Quickie Report: Warm Currents Swirling, Red Tied leaves, Slight Condition Improvements…

Last week it was all about Red Tides, Dirty water, Cold water, Too much bait the size of rice and fish that won`t take a bait if you paid them. In a word the fishing was ¨Crap¨! But we all know when things get bad, they won`t be bad for long.  The Red Tide is filtering out of the bay as warmer currents come back into the bay of Banderas. Now this doesn`t mean the fishing has improved much, but we´ll take what we get right now.

Yellowfin Tuna Footballs are still all over the Bay of Banderas, but….. they won´t pay attention to anything you are presenting bait wise. Same goes for Sailfish believe it or not. Just yesterday I had clients at Yelapa, there were many Sailfish sightings and in fact one of those sightings we placed a Google Eye perfectly in front of a Sail and it was worse than my daughter when it comes to peas, I mean they wouldn´t even look at the bait… and there you are!  But if you are in the Legal Zone off the Tres Maria Islands, then there are Yellowfin Tuna of all sizes and I mean all sizes. Anywhere from 30 lbs up to 200 lbs is possible and will be for the fanatics all winter long. The picture below was taken in the dark with my cell phone, so thats the reason for the low quality of the picture, but hey we can live with it… got the point across… As  you can see they are in the 75 lb range hanging and the bottom of the boat is full of 20 to 35lb footballs…You want these, they´re 85 miles in one direction! It´s a long day, but for the guy dead set on Tuna, well Are U Up 4 it?

Pecositas Panga, Capt. Torta and First Mate Fleco, Tres Maria Islands

Marietta Islands hav e improved a bit, warmer currents have attracted some Dorado to the reefs, but don´t get too excited, only a few have been coming in…. Rooster fish are still around the reefs, but get them to take a bait and  you´ll be superman….  Snappers are picking up and should continue to do so. We also boated another Milk fish the other day. We always have Milk fish, but they almost never come up to take bait, but when they do, look out!

Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals are still the main players in the bay. Snappers by the rocks and there is always the chance of Snook or Robalo in Spanish near the river mouths.

Corbeteña is still being neglected and I more than understand. If you are on a Safari looking for what ever you can get, you money would be better spent for the same time to the Marietta Islands. Yet there is the possibility of Yellowfin to 200 lbs, Striped Marlin to 300 lbs, Cubera Snappers off the Rock in the structure…. Even some Dorado if you find a warmer current which is where the Marlin and Tuna will be. We´ve seen Marlin, but not may. Tough call, but for my money I would head out to the Tres Maria´s if you positively have to have a  YF Tuna amigo….

We´re seeing warmer currents, the dirty water is turning into a thing of the past. It looks like conditions are improving… Stay tuned!

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