Deep Water Locations Disappointing, Marietta Islands Explode with Rooster Fish, Dirty Water

Deep Water Locations Disappointing, Marietta Islands Explode with Rooster Fish, Dirty Water

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

It has been another week that will have you talking to yourself about the fishing.  With the really strange weather and water conditions we´ve had all year this should not be surprising. As is normal in transition times like now, here in Puerto Vallarta we have seen water conditions take a turn for the worse as dirty brown water has infiltrated all of the fishing grounds short of the Tres Maria Islands. Water Temperatures are about where they should be between 72 and 74 degrees presently. But it´s not all doom and gloom when it comes to the Marietta Islands with Rooster Fish on the large side and Sea Bass in Nuevo Vallarta by the river mouth. So if you´re looking for Moby Dick you´ll need to head to the Tres Maria Islands for now.

Capt. Tory of Guanatuna II at the Tres Maria Islands.

For those looking for Yellowfin Tuna in the dead of winter, you´ll need to head out to the Tres Maria Islands where you may find some clean and clear water. You have Yellowfin Tuna running from 60 to 180 lbs. This is the only place for now you´ll find any Yellowfin at all. Google eyes are still working best, lures are also working well but the color is hard to call, start with the green and purple colors and work your way through what you have. Just remember to respect the twelve mile limit and you won´t have any problems with the authorities. Remember the Tres Maria Islands are a biosphere, which means they are more heavily protected areas than game reserves ( The local authorities have warned those entering this area for several months now and have started to confiscate boats, people and equipment.  Now nobody has been burned to the point of being kept on the islands for more than 24 hours, but their fishing tackle and equipment stayed on the island. One way I guess people will learn a lesson and at the same time make it hard to fish the following days. So don´t be stupid no matter what you are hearing you are risking more than you know.

Corbeteña and El Banco are dirty as well and the only thing taking bait there are Jack Crevalls and that is about it. Animal House did find some 60 lb Yellowfin Tuna in some of that dirty water at El Banco, but this is not the norm for the others fishing in this area. Great Captains like Capt. Luis will always find a way while others, well they`re making excuses!  For now there are other areas, closer in and cheaper with better fishing unless you´re willing to take a chance.Four Guys, $300 Bucks Each, You´re At The Tres Maria Islands

This brings us back to the Marietta Islands and El Morro, when it comes to winter fishing this area is our power house for sure. Rooster Fish (30 to 50lbs) have exploded again as the water temperatures get more frigid for some reason. Snappers to 30 lbs, Pompano in the same size range, Skip Jacks, Bonito and all the regular players are still there to be found. If you´re heading out fishing, an eight hour trip is your best value for now. Poppers, diamnd jigs, Rapalas are still working and are basic when it comes to lures.

You never hear me talk about Sea Bass in PV much, but they have always been here in the bay. They prefer cold water which means they are normally in the deeper holes enjoying the cooler waters. But right now in front of Nuevo Vallarta in front of the river mouth you will find some 15 to 30 lb Sea Bass in the deeper areas so put those new electronics to good use.

All and all the fishing could be better this week, but you take the good with the bad when you´re in this business. It´s always good to know that when things do go down, it is never long before things pick up again. So keep an ear open and feel free to check with me about the  latest and  greatest. As always, I won´t Jerk You Around!

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Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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