Mexico Fishing Regulations, Fish on the Right Side of the Law

Mexico Fishing Regulations, Fish on the Right Side of the Law

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

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Hello everyone, every year I begin go get questions on what the fishing regulations are here in Mexico. It´s never been a secret, but they are different. Licenses are still required and this is a moving target. More on that later, but for now we´re going discuss what is considered legal in Mexico regarding what species, number of species and how the ¨point¨ system works…..

Ok, fishing is fishing and that means as a sportfisherman you are expected and required by Mexican law to use Fishing Poles, Hooks, Lures, Live or dead bait, you know the normal stuff. No explosive divices, no fancy indeas to boat fish in a non sportsman like manner. Simple stuff.

Fishing Licenses are required for any sportfisherman to fish legally within a fifty miles of the shore line. Outside the fifty miles radius form the shore line is not a worry, but remember most of the fishing you´ll be in the fifty mile 05 13 2014  Andy and Chris Gallen on Magnifico

There are basically nine species that are reserved for sports fisherman are four species of Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Tarpon fish, Rooster fish and Dolphin fish (aka Dorado or Mahi Mahi). Mexico Fishing Regulations 2

Fresh water fishing has a limit of five fish. Saltwater has a limit of ten fish per day with a species break down as follows:

* Not more than five fish or any one species

* Marlin / Sailfish / Swordfish / Shark have a limit of one (1) specimen per day per person.  Any catch  of these species are the equivalent of /to five or any other species.  So you get ONE of these listed species per day, per person.

* Tarpon / Dorado / Rooster Fish max limit is allowed is two (2) species per person, per day and is considered the equivalent of five of any other species. Doesn´t sound like much does it?

* Not Mentioned on this list is Yellowfin Tuna. Each YF Tuna is one point. 35lbs or 200 lbs,       each Yellowfin Tuna or Tuna in general is one ¨fish¨. The legal limit for YF Tuna as with any species is five fish per day, per licensed person.

* Surf Fishing, there is no mention of license requirements for ocean surf fishing, therefore you  must be protected surf fishing with a license.

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There are also severl other interesting point of information of employment, tourism dollars, etc in this picture … may be worth reading if interested…..

When it comes to obtaining Mexican Fishing Licenses you can go to this site and they have all the information necessary. I hear we can apply for a license to sell fishing licenses through my shop, but it´s a rumor and so far I have had some wild goose chases. So for now this is your best option to purchase fishing licenses in Mexico:

Ok, having said all that, I have only seen the navy enforce license requirements on the holidays and only twice in three years. So your chances of having someone check the boat for fishing licenses as almost nill. It´s a risk, I suggest purchasing fishing licenses, end of story.

It will take several days to get these fishing licenses, so don´t wait until the last minute, there is a process that is less than efficient. Licenses are date specific, but you can purchase for longer periods of time for just a few dollars more….

Good Luck and Keep safe and Legal….10 01 2007 Black Marlin Release