Seasonal Transitions Continue, Snappers and Roosters Still at Marietta Islands, Billfish Move In!

Seasonal Transitions Continue, Snappers and Roosters Still at Marietta Islands, Billfish Move In!

Written by Stan Gabruk

Every year we see the changing of the seasons around this time, we see the fish leave and then we wait. This is pretty much where we are now in Puerto Vallarta´s World famous Fishing grounds. In a nut shell this is your fishing report for this week. The water is still this clear green and the fishing has not improved to any noticeable degree.  With tourism slowing down as it normally does after the Easter Holidays there are few boats at best heading out. Making a call as to where to go, what is biting and  what time the bite is happening is almost impossible to predict. Welcome to spring fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.

I would assume that by now you have figured out that things are less than perfect at our World Famous Fishing grounds as we try to put the best face on what is happening as possible. One positive thing we can talk about these past few days…. There has been some spectacular news from the Socorro Islands fishery in ¨the lower buffer zone¨, what ever that is… a Gigantic Yellowfin Bull Tuna was boated at  427.9 lbs on the boat Journeyman . Mr. Robert Pedigru (I was informed this is the correct spelling of his name)  landed the Monster at the Socorro islands over 250 miles west-ish from Puerto Vallarta. It could have been a world record, but the pole was handed off and the reel was spooled with 130 lb braided line  so it´s sad to say this fish doesn´t qualify for an IGFA certification as a record.

Monster Yellowfin Tuna boated at Soccoro Islands

Once again this week, like the past few weeks if there are any fish to be had this is one of the few areas where you´ll find them. With the Tres Maria Islands being so far away and expensive this option for most people is not reasonable.  The Marietta Islands and points north of San Pancho have Sailfish and Dorado but this is by no means a hot spots for fish. UpDate: Ok, so now there are Sailfish in larger numbers just outside the islands and south near El Morro. Time to hit it. This is why you subscribe to this blog amigo… this is real time stuff….

With the water temperatures lingering just a little above cold this is not helping the fishing conditions. With cool air in the mornings we know that we can expect have cold water for a little longer since weather patterns always follow water temperatures. Still this may be frustrating but it is not unusual. Around this time of the year we all watch the calendar waiting for warm days and with it warm water temperatures. Hopefully as we enter the month of May, we will see the Dorado move back in.  Update: Dorado are moving in, not quite in the bay as yet, but should be close to the Marietta islands if the fish Gods smile on  us.

The Tres Maria Islands right now are still seeing Rooster Fish, but not in big numbers. There are also more Snappers here as well running 25 to35 lbs, but again they are not in abundant numbers. With Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Pompano, and more fish are there to be had, but only if they feel like taking your bait. Don´t be discouraged if you come in with only a few fish, for now it´s a challenge that hopefully you´re up for! Remember the Tres Maria Islands is a protected area (  with a twelve mile restriction is also a prison island so keep your distance.

El Banco and Corbeteña are both the same as last week and for the same reasons I would suggest staying away until there is news of improvements. Jack Cravalls and with some luck you will find Dorado in these area, but don´t hold your breath. For now your fuel dollar would be better spent else where. UPDATE: Like a lightening bolt, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado have moved into the area. Those who are lucky enough to be in  Marina Vallarta and a few bucks in  his pocket will find fantasy conditions. Stable fishing prices, Stable room prices, Cheap airfares, deals everywhere and you can  have the place when it´s uncrowded. El Banco is seeing some nice mid range Dorado and Striped Marlin. We had seen no striped Marlin at all and this is the time of year we should see them moving out. Not a bad thing, just taking a measurement for days to come. Warmer currents are hopefully moving in, knock on wood. Bait is not exactly plentiful, but enough to get them to the deep water locations…. stay tuned…I am  also hearing rumors of 140lb yellowfin at El Banco. Stand by…

Sailfish off the Marietta islands on Marlin our new 38ft Luhrs Express

North near Guyavitos there are still Sailfish and Dorado. Like last week the number of boats heading out is low at best and very few reports from this area. But the water is normally on the warm side here and this area gives you your best opportunity to catch some arm burning action. Update. Sailfish are moving in as well with possible six packs where six sails at a time will travel like horses pulling charriots, they just like to do this….

Punta Mita is quiet with an outside chance at some small Dorado, but not much of one. Again this area can explode one day and the next it will be dead. Again, wait for signs of life before scheduling a fishing trip, but whatever you do don´t let the wife know you have extra fuel money or you know where it will wind up going! Update: No word on Punta Mita, but a boat found a loose buey the  other day and found forty pound Dorado making camp. 35 hook-ups in one hour! Hopefully this is a sign from the heavens, for a few days anyway until I can  get out!

As we inch towards summer things will be changing where water temperatures will be raising and the warm water species will be moving in again.  This of course is all depends on the water warming up and bait moving in. As evident with all my updates anything can happen in a heart beat and just changed for the positive.

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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