Tropical Storm, Possible Hurricane Jova Sets Its Sights on Puerto Vallarta ( 10/7/11-Day 01)

It seems that every year we have some sort of Hurricane Activity that will threaten a tournament or even more important events like the Pan American Games scheduled to start Oct. 14th to the 30th.The Bisbee´s Fishing Tournament is in two weeks as well….. Bad Timing…

At this moment we have a Tropical Depression that turned into a tropical storm on its way to becoming a Hurricane.

But presently it is still only a Tropical Storm by the name of Jova!  Jova has winds at 55mph to gust  of 70mph which is on the edge of Hurricane Speed. It is also only moving 8 mph in the direction of Puerto Vallarta. Now this can all change rapidly. But the thing that gets my attention is the other Hurricane out there, Hurricane Irwin . The only time we see a real threat to Puerto Vallarta is when there are two hurricanes in tandum, the one on the ¨¨inside´ is always held in towards the mainland. Jova is the inward hurricane locked on an inside track.

This will screw with the fishing and the Marinas of Banderas Bay.


Not much we can do except watch and plan. Those of you in the area pay attention to this site and we´ll see how this all goes..Stay Tuned!

Layout of Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and depressions

Layout of Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and depressions


Below is the projected path of Hurrican Jova, you can see the sharp turn to the west…..

Tropial Storm Jova 10 7 2011

Tropial Storm Jova 10 7 2011


This is the 5 Day Tracking map… batten down the hatches amigos, looks like after more than fifty years we are going to see some action. Again stock up on water, candles, batteries, … have a radio that runs on batteries and flash lights available …….

5 day tracking.... 10 7 11

5 day tracking.... 10 7 11


I will continue to post updates … daily in the mean time you can check out these locations for more detailed information on Jova and Irwin….

So there you go, the latest and greatest on Hurricane Jova and Irwin…..  Find this on Bloody Decks…


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