Sept. 23 Hurrican Hilary Update

Hola, I hope everyone reading my blog gets this infor mation, especially if you are heading this way towards Puerto Vallarta  to go fishing!

Hurricane Hilary is slow moving and strong. It became a category four Hurricane in  the last 24 hours. I predict that  once the Hurricane makes its way out to sea, it will fizzle with the cooler water. Remember NOAA is sa ying we are looking at  back to back La Nina Yea rs which means cold water and later cold weather patterns in the northern states and Canada. Canada and much of north America is cooling down quickly early in the year already. For us here in PV, we have not seen  really warm water temperatures this year. Which of course is perfect for fishing this year, but  will effect the end of the season I predict with an early chill …  This means cold water fish moving int o the area before New Years again this year, lets hope not. Check out the pa th of the Hurricane and  don´t sweat it, most  likely will not affect us here in PV much except for some rain and mildly  rough seas…

Hurricane Hillary 9 23 2011

Hurricane Hillary 9 23 2011


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