Goliath Bloody Decks afraid of Little Ol Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle??

Goliath Bloody Decks afraid of Little Ol Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle??

Written by Stan Gabruk (check out my profile)

Long ago in a place called Puerto Vallarta the fishing industry was wide open. Fish like you could only imagine at El Banco and Corbeteña. Puerto Vallarta was a small fishing town that Mexican nationals held close to their hearts. PV was best kept fishing secret in Mexico for a long, long time.  Then came the tourist, the city grew, time share hotels exploded and like the song goes, ¨Jesus¨ people bought them. From the 90´s on to mid 2000 PV was on a roll.  It wasn´t long before those purchasing these  Time Shares sent their friends down and then  even more Time Shares sold. It just snow balled and it brought more and more people to our little corner of paradise. Things were getting better daily for the local economy and especially for the fishing industry.

About this same time Master Baiter´s won the WBS Billfishing Series Championship two times, 2001 and 2002 for best boat, Angler and Captain. Nobody but nobody can come close to any achievement like that in Puerto Vallarta, Especially the biggest and baddest big mouths on Bloody Decks…  We were on a roll for sure, money coming in the door, all of our boats booked daily and the overflow went to the local boats that offered a fair price for a superior service (many of those who are now on Bloody Decks talking crap). Master Baiters was Fishing in Puerto Vallarta and frankly still is even with the challenges I / we have been faced with.

There was this Canadian Guy name Josh Temple who came to town with his 28 ft Grady White and a kite. Every Mexican National, even many he now calls friends, talked about him like he had a tail. Josh´s boat was docked in front of our Shop in Marina Vallarta and in the early days before he got charters we fed Josh some work from out over flow. Josh came in with fish all the while having the Mexican Nationals just flapping their jaws about this Gringo with this kite and who does he think he is bring this ¨New¨ fishing stuff into the picture. They started to stop the chatter when they would find Josh come in with several Yellowfin Tuna over 200lbs when they were coming in with Butkis!  The next thing you knew everyone of these wagging tongues were walking into my tackle shop looking for kites and of course I sold them to these guys. But boy was it fun rubbing salt into the Josh Wounds he left these guys with. Josh went on to become a writer on a Site that was basically a free bulletin board format anyone can still find for free on the web. You could do the same thing if you had a mind to. The site was Bloody Decks and a particular click got together and just generated mindless chatter about fishing and other things that wallowed in the crude and rude as everyone on the site was blowing smoke up each other back sides…. It was basically twelve or so that enjoyed being part of this click. But the click believed they had turned into the Puerto Vallarta Fishing gods. I had no issue with the site, it brought business to Vallarta and as we all know, all boats rise with an incoming tide. The now monstrous site was then just a few guys. This guy named Ali who is the business side and Jason who is the web site half of the equation. These two guys got with Josh Temple and began the site.  Josh wrote for the site and was the ONLY person allowed to post articles and have a library of past articles for people to review. Everyone else was delegated to the bulletin board. But it worked for the click since most of them had no money to advertise let alone put fuel in their boats or afford a private charter. So they all blew smoke up each other getting the generic rankings up to where they had to be for the net….

Master Baiter´s has had it´s share of unfortunate things. In 2004 the founder of Master Baiter´s, My brother John Gabruk had a couple of problems. Being a long standing addict, he got back on the shit and went through a nasty, nasty divorce at the same time that ultimately drew me into the middle of this mess. As I tried to save the company john was sucking money out of the company as fast as it came in. Boats broke down, no  money to fix  them, and then  John in a drug induced haze decides  to close the operation down, and unfortunately there were several people who ultimately came to PV only to find the shop closed and no way to connect with anyone. These were stressful times and the Mexican Legal System as corrupt as it is was abused to the max by my brothers now ex wife. The things that happened during this time are the things books are written about. Bloody Decks in an effort to show how they were the area authority posted everything they could to slander Master Baiter´s. Essentially there had been a self inflicted blow to Master Baiter´s where for all practical purposes the company had self destructed. Eight years later the site is still harping on these unfortunate things we have recovered from. There is nothing they can say along these lines since 2004 no matter how much they flap their gums.

