Hurricane Bud Fizzles, Non Event in PV

Hurricane Bud, the second official Hurricane of the year for the East Pacific was threatening for a while there from a Puerto Vallarta Point of view….. Two days ago Hurricane Bud was a Cat. 2 with winds over 105 mph and gust to 125 mph and heading at Cabo Corrientes in all the computer models.

CNN was broadcasting Doom and Gloom for Puerto Vallarta, again…. Seems their track record sucks, but it fits with everything else they have to say about Mexico.

Chonchas Chinas got pelted with rain…. heard about some damage out that way.

Barra had BUD hit head on, but at a Reduced speed so they´re ok. Still a shot to the gut though…

Fishing in the bay is improving, Footballs (Skip Jack Tuna) moving in nicely now in front of the Marina outlet… Small Dorado in the bay as well. Plenty of rain the last few days insures floating logs and the small fish and a TRASH LINE….. they all love to hang out at.

Four hour trips are what the doctor is ordering….

Here´s a pic for your viewing pleasure….. Sat and Forecast from this  morning….

Hurricane Bud Fizzles,

Bud Forecast shows slight rain and wind,


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