Tropical Storm, Soon to be Hurricane Jova Update (10 8 2011), Hurricane Irwin Enters the Picture

Ok, it still looks like we here on the west coast of Mexico need to believe this Tropical Storm is going to turn into a Hurricane sometime today, but it seems to be taking it´s sweet  time in doing so.

All the models I am interested in still shows  the Hurricane coming towards  the Bay of Banderas which of course is where Puerto Vallarta  is.

If you follow my blog, and you have a boat here in Puerto Vallarta  it is important to remember there are things like storm surges that  will raise the level of the water we normally deal with in the Marinas. Ever wonder why those concrete pillars are so high, this is why, so docks don´t break free or come un-hooked and then play bumper boats in hundred mile an hour winds. So if you have a boat and you believe there may be an issue here, it is time to act… You can decide what that means in your case. But in any case, PV is going to get hit with some bad weather. Possible two or god forbid three hurricanes.

Hurricane Jova is the primary threat, it is behind Irwin and Irwin is not moving for nothing. Jova is behind it, running into it, which of course is why Jova is moving erratically. T he pressure systems seem to be showing the two hurricanes turning from Sea and moving towards the coast. There is also another tropical depression nobody is talking about but is sitting quietly, like a lingering tumor you know nothing of as yet and for now we will just  be aware it is there….

OK, so here´s t he beef amigos……

Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011

Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011

Then here is your 5 day forecast…….

5 day tracking.... Jova,  10 8 11

5 day tracking.... Jova, 10 8 11

And now the computer Model…..

Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011 Computer Model

Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011 Computer Model

And then there is the Expanded version computer model…..

Expanded Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011 Computer Model

Expanded Tropial Storm Jova 10 8 2011 Computer Model

So there you go folks, use this information wisely.

Remember you can subscribe to these  articles I write and get notices and information on what is happening on the docks and in the fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta. It does not cost a dime and as far as I can see, I am the only  person with this sort of daily or weekly information coming out of Puerto Vallarta.  For my weekly fishing reports, not found here at this location go to my web page for up to date information without much horn blowing… Hahahaaa…..

OK, look for the next update on the Hurricane situation tomorrow…..



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