Quickie Report: Sailfish, Dorado, Striped Marlin Move In, El Banco Comes To Life

Hey Everyone…Just a quickie here….

Things have changed quickly from just a couple of days ago.

I was hating to publish the same articles every week about the same bad conditions, but things are  finally coming full circle with Sailfish, Dorado and Striped Marlin at El Banco, Corbeteña and the Marietta islands. Sorry, no Dorado at the Marietta Islands, maybe tomorrow….  But those hitting the deep water locations will be assured fish. And that is saying a mouth full after waiting for something positive at the fishing grounds to happen. In a nut shell, this is the report…Good  news,now get your butts out there…..

Live bait is the main reason, bait is moving in along with warmer currents which is all good news for Anglers looking to catch some fish on what is left of High Season.

Three Rooster fish, 1Pargo or Snapper and Two Sailfish… Not bad for a eight hour day…

Remember with all the bad news about Mexico in the press, tourism is down. Now we in PuertoVallarta know that the news services are pressing some wild stories which  should be in the National Enquirer. But you can use this to your advantage by taking advantage of  UNCROWED FISHING GROUNDS LIKE YOU MAY NEVER SEE AGAIN !  Hotel prices are down, air fares are down, the place is empty and the fishing this year promises to be spectacular.  The boats have dropped their prices as much as possible with four dollar a gallon fuel here in Mexico as well.

So for those of you in the area, time to break out some fuel dollars and head out to the Marietta Islands or Corbeteña. I expect that the Dorado will move into Punta Mita and the The Marietta islands this week.  Lets hope this condition continues…

In the mean time I just posted a full report on the web site, http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx where you can read the full details….

So much for your quickie…. Now where´s a cigarette when you need one…

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Stay tuned…..


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Seasonal Transitions Continue, Snappers and Roosters Still at Marietta Islands, Billfish Move In!

Seasonal Transitions Continue, Snappers and Roosters Still at Marietta Islands, Billfish Move In!

Written by Stan Gabruk

Every year we see the changing of the seasons around this time, we see the fish leave and then we wait. This is pretty much where we are now in Puerto Vallarta´s World famous Fishing grounds. In a nut shell this is your fishing report for this week. The water is still this clear green and the fishing has not improved to any noticeable degree.  With tourism slowing down as it normally does after the Easter Holidays there are few boats at best heading out. Making a call as to where to go, what is biting and  what time the bite is happening is almost impossible to predict. Welcome to spring fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.

I would assume that by now you have figured out that things are less than perfect at our World Famous Fishing grounds as we try to put the best face on what is happening as possible. One positive thing we can talk about these past few days…. There has been some spectacular news from the Socorro Islands fishery in ¨the lower buffer zone¨, what ever that is… a Gigantic Yellowfin Bull Tuna was boated at  427.9 lbs on the boat Journeyman . Mr. Robert Pedigru (I was informed this is the correct spelling of his name)  landed the Monster at the Socorro islands over 250 miles west-ish from Puerto Vallarta. It could have been a world record, but the pole was handed off and the reel was spooled with 130 lb braided line  so it´s sad to say this fish doesn´t qualify for an IGFA certification as a record.

Monster Yellowfin Tuna boated at Soccoro Islands

Once again this week, like the past few weeks if there are any fish to be had this is one of the few areas where you´ll find them. With the Tres Maria Islands being so far away and expensive this option for most people is not reasonable.  The Marietta Islands and points north of San Pancho have Sailfish and Dorado but this is by no means a hot spots for fish. UpDate: Ok, so now there are Sailfish in larger numbers just outside the islands and south near El Morro. Time to hit it. This is why you subscribe to this blog amigo… this is real time stuff….

With the water temperatures lingering just a little above cold this is not helping the fishing conditions. With cool air in the mornings we know that we can expect have cold water for a little longer since weather patterns always follow water temperatures. Still this may be frustrating but it is not unusual. Around this time of the year we all watch the calendar waiting for warm days and with it warm water temperatures. Hopefully as we enter the month of May, we will see the Dorado move back in.  Update: Dorado are moving in, not quite in the bay as yet, but should be close to the Marietta islands if the fish Gods smile on  us.

