Fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has gotten Strange and Almost Unbelievable.

Hello everyone… Fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has gotten to the strange and almost unbelievable.

First, blue, blue water, bluer than at El Banco or  Corbeteña has moved into the Bay of Banderas.  We have seen Yellowfin Tuna for the last few weeks that are very large in front of Yelapa but you´d be hard pressed to get them to take a bait. Then BAM, Dorado move into the area, that´s right amigos they are in the bay, at the points of Punta Mita, Just before you hit Cabo Corrientes. The Marietta Islands have added Dorado to the list as well.   The surprise here is the simple fact that the water is much colder than they like, but there is bait in the bay and while the water is cool, not cold, Dorado can be boated off Los Arcos! I mean I have never seen this before in mid January to have Dorado on our door step.

Dorado on Guanatuna II at The Marietta Islands

Sailfish, yes Sailfish are now taking bait as well and are in the Marietta Island and El Morro Area. There was even a Sailfish hook-up on Guanatuna II yesterday, but Capt. Juan and the boys lost it because nobody expected to have a hundred pound fish on light line!  The Bait  is still plentiful, so if you know what is going on,  tell me please.

At El Banco, we have been waiting for Yellowfin All summer long to turn up, disappointing summer at The Bank for sure.   Then all of a sudden El Banco lights up like a Christmas Tree with Yellowfin From 60 to 160 lbs! Now this does not happen in January at El Banco, at the Tres Maria Islands, yes but not El Banco (The Bank in English). Finding YF Tuna on the way to those islands was a blessing from the fish gods and made these Fishin Safari guys happy if for nothing else, shortening the day and coming in with Yellowfin anyway!

Rooster Fish, Capt Cesar on Magnifico on his ¨day off¨

No word on Corbeteña, but if the Bank is hitting then Corbeteña is  never far behind.

Rooster fish, Snappers to 35 lbs, Dorado, Sailfish, Pompano, and the list goes on for an 8 hour trip to the islands or the points. The Bonito, Arctic Bonito I sh ould say have gotten larger in size to anywhere from 10 lbs to 35 lbs, many times these are also referred to as Skip Jack Tuna and are great tasting just like Yellowfin Tuna….

For the guy looking for Summer fishing in January, if you hurry you have a shot at the improbable for a  short time. Si tuat ions or  conditions like this a re never long lived. If we get three days of t his sort of thing we´re lucky. It has been two days now and today so we may see this change again shortly if not already.

Snappers, Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals, Rooster fish, it´s all out there!

For  more information you can check out my web page for the latest fishing report (  Wit h more fish and more options the crowded conditions at the Marietta Islands should spread them all out again. Nothing worse than having a boat cross you line as other boats try to invade your bait ball. Happens all the time and it is not cool for sure! For guys like me, I see my lures, hooks and fluorocarbon leaders wasted which cost me money because some guy is rude and does not care that I had my favorite lucky lure in this fishs mouth… This is the stuff that causes dock fights and hard feelings. So if this is you, don´t do that!

You name it, Jeff McGuire caught it..

Why is this happening, well who knows. Cold water currents from up north have done some strange moves. The Jet stream is pushing warm currents to the west coast of the Americas. Basically these currents have to be coming from Hawaii, there is no o ther explanation amigos. But nwhat ever the answer is, the fishing has improved dramatically and is well worth your  time. The days are sunny and warm, the evenings have a bit of a chill in the air for me, but visitors th ink I am nuts for wearing a jacket! I guess I have been here in PV for too many years and my blood is as thin as water.

Well that is it for now…  Take Care….


Master Baiter´s

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