Dorado at Corbeteña and Punta Mita, Sailfish and Striped Marlin, Fishing Season Begins Now

Dorado at Corbeteña and Punta Mita, Sailfish and Striped Marlin, Fishing Season Begins Now

Written by Stan Gabruk


Come this time of the year as we spring forward into fishing season we hopefully begin to see Sailfish and with any luck at all by mid April we´ll have Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi). For the last couple of years Dorado took their time finding Puerto Vallarta (PV) and did not show up until mid July. We are now coming out of what was a second La Nina year in a row. So we´re just happy to have these gold and Sapphire Colored Blue Plate Specials swimming in our World Famous Fishing Grounds. The other good news on the agenda is how Sailfish have shown up again in the Golden Triangle. This is the area between El Morro, Corbeteña and El Banco. Along with the Sailfish there have been some Striped Marlin released as well. It may be a little early in the season to talk of any frenzies, but we are happy that Dorado is showing early. High Season for fishing begins now and there is no turning back until next January.

For the last couple of weeks we have had to deal with dirty green water which of course fish are not fond of and of course means they won´t take a bait. One reason is they may not see it, the other is this water leaves a bad taste in their mouth for sure. That was last week, today we still have some green water, but it´s¨ the clean green¨ as my crew call it. The fish seem to be ok with. By that I mean fish will see and take baits in this emerald water. So it looks like the currents have pushed out the bad stuff and we can focus on the fish and not the conditions so much. We may see more dirty water in the season as is normal, but for now it ¨feels´ like we´re going to move into summer earlier than I expected and  with open arms!

Snappers everywhere at the Marietta Island

If you have been fishing in the bay and wondering what the deal is, well the bay has been less than exciting. You´ll only find very small fish and not many of those. You may have some luck off Yelapa or Cabo Corrientes but for the most part anything under eight hour trips is lacking. This should change in the coming weeks as water temperatures are raising with the warm days we´ve been having. Everything will slowly change from this point forward. Just remember during summer the bigger species are farther out so most of the attention is focused outside the bay.  We will see smaller Dorado and a host of other fish in the bay but this will take a little longer than what shows up farther out.

For now the Marietta Islands is still the place for shorter day trips, at 28miles out it´s not exactly a short trip. Those with the inclination and fuel dollars will find there are still Rooster Fish some days  are thick but fickle. Jack Cravalls, Snapper are large in the 40lb range, Sierra Mackerals, Blue/Green Runners are still hanging. The numbers of fish are diminishing but they are still there to be had amigos so hit it now if you can. UpDate:  The reason they have not been taking baits the last few days is they are gorging themselves on Squids of Red and Brown. So mimic these colors and use a daisy chain if you want any fish amigo….

More Snappers and Roosters than you can imagine

The area just a few miles south of the Marietta Islands has seen Sailfish swimming on the surface, jumping and lounging in the sun. They´ll do this and if you toss baits at them, they may just ignore them. This will drive you nuts!  Right now one out of three may take bait, so it will be work for sure, but is it really work? Striped Marlin are also hanging out in the area so if you´re heading to Corbeteña you may want to troll to the rock from El Morro. For now the bite is happening with the Sailfish around 1:00 PM. So plan your day accordingly like I plan our fishing trips.

The area around Corbeteña is alive with action once more. For the most part these are Dorado in the 30 lb range and the numbers have been decent. So go for it, they taste great and are taking lures and Google eyes in the ¨clean green¨. We should see Sailfish and Striped Marlin in this area as well so be ready for some serious strikes.

El Banco is still void of any real action. You may find some Dorado there as is likely, but the reports coming in from this are disappointing at best. For now your fuel dollar is better spent elsewhere. I expect El Banco to be better than it has been the last three crazy years and with just a smidge of luck the dominate  current north will sweep down hopefully  and put El Banco in the middle of it, cross your fingers. This will mean closer-in Yellowfin Tuna. Why hit the Tres Maria Islands if you can find the same thing closer to home base?

Punta Mita Point and the Sayulita reef of Anclote have seen Rooster fish in the 25 to 40 lb range the past few days so we will keep an eye on this area. With Spring in the air Rooster fish can  all of a sudden stop taking baits as they swim in ¨sea of love¨. Mating season always screws up the fishing. You´ll have to roll the dice on the Roosters. Things can change in a few minutes so keep your ears on. The water temperatures are still on the cold side of 74 degrees, but it looks to be warm enough now for summer species to start moving in. This is good news amigo so be happy.

The Tres Maria Islands this past week was a mixed bag. The southern island Juanita was jammed full of 60 to 80 lb Yellowfin Tuna for the most part. But there were reports from the same day of the main prison island being empty of Yellowfin. One thing for sure, fish move so you never know where they will be when bait moves in. As a reminder this is a prison island and biosphere reserve so respect the twelve mile limit off the islands and you´ll have no problems being there!

Bait is available, but not abundant at the fishing grounds so make bait when you can amigos. You can still purchase bait from the boats by the fuel dock in the morning. Bonito and Google eyes for now are working as well as anything else so have your bag of tricks handy and some bait, anything can happen from this point forward.

That´s a big Rooster Fish off the Marietta Islands

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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