The Tres Maria Islands right now are still seeing Rooster Fish, but not in big numbers. There are also more Snappers here as well running 25 to35 lbs, but again they are not in abundant numbers. With Jack Crevalls, Bonito, Pompano, and more fish are there to be had, but only if they feel like taking your bait. Don´t be discouraged if you come in with only a few fish, for now it´s a challenge that hopefully you´re up for! Remember the Tres Maria Islands is a protected area (http://masterbaiters.com.mx/2012/03/tres-maria-islands-monster-yellowfin-tuna-and-the-unspoken-risk/)  with a twelve mile restriction is also a prison island so keep your distance.

El Banco and Corbeteña are both the same as last week and for the same reasons I would suggest staying away until there is news of improvements. Jack Cravalls and with some luck you will find Dorado in these area, but don´t hold your breath. For now your fuel dollar would be better spent else where. UPDATE: Like a lightening bolt, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado have moved into the area. Those who are lucky enough to be in  Marina Vallarta and a few bucks in  his pocket will find fantasy conditions. Stable fishing prices, Stable room prices, Cheap airfares, deals everywhere and you can  have the place when it´s uncrowded. El Banco is seeing some nice mid range Dorado and Striped Marlin. We had seen no striped Marlin at all and this is the time of year we should see them moving out. Not a bad thing, just taking a measurement for days to come. Warmer currents are hopefully moving in, knock on wood. Bait is not exactly plentiful, but enough to get them to the deep water locations…. stay tuned…I am  also hearing rumors of 140lb yellowfin at El Banco. Stand by…

Sailfish off the Marietta islands on Marlin our new 38ft Luhrs Express

North near Guyavitos there are still Sailfish and Dorado. Like last week the number of boats heading out is low at best and very few reports from this area. But the water is normally on the warm side here and this area gives you your best opportunity to catch some arm burning action. Update. Sailfish are moving in as well with possible six packs where six sails at a time will travel like horses pulling charriots, they just like to do this….

Punta Mita is quiet with an outside chance at some small Dorado, but not much of one. Again this area can explode one day and the next it will be dead. Again, wait for signs of life before scheduling a fishing trip, but whatever you do don´t let the wife know you have extra fuel money or you know where it will wind up going! Update: No word on Punta Mita, but a boat found a loose buey the  other day and found forty pound Dorado making camp. 35 hook-ups in one hour! Hopefully this is a sign from the heavens, for a few days anyway until I can  get out!

As we inch towards summer things will be changing where water temperatures will be raising and the warm water species will be moving in again.  This of course is all depends on the water warming up and bait moving in. As evident with all my updates anything can happen in a heart beat and just changed for the positive.

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is located in Marina Vallarta on the Boardwalk in front of Dock D. Facing the water turn to your right and we´re down four doors or so from Las Palomas the Restaurant. Come by and say hello!  Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask at my email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Web page:  http://www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

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Possible World Record at the Tres Maria Islands

Robert Pedigo landed this 427.9 lb Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands  eighty miles out of Marina Vallarta…

He  had an epic 9 day trip and  also landed 3 other fish over 300 lbs and 3 other on the high 200 lbs and he  lost 2 other big fish that were on the highs 300 lbs!!

These were caught at the Tres Maria Islands…. and should be a record ….. We`ll see if it´s IGFA approved…..

Big Yellowfin Tuna (427.9 lbs) off the Tres Maria Islands

Goliath Bloody Decks afraid of Little Ol Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle??

Goliath Bloody Decks afraid of Little Ol Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle??

Written by Stan Gabruk (check out my profile)

Long ago in a place called Puerto Vallarta the fishing industry was wide open. Fish like you could only imagine at El Banco and Corbeteña. Puerto Vallarta was a small fishing town that Mexican nationals held close to their hearts. PV was best kept fishing secret in Mexico for a long, long time.  Then came the tourist, the city grew, time share hotels exploded and like the song goes, ¨Jesus¨ people bought them. From the 90´s on to mid 2000 PV was on a roll.  It wasn´t long before those purchasing these  Time Shares sent their friends down and then  even more Time Shares sold. It just snow balled and it brought more and more people to our little corner of paradise. Things were getting better daily for the local economy and especially for the fishing industry.

