Dorado Invade Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Grounds, Uncrowded Perfect Conditions Hold True!

 Dorado Invade Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Grounds, Uncrowded Perfect Conditions Hold True!

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

When summer or High Season for fishing in Puerto Vallarta comes anything is not only possible, but probable. It seems that every year for the last three yea s we have seen the arrival in mass on Dorado later and later in the fishing season.  Last year it was July before the Dorado massed in number, this year it´s early September. Now there have been Dorado in our fishing grounds, but the numbers were less than impressive. That has all changed now and Dorado are essentially on tap at all the fishing grounds where you would expect to see them. From Yelapa to Corbeteña, you will find something sizeable and edible for the dinner table, and I am not talking about your boot amigo!

Monster Dorado at  Corbeteña

Monster Dorado at Corbeteña

With PV moving into high gear as the season progresses nicely, Dorado are the story this week. So let’s just jump to the subject. Everywhere from Yelapa in the bay to Corbeteña thirty five miles out from Marina Vallarta, you will find Dorado for the dinner table amigos. Nothing special here to know, all you need to do is have some poppers handy, some Google Eyes on hand and you can come in with fish, a lot of fish , within reason of course and with the regulations in mind amigos! But there is a lot more than just Dorado in the bay for those looking for some affordable fun or you want to head out for Moby Dick, no matter what you are looking for, this is the time of year to find it!


Corbeteña has been the place to be for the last three weeks or so. With every Trophy Fish Puerto Vallarta has to offer with Black Marlin lagging a little. So what do you want, Blue Marlin to 600 lbs, Yellowfin Tuna averaging 175 lbs. with Monsters in the area. Dorado now are in the 40 to 50 lb range and hungry. Sailfish are here as well and getting more and more abundant by the day.  Clean, clear and blue water in the 84 degree area is just what the fishing gods ordered. Those heading out looking for Tuna need to remember to keep an eye on the moon phase. Full moons are for fishing early or late bites. But mid day will most likely be disappointing. For some reason we are not seeing any issue with the moon phase with Marlin or Sails. Or any other species or trophy game fish at the rock. The really nice thing is that the Rock is deserted. If you see five boats out there it would be considered crowded! No worries of overcrowding chasing fish down or out.

Yellowfin Tuna, 70lbs at  Corbeteña

Yellowfin Tuna, 70lbs at Corbeteña

El Banco, just say no to El Banco until somebody comes in with some fish. A couple of boats headed out to the high spots, got a couple of bites, no hook-ups. Don´t know what the deal with El Banco is, but then again do any of us really know anything in the world of Deep Sea Fishing. Just keep your ears open and your fuel tank full, these conditions here cannot last much longer amigos.

Not many heading out to the Marietta Islands this past week once more. Seems those heading out are going in other directions. But there are always Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Rooster Fish; Needle fish (False Marlin), Snappers, Dorado (now) and the list goes on. For the fuel dollar Punta Mita is probably a better idea, for this moment anyway….

Punta Mita is a Dorado Machine right now. It really doesn`t matter what you are running for bait, they will hit it harder than my wife used to hit her Nordstrom’s Credit Card at their annual sale! Dorado from 20 to 35 lbs, Sailfish in the 80 to 100 lb range and a fair shot at a Rooster Fish near Sayulita makes this area perfect for those looking for a shorter day of 8 hrs and a pay off in your limit on Dorado! For those of you wondering where these gold and blue beauties have been, well we know where they are now! So get off your duffs and take advantage of this before things change… and they always change amigos.

For anyone hearing there are no fish in the bay from promoters trying to get you to spend more money, walk away from these guys. The Trash line is only out to the Yelapa area with the rains being a little sparse for the last few weeks means the bay is accomadating. This means Dorado, Skippies (Skip Jack Tuna), Football Tuna, even some small Sailfish are just at the south end of the bay waiting for you to put something in front of them!! They will hit just about anything, so you don´t need to be a rigging genius, just flip a popper, diamond jig, Rapalla, hell use your car keys with a hook, it will all work well. For the few times when the bay is like fishing in a barrel, this is where we are now. For those out there looking at some dirty water, it may be bad for swimming or snorkeling, but the fish and many of us also know that this dirty water many, many times can be from a few inches to a few feet thick. Not hard to overcome. I suggest running a planer about two to three feed down, run from the clear side of the t rash line into the dirty water and see if you get a hit.

So there you have it, the latest and the greatest when it comes to fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. The fishing is great, plenty of fish or all species. Perfect water conditions, hungry fish, uncrowded, I mean what more can you ask for… well free fuel would be nice, but highly unlikely this fantasy will ever happen… Ha Ha Ha…. For those with the time, the money and the inclination Puerto Vallarta fishing is coming into its own right now. The only thing missing is you!

Until next time, don`t forget to kiss your fish!

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