After pouring my money into Master Baiter´s, the company was willingly put in my name, Stan Gabruk for credit issues and the management of the company. Many on the Bloody Decks site will tell you I stole the company, but again this is what they do….Now years later I was able to salvage the name, and rebuild the reputation in a down economy in a country the press is telling would be visitors that they will die if they visit Mexico.

Enter 2012 and Master Baiter´s is still a threat to Bloody Decks, why? You Tell me. I do know this, the site has turned into a monster web site, it has professional writers from publications such as Saltwater Magazine, which by the way Josh Writes for now after being banned by Bloody Decks like I have been… Good for you Josh, keep it up!  But for some reason eight years after the company issues where anyone with proof of a loss of money came forward was returned their money or put on a charter for no cost they persist in their comments. Today Ali, the guy who owns this site STILL is focused in an obsessive way on Master Baiter´s. And in fact seem to only talk about Master Baiter´s and nobody else…again, why?? No kidding, Master Baiter´s while being the only real fishing company in PV is s small operation with the same financial issues every tourist business has in Mexico. Yet Ali and his twelve Bloody Decks Taliban Friends now have 16 (sixteen) pages on their forums about me and my company. For the most part it is mindless dribble on stupid stuff like me being at the Fred Hall Fishing show in Long Beach and how I did not sell as many t-shirts as I would like…like that was some secret. But sixteen pages of dribble by the owner of the site (Ali) about a small company in  Pv … what is the deal here and why is Goliath still obsessed with stepping on a small guy like Master Baiter´s? I mean does any of this make any sense?

So I am constantly surprised of the attention they shower on me for no real reason. I have been attacked by the BD Taliban, people like this Drew guy for embezzling client’s money and other slanderous comments about my company. I informed them of this and their solution was to kill my ability to address the crap they post about me! NOW this guy Drew has had his boat repossessed for lack of payments and I am still in business. Bloody Decks and the Taliban attack my site, attack my character and put everything like the Fred hall show under a microscope and endlessly talk about Master Baiter´s.

This article will create a stir with the BD Taliban and they will send my site ratings up as they continue to tell people how I am the anti-Christ of fishing in PV. I discussed the site with people in the industry, people that have sites, who write articles for Magazines and publications. Almost everyone of them to a man stay away from the site when looking for information on fishing in PV.

So the question remains, why does Bloody Decks have such a stiffie for Master Baiter´s.

Me, I WILL take as much attention for MY company as we can get. The more they talk about me the more you should wonder why I am a threat to them in any way. But of course now this boat Maximus is heading out to fishing grounds that are game reserves in the order of a Biosphere where they are catching huge Yellowfin Tuna in the middle of winter. As these people booking this boat are uninformed of this fact and are having their well being and safety put at risk in the name of profits to this boat. So now Bloody decks is finding many of those in  PV that used them as a promotional tool are losing business to the boat this Ali guy has put together. Sooner or later this will be an issue for Anglers thinking they are in a safe operation. When there is a serious issue and this all makes the news in America how Vacationing Fisherman are being held on a prison island for fishing in this are illegally, I WONDER how they will spin this into a Master Baiter´s issue.

So where is this all heading, me I don´t care, they are not much of a marketing tool for me or anyone who used to use them. Now you have to have a paid ad to be able to post anything even on the forum now. It appears that Bloody Decks has abandoned even those who put them in the position they are in industry wise. You would think that Ali would be focusing on more productive things than trying to squash anyone who may have a different opinion or outlook on things. Master Baiter´s will continue to build it´s base with the challenges put before us. We are still the only company that will stand up for our captains and crews with a guarantee on any charter over 8 hours on our company boats. Even the mighty Maximus won´t step up to that plate. So there you go Bloody Decks, Step up or Shut up!

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is located in Marina Vallarta on the Boardwalk in front of Dock D. Facing the water turn to your right and we´re down four doors or so from Las Palomas the Restaurant. Come by and say hello!  Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask at my email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Web page:  http://www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

The trade name Master Baiter’s ® Sportfishing and Tackle is protected under trade mark law and is the sole property of Stan Gabruk.


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