Update, illegal Master Baiter’s Closes, but web page still up for now

Update, illegal Master Baiter’s Closes, but web page still up for now

For many, there has been questions about Master Baiter´s and now there are finally some answers I can give you to clear up the confusion.

First, I have control of the trade marks now for Master Baiter´s. I always did, but was challenged by the woman who had a franchise to u s and sold clothing with Master Baiter´s logo on it…. One day when I told Magda Pierda that I now had the trade marks in my name since my brother had abandoned the store and left me with all  his debt.

Magda Piedra told me to go screw myself and that she was going to use MY LEGAL TRADE MARK if I liked it or not…. My brother had the rights to the web site, so he essentially gave her the web site I had rescued. This is why the other MBaiters was rated higher than my http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx site.

When I discovered she was telling clients that she was in fact ME, this is when the issue started. Magda Piedra filed papers with IMPI the trade mark arm of the mexican govt and then the shit began. She had essentially lied to the courts and the courts found in her favor making it look like I was this rich gringos guy trying to push a poor Mexican Female out of business. When I appealed with my attorney the judgement was given to me, Stan Gabruk who legally and rightfully owns the trade mark.

Stan Gabruk in front of Master Baiter´s shop on the boardwalk in Marina Vallarta

Stan Gabruk in front of Master Baiter´s shop on the boardwalk in Marina Vallarta

Once it became obvious that she had lost the trade marks, she closed her down town store down and left for Cancun. She is still there with her husband Sasha who happens to be working at the Buena Ventura Hotel…

Under Mexican Law, she is in deep problems, she first lied to the court, which is serious and we proved it. She then put up a web page meant to fool people into thinking they were indeed me… She slandered my company  the whole way and she is now on the run. The web page is not yet closed down, I am trying to get the page and have it all forwarded to my web site so it does not matter which site you go to, they come to me…..

Our Origional Design, Nostalgic and still a big seller

Our Origional Design, Nostalgic and still a big seller

The long and short of it is that my brother John Gabruk is not involved with the company on any level now and will never be a representative of this company again.  The Master Baiter´s reputation has been restored and the company is in the same situation as the rest of the city as we struggle to get through some tough times as the  American press tells the public that it is dangerous to come to Mexico. This of course is a BIG FAT LIE, but fear works and the Obama administration through the liberal press is attacking Mexico to keep your tourism dollars at home by putting the fear of god into those thinking or Mexico for a vacation spot… but this is another story…

Magda is now responsible for 60% of every peso she made using my trade marks. She is also liable under the courts for damages, which can be six times the amount of the money she made, plus paying the outrageous legal fees I have for this fiasco.

So there you go folks, you will have to wait for the book to get the whole story, but for now there is only one Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle in Puerto Vallarta and that is in Marina Vallarta amigos… The web page is still up, we have to go through the legal process again, but this is a no brainer now and we will be marching down these legal paths as fast as Mexican Law can move…..

To those Bloody Decks guys that still spew lies on the site, Master Baiter´s is still the premier fishing company in Puerto Vallarta. The only company with the balls to offer  a 30% Money Back Guarantee if you come in with no game fish on full priced charters! Master Baiter´s is now and always has been willing to take the chance with you that you could come in sin fish! If we return the money, if you came back with no fish, you only pay for the cost of operation amigos. Nobody who you read about or who is blowing smoke up each others backside has the balls to do this and never will! So F-Ck YoU bLoOdY dIcKs…. when it comes to Vallarta you all are just little liars who think you actually have some sort of lock on the fishing market. For the record I was banned from Bloody Decks after I threatened to hit them with a law suit after this Drew Guy, a prominent figure on the PV side said I was stealing deposits… You never  heard of the issues being taken care of, that would go against their plan.

I took over the company in the thick of this mess and turned it around. I still have great boats with English-speaking captains working for  me. So stay tuned for up coming notices and keep an eye on my web page http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx for updates on what the real deal is on Puerto Vallarta.

Three years ago there were like 25 owner operated fishing companies in PV, today there are like 5, 2 of which are setting fishing trip prices below their cost. Clients come in to us and want to compare prices, I tell them that the price they are quoting me is impossible and less than what it cost for the boat to operate. These greedy clients then go back the CHEAP provider, give him half the money down for the fishing trip (which should be a clue) and then the morning of the trip, no boat, no agent and when they look for this person, he is gone like a ghost. The other people working in that location, they don´t have a clue as to where this cockroach is, what would you expect. These clients then come in and tell me how they got screwed , after I told them what the real deal was. I tried to tell them and others of the situation, but it sounds like I am cutting down the competition. When it comes to reputable companies either brokering or owner operators, I have no problem. When the local govt does not police the timeshare industry or pirates roaming the Marina, then business is doomed as we are now…..

So to sum things up, Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is still standing and still providing superior service to past and future clients. You can find my Facebook page under the name MasterBaiter Stan for now. I have over 3,000 friends who are interested in the game of fishing from a professional perspective and amateurs alike. It is my goal to make my FBook site a real social networking site where you can type in a question and someone will get an answer to you…. so hit me up amigos…..Facebook: MasterBaiter Stan … I will be looking to hear from you.

Remember, if you are not talking with Stan Gabruk personally, you are not dealing with Master Baiter´s. If you come to Marina Vallarta and ask for Master Baiter`s,   who ever you are talking with will tell you I am dead, out of business or  point you in the wrong direction. This is competition in Mexico for you….

Now that I am at the point where I can put this legal battle behind me, I will be looking for another shop in Marina Vallarta where I will get back into Tackle, Tours, Clothing and of course fishing. Feel free to call or contact me on any subject about Puerto Vallarta…

Remember, At master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around!

Until Next  Time, this is Stan Gabruk welcoming your questions and business…….. And Don´t Forget to Kiss Your Fish!


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