Quickie Report: Sailfish, Dorado, Striped Marlin Move In, El Banco Comes To Life

Hey Everyone…Just a quickie here….

Things have changed quickly from just a couple of days ago.

I was hating to publish the same articles every week about the same bad conditions, but things are  finally coming full circle with Sailfish, Dorado and Striped Marlin at El Banco, Corbeteña and the Marietta islands. Sorry, no Dorado at the Marietta Islands, maybe tomorrow….  But those hitting the deep water locations will be assured fish. And that is saying a mouth full after waiting for something positive at the fishing grounds to happen. In a nut shell, this is the report…Good  news,now get your butts out there…..

Live bait is the main reason, bait is moving in along with warmer currents which is all good news for Anglers looking to catch some fish on what is left of High Season.

Three Rooster fish, 1Pargo or Snapper and Two Sailfish… Not bad for a eight hour day…

Remember with all the bad news about Mexico in the press, tourism is down. Now we in PuertoVallarta know that the news services are pressing some wild stories which  should be in the National Enquirer. But you can use this to your advantage by taking advantage of  UNCROWED FISHING GROUNDS LIKE YOU MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN !  Hotel prices are down, air fares are down, the place is empty and the fishing this year promises to be spectacular.  The boats have dropped their prices as much as possible with four dollar a gallon fuel here in Mexico as well.

So for those of you in the area, time to break out some fuel dollars and head out to the Marietta Islands or Corbeteña. I expect that the Dorado will move into Punta Mita and the The Marietta islands this week.  Lets hope this condition continues…

In the mean time I just posted a full report on the web site, http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx where you can read the full details….

So much for your quickie…. Now where´s a cigarette when you need one…

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Stay tuned…..


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