El Banco D.O.A., Corbeteña Still Rockin, Water Temps Up, Tons of Bait!

El Banco D.O.A., Corbeteña Still Rockin, Water Temps Up, Tons of Bait!

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

One nice thing about Puerto Vallarta´s fishing grounds, the fishing is always, but always great! This week the song   remains the same with action in every location you could hope to find it. Corbeteña is still the best bet for your fuel dollars as El Banco sees some improvement, but not enough to justify the extra time and money for the moment amigos. Dorado are still t hick in the usual places as water temperatures climb a little.

 Lisa Frick  Sail , 80 inches, Magnifico

Lisa Frick Sail , 80 inches, Magnifico

For those of you out there thinking it is about time El Banco kicked in, I couldn´t agree more amigos. But that is not the case. We have seen some Tuna action yes, if you want to head out two plus hours straight for 20 to 80 lbs with very little else to choose from. Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, they are all absent from this traditional hot spot. This can not last forever and sooner or later El Banco will explode. When it happens I will be sure to let you know.. Stay tuned.

What can you say about Corbeteña, it has the most reliable and flexible fishing ground PV has. Yellowfin Tuna this week were on the slow side and this was a surprise with the area being so hot with Monsters out there. Now, the water temperatures have risen a little to 88 degrees and this may have sent them down searching for cooler water. Another thing that is still the same is the clear green water that is there now that strong currents have moved into the area. This is normal, but we prefer the deep blue water since visibility in blue water is better for fish in the water than green water. Sailfish is still larger than average in the 90 inch range. Dorado are not very impressive this week with smaller Dorado than at Punta Mita. If you want to target Black Marlin, Sailfish or try using a down rigger for Yellowfin Tuna. Remember to use your sounder looking for the temperature breaks or find the fish themselves to set your depth for the down rigger.

Dorado in the bay on the  trash line

Dorado in the bay on the trash line

Inside the bay, same story, find the trash line, find fish or all sorts. The rains seem to be subsiding so finding clear or clean water in the bay is getting easier by the day. Yelapa and vicinity is s till strong with Skip Jack tuna, small Dorado, Snappers, Snook or robalo around the river mouths, Needle fish and the list goes on. Remember not to ignore the entire bay. Days when Yelapa may be slow, Nuevo Vallarta Beaches can be hot. The bay can be a challenge sometimes, right now I suggest nothing shorter than a six hour trip. Eight hours will guarantee you Dorado of good size.

Between the bay and El Morro off the point of Cabo Corrientes has been doing well with Sailfish in the 85lb range and Dorado in the 25 t o 40 lb range, not too bad for Dorado. Sometimes it´s just the luck of the draw and what you run into. For now, you will run into something near the mouth of the bay, so don’t be shy with those fuel dollars.

Punta Mita is still working with fair sized, maybe a little smaller than last week, Dorado in the 30 to 45 lb range. Sailfish are still ten miles or so out from the point. Don´t forget to pay some attention to Sayulita and give the Rooster fish a shot.

Ron Hewitt, Jason & Melisssa Reiner, Magnifico,CCorrientes

Ron Hewitt, Jason & Melisssa Reiner, Magnifico,CCorrientes

This week we have seen some changes in the conditions at the deep water sites. Like I mentioned earlier we have seen a two degree spike in water temperatures that have sent the Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña out or down. With the strong currents, possibly a result of Hurricane Hilary passing by, it took with it the blue water we had at Corbeteña as well as raising the temps. When it comes to bait there is plenty of Skip Jack Tuna and Goggle Eyes out there. So live bait is king for the moment. It looks like things could change with suspect conditions like we have now. What change s are coming, well your crystal ball is better than mine. But when you are in high season for fishing, it won´t exactly go bad, so keep your ears open for what is happening and I`ll be sure to keep you up to date!          

Until next time, don`t forget to kiss your fish!

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