Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Lets go Fishing Amigos, PV has it all!

Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Lets go Fishing Amigos, PV has it all!

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

For the past several years the Yellowfin Tuna fishing has been less than what we have come to expect from many, many previous years. It used to be there were 250 lb Yellowfin at El Banco and Corbeteña all the time come September in Puerto Vallarta´s fishing grounds. But the last few years we saw the effects of large scale commercial fishing from Mazatlan and the Japanese. These days of Production ships (Seiners) scouring El Banco and Corbeteña have disappeared with hard times and low fishing counts. They essentially put themselves out of business. Now Two years later we are seeing the return of large Yellowfin Tuna within 60 miles of Marina Vallarta. With Marlin and Yellowfin as running mates where you have one, you will normally find the other which is good  news for the fisherman looking to check off another item from his ¨ bucket list¨. Just like days gone by, Puerto Vallarta is once more the place to be for Monster Yellowfin Tuna. Summer is getting on and the best is yet to come, the only thing missing at the fishing grounds is YOU!

Black Marlin 300lbs on Magnifico at  Corbeteña

Black Marlin 300lbs on Magnifico at Corbeteña

Like I mentioned, it´s like we´re turning the clock back the way fish are behaving lately. Take inside the bay for instance. Years and years ago it really was not unusual for Marlin to come into the bay. Many people forget for some reason that Marlin love Dorado and will chase them down. Now in the bay near Los Animas on the south end are seeing smaller Marlin chasing down these nice sized Dorado so there have been some real surprises when those fishing with light tackle hook into a good sized Black Marlin. Dorado are not a fish you hear about used for trolling, that is because they die quickly when trolled. But dead Dorado trolled can still work if you have Marlin in the area.

In front of Los Arcos, not far from Marina Vallarta at all, Capt. Cesar took his family fishing and the Dorado pictures are a result of that fishing trip… Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Snook at the river mouths. It is really a happening place in the bay right now. If you follow the trash line from this area out to El Morro you can get Sailfish as well. Imagine catching all of this in less than six hours in the bay.

Moving out to the points, Punta Mita is on automatic. Sailfish, Dorado, Roosters near Sayulita, the reefs are alive at Anclote and many are still targeting this area as their first choice heading out in the morning. There is no way you can go wrong with an eight hour day in this area.

The Marietta Islands have fish, they always have fish. But when they have the same fish in close, why head out there? Well for one reason Sailfish love this area and the area between Corbeteña and the Marietta Islands have been ignored making this area a untouched opportunity. If you are heading out past the Marietta Islands drop a few baits and see what is happening, may just surprise you with some Black Marlin and closer in sizeable Yellowfin Tuna, wouldn`t be the first time this happened!

Dorado Everywhere including Los Arcos where this was caught by Capt. Cesar

Dorado Everywhere including Los Arcos where this was caught by Capt. Cesar

The real deal this past week continues to be Corbeteña. I mean the Rock is on fire and with no crowds you can linger and let the bite happen instead of trying to hurry things before some other boat moves in to your ¨space¨ trying to get your fish! You name it, Marlin in the 300 to 700lb range with possibilities of larger, much larger at this time of the year. Yellowfin Tuna anywhere from 60 to over 250lbs. Magnifico boated a Black Marlin and just when the Marlin started jumping less than thirty feet from the boat, all of a sudden Yellowfin of 250 lbs were hurling themselves from the water to the point it looked like they were flying Volkswagens! So Buckwheat, you ever catch a fish bigger than your car!! It could happen amigos! Large sailfish, even the Dorado here are in the 35 to 50 lbs. I mean you could not ask for better conditions. With deep blue water and perfect water temperatures of 84 Degrees fantasies can come true RIGHT NOW!  Here´s a secret, if you are not running Google Eyes, smaller Sardines or Bonito you will not be catching anything. Plastics stopped working this week, you`ve been informed now use this information wisely grasshopper!

Sailfish like this one at Punta Mita make 8 hr trips worth while!

Sailfish like this one at Punta Mita make 8 hr trips worth while!

El Banco, this place has been dead, dead, dead… But there is now some signs of life, nothing spectacular but still a weak pulse of sorts. Yellowfin of 60 to 80 lbs have turned up in the Green Water out there. Why it is green water, your guess is as good as mine. But if you have bullet Bonito baits, small babies, The Yellowfin will hit it hard. But if you are running any other bait, forget about it, you will never know there was a fish around. No Marlin, No Sailfish and no Dorado. If all you are going to get is smaller, fickle Yellowfin why spend the extra fuel cost on a more distant location.

So here we go again, another week with perfect conditions, plenty of bait, blue water and large amounts of Trophy Game Fish! Uncrowded fishing grounds, cheap hotel prices, and over 12 pesos to the dollar means Puerto Vallarta is a bargain.

Remember mid November this year will be when the 56th Annual Pez Vella and Marlin tournament will be happening. So make your mind up to participate. You can get all the information you need at: .

Well that is the latest and greatest for now. Stay tuned and watch my blog for on the deck and breaking news and even some fish porn (safe for your 12 yr old) pictures of naked fish!

Until next time, don`t forget to kiss your fish!

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