Volatile Weather, Incredible Fishing, It´s All Part of the Package When Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Volatile Weather, Incredible Fishing, It´s All Part of the Package When Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

It ´s seven o’clock in the morning and it`s 77 degrees, feels like 82 with 92 % humidity, we have a threat of a Hurricane and Puerto Vallarta is nervous. But this doesn´t keep the hardcore fisherman types who came down to catch a finned fantasy from heading out to Corbeteña. In fact I have not seen this many boats heading out at one time in the mornings from Marina Vallarta in months. Conditions are perfect and here are tons of world class game fish to choose from. Now is the time to be in Vallarta, well maybe after the impending storm, but immediately after, no matter what the town is like, the fish will be out there waiting for the first to arrive with something interesting in the form of Karnada (or bait in English) being presented to them.

Robert Bryant Blue Marlin, Corbeteña, Fishing on Magnifico

Robert Bryant Blue Marlin, Corbeteña, Fishing on Magnifico

For the last couple of weeks there has been so many Sardines at the fishing grounds it has been a challenge to get fish to turn their heads. But even with all the Sardines the Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, etc have been going after Google Eyes, go figure. Knowing this can give you a leg up, but you have to be out there for this information to be of any use. As we entered October, the best time of the year to fish Puerto Vallarta´s world class fishing grounds, people start to show up. Those in the know anyway, those looking to boat a Monster Yellowfin or Huge Marlin. Welcome to Puerto Vallarta´s high season for fishing, anything is possible from now to the end of the year!

We keep waiting and waiting for El Banco to turn into the machine it normally is and has been for the past hundred years or so. We´re still waiting. Those heading to El Banco recently found Yellowfin Tuna in the 60 to 120 lb range, but they had to work and wait for them. I should mention that there have been some 250 pounders (Monsters) out there boated as well, but they were late, late in the day as the sun was going down. They were picky, using a kite was the trick to entice this Monsters up! You see the bite is still happening before 11:00 a.m. and after 4:00 P.M. which means the middle of the day for a week or so now is dead, dead, dead! In the bay it´s a little different, but more about that later… For now with the extra fuel cost, distance and of course time you have better options. Not many heading out in this direction and those heading to El Banco looking for some action would be better suited to take a late afternoon trip and anchor on the high spots over night. This way you can catch the evening bite and the early morning bite without the waiting in the mid day sun! Of course this is a little more expensive, but it is a kick to be on the ocean in the evening with the stars out in full force! Something to think about. For now I don´t know what the deal is, but sooner or later El Banco is going to explode, stay tuned.

 Zwlema Saldivar, Dorado, Bella Del Mar, 6hrs

Zwlema Saldivar, Dorado, Bella Del Mar, 6hrs

Once again Corbeteña is the place to be. We had a few days where the Yellowfin Tuna kind of disappeared, but where ever they went, they are back now. With the YF Tuna running between 60 and 160 lbs they may not be Monsters, but they are still YF Tuna which means a sixty pound fish can still tear your arms off. Many Black Marlin here as well, but for the most part they have been disappointingly small in the 250 to 400 lb range. There have been some larger Marlin boated but I have not seen them personally. Sailfish, Dorado and Cubera Snappers round out the picture. Magnifico came in the other day where clients hooked into two Blue Marlin, Two Sailfish and two nice sized Dorado.  Not a bad day, but again this all happened for the most part before 1:00 in the afternoon!

For a few days this week the point off Punta Mita, which was producing very large Dorado calmed down and the Dorado got down-right small. But that was just a hick-up and the area off the point is still alive with action. Sailfish are still thick in the 85 to 100 lb range, good size for Sailfish. Dorado are in the 20 to 35 lb range, not huge, but not bad either. Rooster fish have faded out for some reason, but if you are around the reef at Anclote, give it a try.

You may have noticed I have not been saying much about the Marietta islands. For some reason the place is less than exciting for the last several weeks.  Those heading out to the islands thinking they are zigging when others are zagging are finding out they would have been better off at Punta Mita or off Cabo Corrientes. For now, if you want to give the Islands a shot, I would do it on the way back from Corbeteña. But then again, if you hit Corbeteña why would you stop here? Better yet, just wait until something happens out there. If you are out there snorkeling then you may want to put a line out. Small Snappers, Dorado, Needle Fish, Bonito, Skip jacks are the regular players here with an off chance of a Rooster Fish for the lucky. Again for now, other options are available to you.

One of those options would be the southern point of the bay. Cabo Corrientes has for some reason been hot and cold. You know what that means, you may find yourself pulling your hair out in frustration. For now anywhere between the Corrientes point and El Morro is the land of possibilities. Those venturing out to this area are coming in with nice sized Dorado in the 25 lb range, Football Tuna in the 35 lb range and smaller Sailfish and yes, possibly a small Marlin. For an eight hour day, you have some nice options between this location and Punta Mita. Keep your ears on and make a decision from the previous days reports, before heading out.

You know it´s funny, there are times when you can head out to a place like El Banco or The Bank, a twelve hour trip, just to find better fishing in the bay. There were days this week where this was the exact case. Anglers coming back into Marina Vallarta found they could boat their limit of fair sized Dorado and Football YF Tuna just a few miles out of the Marina. Go figure! With the rainy season coming to an end it won´t be long before the trash line in the bay is a thing of the past,k at least until next summer. Those looking for short days with plenty of action may find themselves with small Sailfish strikes as well. The bay is so full of bait it is drawing in Billfish where we normally would not see any. So don´t be told there are no fish in the bay.

We are seeing more and more people arrive in Puerto Vallarta now, the fishing is outstanding and we have a couple of tournaments worth mentioning. The Hooked on a Cure tournament takes place this coming week and handled by Kim and Ed from Charter Dreams Sportfishing (http://www.charterdreams.com for details). A small tournament that has quite a following which supports Cystic Fibrosis research, Ed and Kim have more information. Also remember the Pez Vela Tournament, Puerto Vallarta´s largest and oldest tournament happens on the 9th through the 12th this November and with the conditions as they have been we are expecting a great turn out (http://fishvallarta.com)! Magnifico is still available for this tournament and we are keeping the prices down as we always do. If interested let me know, Magnifico has carried the winner of this tournament in the past and will again in the future. Maybe it will be you next time! For more info on prices etc contact me at: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

Well that´s the latest and greatest for now. Remember you can always pick up the locals information on what is happening in Puerto Vallarta´s fishing grounds and information like Hurricane activities by going to my blog at: www.masterbaiters.wordpress.com . There is plenty on Hurricane Jova right now and if you have a boat in Puerto Vallarta or the area it may be a good idea for you to subscribe to it so you get this sort of information in your mail box. Fish pictures, updates, inside information, if you are interested then check it out. It´s free and user friendly with years of past articles to refer back to.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!


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