Quickie Report: A Map Of Puerto Vallarta´s World Famous Fishing Grounds

Quickie Report: A Map Of Puerto Vallarta´s World Famous Fishing Grounds

Written by Sta Gabruk


Hey all… I suddenly realized that most of my readers know we have a bay here in Puerto Vallarta (PV), but they have no clue in comparison to Marina Vallarta, The Marietta Islands in the mouth of the bay…. Corbeteña, El Banco, Punta Mita,  Inside the bay and  of course the Tres Maria Islands. Now the Tres Maria Islands are not to scale since the islands would be off the map they are that far away….

Puerto Vallarta´s World Famous Fishing Grounds

Puerto Vallarta´s World Famous Fishing Grounds

Now you may just ask the Question: Stan, What´s Biting….?? Well we have some slight improvements every day. Last week we saw Football Tuna enter the bay chasing those peanut sized Sardines… With the funny large and close full moon we have been having we find they have not beeen taking bait. I wonder why…. But they will take an offering if you hit it early int he morning and then again around 3:30 in the afternoon….

Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster fish are moving in closer to the Marietta islands Daily and we had a few in the 35 lb size two days ago.  Snappers an some Jacks are still here, but not many.

Humidity is going through the roof, water temperatures are jumping up rapidly…. Corbeteña, El Banco, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin Moving in, Larger Dorado in the 40 lb range, Snappers 45 lbs and with some luck Wahoo…

May brings the fish, just when folks take off and go back home. Weather is warming rapidly, those with ¨thick blood¨ are finding it hot already….. Me, this is light weight stuff if you ask me.

Bait is moving into the area, guess what follows…. Besides you and me…hahahahaa…..

Take care and don´t forget  to kiss your fish amigos…YeHa!



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