Summer Like Weather, Warm Currents, Wahoo at Corbeteña

Summer Like Weather, Warm Currents, Wahoo at Corbeteña

Written by Stan Gabruk

Summer time fishing conditions have made fishing a real dream at the Marietta Islands, Dorado running 25 to 35 lbs are still hanging in the warm currents. Water temperatures are still in the mid seventies with blue water conditions everywhere reachable in a day…. Snappers in the 30 lb range are more abundant daily. Rooster fish are still here, but for some reason have slowed down. You may come in empty handed if targeting Roosters, but the Jack Crevalls will more than make up for their absence. Skip Jack Tuna in the 30 lb range, Even Needle fish are taking baits in this cooler than normal water for this species.  Dorado

The full moon has been doing its job and the Yellowfin Tuna at Corbeteña and El Banco are taking baits, not a problem there, but their size seems to be diminishing by the day. For now Yellowfin Tuna are running in the 60 lb range, not in the 150 lb range like last week.  Again, It´s been a full moon the last few days and that of course means super early bites and late afternoon bite for YF Tuna. Not a bad thing unless you don´t want to get up early or your wife doesn´t want you out too late, those dinner reservations with friends are fish day killers! Wahoo have been in the area and are running 80 lbs. Most captains have not been running wire leaders and have essentially got lucky to hook-em perfectly. With razor teeth they can cut even wire leaders that are too thin. Dorado still in the warm currents, but smaller at 25 lbs. Striped Marlin in the 125 to 275 lb range, they do like cooler water and this is perfect conditions for them. Cubera Snappers Jigging in the 50 lb range and the list just goes on. Great fishing at Corbeteña and El Banco…07 07 2012 Corbetená, Andelé, Large YFTuna onDeck

The Marietta Islands are still producing like a fish machine, this will continue through the winter so get used to it. Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Needle fish, Dorado in the 25 lb range. Snappers to 25 lbs, Rooster fish are in and mostly out for now, but they chase bait so we´ll wait to see what happens… like we have a choice. Eight hours right now is a great value for the money. Mikes Fishing 8 hr fishing party for solo fisherman is your best value at $175.00 usd. We can fix you up, just let us know. But stay away from these super cheap pangas with no radio. Remember a boat with no radio is dangerous and a cell phone cannot call an S.O.S. if you´re sinking. Besides, you can´t hear the other captains for where to find fish! Don’t let a cheap boat risk what can´t be replaced! I mean really, what are they going to do call the wife to  send someone out to save you from  a sinking boat with no radio…please, but it happens every day.

Inside the bay it´s Sierra Mackeral city, running to 35 lbs you will see why these are favorites of light tackle and fly fishing types… Needle fish, also known as false Marlin are strong fighters and will attack a bait that grabs their fancy. Jack Crevalls everywhere and they have an attitude. Jack Crevalls are not fussy fish, they hit anything shinny that swims. So you don´t need much expensive gear, you just need to get out there amigo. Four hour trips in the bay are well worth it if looking for arm burning action for now. Oh, there are still Skippies at Yelapa to close to 40 lbs, but again you can´t do that from the arm chair.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Punta Mita is still showing signs of Sailfish, but they are moving farther north by the day to catch warm currents coming down from baja via Mazatlan. Rooster fish around the Anclote reef, but thinning as well as Sardines become sparse. With plenty of bait to be had like Bullet Bonita and Google Eyes are the primary players regarding bait fish.

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Fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has gotten Strange and Almost Unbelievable.

Hello everyone… Fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has gotten to the strange and almost unbelievable.

First, blue, blue water, bluer than at El Banco or  Corbeteña has moved into the Bay of Banderas.  We have seen Yellowfin Tuna for the last few weeks that are very large in front of Yelapa but you´d be hard pressed to get them to take a bait. Then BAM, Dorado move into the area, that´s right amigos they are in the bay, at the points of Punta Mita, Just before you hit Cabo Corrientes. The Marietta Islands have added Dorado to the list as well.   The surprise here is the simple fact that the water is much colder than they like, but there is bait in the bay and while the water is cool, not cold, Dorado can be boated off Los Arcos! I mean I have never seen this before in mid January to have Dorado on our door step.

Dorado on Guanatuna II at The Marietta Islands

Sailfish, yes Sailfish are now taking bait as well and are in the Marietta Island and El Morro Area. There was even a Sailfish hook-up on Guanatuna II yesterday, but Capt. Juan and the boys lost it because nobody expected to have a hundred pound fish on light line!  The Bait  is still plentiful, so if you know what is going on,  tell me please.

At El Banco, we have been waiting for Yellowfin All summer long to turn up, disappointing summer at The Bank for sure.   Then all of a sudden El Banco lights up like a Christmas Tree with Yellowfin From 60 to 160 lbs! Now this does not happen in January at El Banco, at the Tres Maria Islands, yes but not El Banco (The Bank in English). Finding YF Tuna on the way to those islands was a blessing from the fish gods and made these Fishin Safari guys happy if for nothing else, shortening the day and coming in with Yellowfin anyway!

