Roosters are Biting Mid Day, Crowds Hit The Mariettas, Tempers Flare….

Roosters are Biting Mid Day, Crowds Hit The Mariettas, Tempers Flare….

By Stan Gabruk

We´ve had Rooster Fish, Sailfish and even  Yellowfin Tuna all over the place for weeks now, the issue has been getting these fish to pay attention to your bait. Of course with the hugely abundant bait  in the bay, there is no reason for them to pay attention to what you have to offer !  The bait balls are still out there, but for some reason around mid day the Rooster fish have been coming up and taking what ever is thrown in front of them. This is good news, the bad news is there are so many boats in the same exact area that of course this is driving down the fish. Basically  like normal too many boats drives the fish down and away. It doesn´t help that when there is a hook-up boats come at you like Missles looking to hook into the boil and get clients fish. So this also means people, I should say low rent captains are ultimately getting between you and your fish…. and of course this causes lost fish, cut lines (the worst) and people looking for the ass that has so little respect for their fellow anglers that on the docks it is no surprise people are looking for these captains!

Roger Collard and my friend Sammy wanted th eir pictures taken in front of the shop, Nice 45lb Roosters on Guanatuna II at El Morro

Having Said that,  Guanatuna II our 28ft Super Panga with Capt. Juan Boated seven Rooster fish 45 lbs or so, several Snappers, Bonito and Sierra Mackerals just off El Morro Islands. El Morro is a favorite hang out for Roosters but not all the time. When you can catch it right you got some arm burning action you won´t forget …..

Snappers, Bonito, Mackerals, Barracuda, Pompano, there are plenty of fish to choose from….  Roosters seem to be coming up around Noon so keep this in mind when heading out….

Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish are still hanging out at Yelapa, the bad news is you will just go crazy when they ignore your bait.

Here´s the deal in the bay, Whales chase fish away, those looking to fish and see whales, it can happen, probably won´t. Whales are eating their butts off out there on these tiny Sardines every thing species wise if also feeding on. Fish see whales in the area, they have a tendency to get this silly thought that they may be lunch if they hang around. So whales and fishing are kinda like oil and vinegar. They can mix, but they will seperate shortly….. Same goes for Manta Rays, they just scare fish.

I have not heard a report from Punta Mita, there may well be Dorado, Sails and Roosters in the area as would be normal for this time of the  year off the point.. Now Dorado is a little iffy, but there you are….

For the last couple of days at the Islands there have been so many boats in the area it has been chasing the fish down as you would expect, I already mentioned this. But it´s the bone head captains on the boats around you that are causing the fishing problems.  They are basically chasing their tails and the birds. Bait ball come to the surface, Birds show up, then it´s like a race to get to the boil before the other guy… Then when they all get there, if there is a Hook-Up, the next thing you know you have a panga between you and your fish.. NOT COOL BUCKWHEAT! My clients lost two Roosters because of this today!  Now imagine you paid a thousand dollars and some bone head captain does the same thing. This is what flaring tempers are all about, getting your ass kicked by some guy who figures you owe him a thousand dollars for choping his line when he had his bucket list fish … I have heard of people getting shot for things like this. Now if you´re near El Morro, hang in one location, watch the ¨chasers¨ chase as you wait for the fish to come up… do some jigging and be patient, it will pay off …..

Well that was today… Yesterday was the same… We´ll see about tomorrow… Thanks for reading!

More to come so Stay Tuned…. Remember my weeky fishing report, just updated, is on my web site now… … this is for the daily stuff and what ever else would be appropriate.


Master Baiter´s….


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