Jan. 4, Rooster Fish Explode at the Marietta Islands as They Finally Take Bait!

For the last few days, I should say weeks we have had all sorts of great game fish all over the bay and  the islands but getting them to take a bait was impossible. Its not hard to imagine that with the amount of ¨Whale Food¨ in the water, which happens to be these thumb nail sized Sardines which they are loving to death right now….

I can´t exactly say that this has all changed, but I will say the Rooster fish that have been giving us fits for the last couple of weeks are FINALLY TAKING BAITS! Pictured below are pictures of just some of the fish boated today around and outside of the Marietta Islands, an eight hour trip. Roosters in the 45  to 60lb  range, Snappers int he 30 lb range, Pompano in the 15 lb range and there were even Sailfish. But don´t get excited they also ignored the baits presented to them as well….. so not everyt hing has changed amgios.

Surprisingly there are 100 lb Yellowfin Tuna now in the Yelapa area, Sailfish all over the place as well… won´t take a bait for love or money. If you want to go there and experience the daily frustration, then have a good time. T his is so strange that I have never seen Yellowfin this large in the bay. So it looks like with a little luck things could be loosening up at least a little.

Yesterday there were strange warm winds and to me it said there was literally change in the air. Warm currents from who knows where have found the Marietta and El Morro islands. It has to be coming from Hawaii because anything comind down from the north is cold, cold, cooooold! Now I can´t tell you why t oday was different  from the previous days but I do know this, if you are in PV and you want to boat some nice sized, fierce Gamefish, now would be a good time to dip into the piggy bank or your wifes wallet and grab that untouched credit limit… Just remember I am a two time divorcee and I may not be the best person for adive when it comes to the fair sex. So when you tell your wife  ¨But Stan Said it  OK  to do this¨ remember this. It´s always cheaper to keep her! Believe me…

With a favorable moon faze and sunny warm days I expect things will be getting a little better. Winter fishing is here so take advantage of this ¨Indian Summer¨ for now…..

Take care and Stay tuned….






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