It´s Fish City at Corbeteña, El Banco Remains Quiet, Huge Dorado at Punta Mita

It´s Fish City at Corbeteña, El Banco Remains Quiet, Huge Dorado at Punta Mita

Written by Stan Gabruk


As we finish September and enter October we begin to see tourist return for several reasons.  One of those reasons is our world class fishing. With the possibility of returning to the dock with a 250 lb Yellowfin Tuna or a Black Marlin over 500lbs or a Dorado over 50 lbs there is plenty to gain. The peso is weak right now which means the exchange rate gives you an automatic discount on purchases of products and services! With great deals on hotels and airlines the list of opportunities go on and on. In Puerto Vallarta, it is the lowest of low season. Tourists are on hold waiting for cooler weather to arrive. But for fishing, this is high season and the fish are larger and more abundant by the day. Those in the know like popular fishing magazines, televised fishing programs on channels like ESPN and assorted sports writers around the world descend on Puerto Vallarta. They produce stories and film / pictures to document our world class fishing in every manner. With the fishing grounds deserted the chances of fish sounding (going deep to avoid noise and boats) is non-existent which increases your chances of coming in with that ¨Bucket List¨ finned fantasy. There are world record fish out there to be had for those lucky enough to be here right now.

Again this week’s fishing report is not going to sound much different from last weeks and hopefully next week’s report. This is because when things are great, it can´t get much better.  Having said that the fishing grounds are again as deserted as they will ever be. The water temperatures are perfect, the water may not always be the perfect blue we like to see, but clear green works just fine.

El Banco, has seen some brave souls heading out to this famous location just to find it slow and disappointing when compared to Corbeteña or the Rock as many of us call it. Yes you will catch fish, but nothing you won´t find closer in so most are saving on the fuel cost. It´s been like this now for weeks and frankly for now my suggestion is to keep your ears open and be patient. OR go to Corbeteña…

Black Marlin 300+ lbs, Magnifico, Corbeteña

Black Marlin 300+ lbs, Magnifico, Corbeteña

Corbeteña on the other hand is on fire. You name the species, it is out there for the most part. Yellowfin Tuna are still between 80 and 200lbs or larger. Black Marlin are picking up in numbers and size to between 300 and 700lbs. Sailfish are still large and of course Dorado are here for the taking. If you send me an email I will let them all know you are coming.  One thing to keep in mind where ever you are fishing, there are abundant Goggle Eyes and Sardines for bait out there. So if you are using lures, like I always run, you may find it ignored in favor of goggle eyes. If you have a casting net onboard you can catch your own bait out there like Magnifico does (our 31 ft. Bertram) but the Sardines were not working as well as the Goggle Eyes. So put that piece of information in your back pocket. One other thing, make sure you have plenty of bait. With the number of Dorado out there right now you will find you can go through your bait quickly. Don´t be cheap and caught short on your fishing trips, bait is cheap insurance and you can´t scrimp on the basics. If you are heading out with another company make sure they provide at least 25 baits. I suggest in time like these the more bait the better, you can always throw it back in the bay if you don`t use it. But if you need it and you don´t have it, then this can be an issue, a big issue….

For those in the know, know that the point of Punta Mita is smoking once more. Ten miles of the point, just like last week you will find very large Sailfish in the 90 to 100+ inch range. Or if you prefer, 80 to around 100 lbs which is great sized! Dorado are insane right now and very large in the 30 to 55 lb range. They are so thick out there, there are times when you think you could walk on them. Rooster fish possibilities around the reefs make this the place to be. Again forget plastics and lures for now, but run one anyway (I swear I don´t have multiple personalities )… I always run one just in case.

Dorado At  Punta Mita, Dinner hanging!

Dorado At Punta Mita, Dinner hanging!

For those interested in shorter days on more economical boats, a super panga will do the trick. Yelapa at the southern end of the bay has Dorado, Skip Jack Tuna in the 35lb range, Snappers, and the list goes on. One issue is the dirty water from the rains as  it run down the hills into the bay. This can be good or bad and you never really know until you are out there. The trash line is still our friend, Magnifico came in from a six hour trip with a nice sail and two 30 lb Dorado off this trash line. So no worries, you don´t have to head out looking for Moby Dick amigos. But if you have kids or just want a shorter day, you can have your fill of fishing and come back with something for the table. Don´t forget to have your captains check the river mouths for Snook or Raballo in Spanish.

Something else for you all coming down to think about. I posted some information that came from NOAA about La Nina. It is coming back again, back to back La Nina´s would be more accurate. We are seeing water temperatures in the 83 degree range right now, but ten miles out from Corbeteña this week there were noticeable changes in water temperatures on the cooler side. To me this is just another indication of an early winter.  Remember weather patterns follow water temperatures and it looks like things are already changing out there. My first indication of this was the past couple of Hurricanes that past us hundreds of miles out, the minute they turned away from shore, they fizzled out. A strong indication of cooler water temperatures. I wrote about this and now it looks like we will be lucky t o have Monster Yellowfin Tuna into early January as we (I) normally expect. So if you think you are going to wait until the holidays and then get the cooler weather and great fishing, you may be caught short amigos. Keep an eye on my blog and reports for what is happening directly. The fishing is great and like the story goes, you have to hit it when it is hot. You never know what will happen, but my cracked crystal ball it telling me t o take advantage of the moment!

Well I think that is about it for now…. Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle. My daily blog is www. where you can sign up for updates and when I post articles.


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