Quickie Report: Hurrican Dora Marches up the west coast of Mexico

The latest and greatest on the storm activity likely to affect Puerto Vallarta is Hurricane Dora….

Dora is moving quickly at about 17 mph and is causing waves on the shoreline. Dora is only 250 or so miles out to sea in the warm water currents. But the projections say once it heads farther north or east, it will most likely peter-out… We have seen this several times already this year, once these tropical storms turned Hurricane head west, they lose gas because of the cooler currents ….

Be prepared to have the port authority close the port.to boats fishing outside of the bay…. If you have an insured boa t, this means if you head out past  the point of the Marietta Islands, and something does happen  then you are S.O.L Amigo….

Inside the bay, no worries, the norther shores will see some wave action, with some good sized waves up to the 12 height possible, most likely in the 6 ft range…..

Friday or saturday at El Banco or  Corbeteña could be the place to be with Hurricanes forcing fish out of it´s path, they will most likely move inward towards shore. So watch the currents and the swell activity before heading out……. Master Baiter Stan…. http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx

5 Day Projection for Hurricane Dora July 20 2011

5 Day Projection for Hurricane Dora July 20 2011


Quickly.. Fishing: Yellowfin tuna are from 40 to 200 lbs. Some days in the bay can be better than at  El Banco if looking for action and not size… Dorado are still fickle and the Marlin are ranging from 350 lbs to 650 lbs… just depends.

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That is all for now…. Stan

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and tackle

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