado....

More Dorado....

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