Rooster Fish, Capt Cesar on Magnifico on his ¨day off¨

No word on Corbeteña, but if the Bank is hitting then Corbeteña is  never far behind.

Rooster fish, Snappers to 35 lbs, Dorado, Sailfish, Pompano, and the list goes on for an 8 hour trip to the islands or the points. The Bonito, Arctic Bonito I sh ould say have gotten larger in size to anywhere from 10 lbs to 35 lbs, many times these are also referred to as Skip Jack Tuna and are great tasting just like Yellowfin Tuna….

For the guy looking for Summer fishing in January, if you hurry you have a shot at the improbable for a  short time. Si tuat ions or  conditions like this a re never long lived. If we get three days of t his sort of thing we´re lucky. It has been two days now and today so we may see this change again shortly if not already.

Snappers, Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerals, Rooster fish, it´s all out there!

For  more information you can check out my web page for the latest fishing report (  Wit h more fish and more options the crowded conditions at the Marietta Islands should spread them all out again. Nothing worse than having a boat cross you line as other boats try to invade your bait ball. Happens all the time and it is not cool for sure! For guys like me, I see my lures, hooks and fluorocarbon leaders wasted which cost me money because some guy is rude and does not care that I had my favorite lucky lure in this fishs mouth… This is the stuff that causes dock fights and hard feelings. So if this is you, don´t do that!

You name it, Jeff McGuire caught it..

Why is this happening, well who knows. Cold water currents from up north have done some strange moves. The Jet stream is pushing warm currents to the west coast of the Americas. Basically these currents have to be coming from Hawaii, there is no o ther explanation amigos. But nwhat ever the answer is, the fishing has improved dramatically and is well worth your  time. The days are sunny and warm, the evenings have a bit of a chill in the air for me, but visitors th ink I am nuts for wearing a jacket! I guess I have been here in PV for too many years and my blood is as thin as water.

Well that is it for now…  Take Care….


Master Baiter´s

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Unpredictable, Frustrating, Fluctuating Bite, It´s Nuts out there?

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Unpredictable, Frustrating, Fluctuating Bite, It´s Nuts out there?

Written by Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & T ackle


Hello Everyone…. Lately the fishing conditions have been less than desirable. We have seen red tide, dirty water the color of coffee with cream, cold water and just tons of these tiny, tiny Sardines by the billions! I mean these Sardinas as they are called in Mexico are the size of your thumb nail and they look like clouds in the water when you see them. Which you would think is a good thing and it is, that is unless you are targeting Rooster fish and they won´t pay attention to anything but these Sardinas. Rooster fish are all over the place but getting one to pay attention to your bait is the problem. It´s not that there have not been any Roosters caught, I am showing pictures of them with clients, it´s just that getting one is not easy. I have been monitoring the bite, of Roosters that is and have been seeing all sorts of strange behaviors. One day the bite is in the morning, the next day the bite doesn´t happen for Roosters until after four in the afternoon. Then there is the chance there may not be a bite at all. When you´re in the business I am in, clients want you to assure them they are going to catch fish. So when you tell them what the deal is, many don´t step up to the plate. If you´re the kind of person who under stands what the word means, and will have a great time on the water if you boat a fish or not, then you are the type I am writing this brief article for. For if you are going to blow a gasket with these conditions, then maybe you´d be better of golfing, losing your balls and not your mind!

Pat Wrenski on Magnifico, 8hrs, Marietta Islands

As we enter winter fishing we normally see Jack Crevalls in much larger numbers and this has not been the case. I should say until today that changed. Jacks are all over the Marietta Islands and off the inner point of Cabo Corrientes. They are hitting just about anything you put in front of them and for now that is good enough.

Sierra Mackerals have taken over the bay and are running on the small side, about two to ten pounds. They are everywhere and they are biting, good for younglings but let’s face it we don´t spend hundreds of dollars to catch something that doesn´t qualify as bait.

Corbeteña, just forget about it unless you´re a gluten for punishment and have more time and money than common sense. Still, there is about a 30% chance you´ll come in with a Striped Marlin, the Blue and Black marlin are long gone. With the arrival of Striped Marlin we all know that the Summer fishing has been pronounced DOA!

Today, most who went out came in with lots of Jack Crevalls. I mean the least I have seen today was eight. Magnifico with Pat Wrzenski who boated these  nice Jacks and released 13 more. So the action is picking up and the conditions seem to be improving for the moment… Stay tuned!

One thing that has changed, the dirty water off the point near El Faro or the Light House in English is the water is almost, not quite blue. Now this is a good thing, blue water = more fish, Bigger fish and a better possibility for more species.

Soon we´ll see more Snappers or Pargo in Spanish, Pompano, Amber Jacks and who knows what else…

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