PV Fishing High Season Arrives with Huge Dorado

                   PV Fishing High Season Arrives with Huge Dorado

 Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

09 26 2014 Shaun Fieldler, Magnifico, 8 hrs, 650 Pxls MBTEXT


Well it´s finally here, High Season for fishing here in Puerto Vallarta which coincides with October 1 which is the official beginning of High Season for tourism in PV as well. The summer is all but over, the kids are back to school, Tourism is picking up as you would expect and the fishing is incredible. Yellowfin Tuna have pulled back a little, less available these days, but the Black Marlin are filling the void. Dorado have moved in at all the fishing grounds and not any too soon. Water Temperatures are perfect, the water is as blue as you could ask for, when it comes to fishing in Vallarta, if you´re lucky enough to be here, then you´re in the right place at the right time amigo. Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is as good as it will get and if you´re a serious fisherman and this doesn´t excite you, then you´re dead!

Those looking for Yellowfin Tuna right now missed the boat from last week when they were circling the Rock and the High Spots. For now it looks like they´re ¨somewhere else¨ but they´ll be back. With bait thinning out in the area with Bonitos and Skippies at the deep water locations the larger fish will be in these areas. That is how the fishing cookie crumbles, but we´ll be ¨baking¨ more shortly… stay tuned.09 26 2014 Shaun Fieldler, Magnifico, Bay Dorado 8 hrs, 650 Pxls MBTxt

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