About this same time Master Baiter´s won the WBS Billfishing Series Championship two times, 2001 and 2002 for best boat, Angler and Captain. Nobody but nobody can come close to any achievement like that in Puerto Vallarta, Especially the biggest and baddest big mouths on Bloody Decks…  We were on a roll for sure, money coming in the door, all of our boats booked daily and the overflow went to the local boats that offered a fair price for a superior service (many of those who are now on Bloody Decks talking crap). Master Baiters was Fishing in Puerto Vallarta and frankly still is even with the challenges I / we have been faced with.

There was this Canadian Guy name Josh Temple who came to town with his 28 ft Grady White and a kite. Every Mexican National, even many he now calls friends, talked about him like he had a tail. Josh´s boat was docked in front of our Shop in Marina Vallarta and in the early days before he got charters we fed Josh some work from out over flow. Josh came in with fish all the while having the Mexican Nationals just flapping their jaws about this Gringo with this kite and who does he think he is bring this ¨New¨ fishing stuff into the picture. They started to stop the chatter when they would find Josh come in with several Yellowfin Tuna over 200lbs when they were coming in with Butkis!  The next thing you knew everyone of these wagging tongues were walking into my tackle shop looking for kites and of course I sold them to these guys. But boy was it fun rubbing salt into the Josh Wounds he left these guys with. Josh went on to become a writer on a Site that was basically a free bulletin board format anyone can still find for free on the web. You could do the same thing if you had a mind to. The site was Bloody Decks and a particular click got together and just generated mindless chatter about fishing and other things that wallowed in the crude and rude as everyone on the site was blowing smoke up each other back sides…. It was basically twelve or so that enjoyed being part of this click. But the click believed they had turned into the Puerto Vallarta Fishing gods. I had no issue with the site, it brought business to Vallarta and as we all know, all boats rise with an incoming tide. The now monstrous site was then just a few guys. This guy named Ali who is the business side and Jason who is the web site half of the equation. These two guys got with Josh Temple and began the site.  Josh wrote for the site and was the ONLY person allowed to post articles and have a library of past articles for people to review. Everyone else was delegated to the bulletin board. But it worked for the click since most of them had no money to advertise let alone put fuel in their boats or afford a private charter. So they all blew smoke up each other getting the generic rankings up to where they had to be for the net….

Master Baiter´s has had it´s share of unfortunate things. In 2004 the founder of Master Baiter´s, My brother John Gabruk had a couple of problems. Being a long standing addict, he got back on the shit and went through a nasty, nasty divorce at the same time that ultimately drew me into the middle of this mess. As I tried to save the company john was sucking money out of the company as fast as it came in. Boats broke down, no  money to fix  them, and then  John in a drug induced haze decides  to close the operation down, and unfortunately there were several people who ultimately came to PV only to find the shop closed and no way to connect with anyone. These were stressful times and the Mexican Legal System as corrupt as it is was abused to the max by my brothers now ex wife. The things that happened during this time are the things books are written about. Bloody Decks in an effort to show how they were the area authority posted everything they could to slander Master Baiter´s. Essentially there had been a self inflicted blow to Master Baiter´s where for all practical purposes the company had self destructed. Eight years later the site is still harping on these unfortunate things we have recovered from. There is nothing they can say along these lines since 2004 no matter how much they flap their gums.

After pouring my money into Master Baiter´s, the company was willingly put in my name, Stan Gabruk for credit issues and the management of the company. Many on the Bloody Decks site will tell you I stole the company, but again this is what they do….Now years later I was able to salvage the name, and rebuild the reputation in a down economy in a country the press is telling would be visitors that they will die if they visit Mexico.

Enter 2012 and Master Baiter´s is still a threat to Bloody Decks, why? You Tell me. I do know this, the site has turned into a monster web site, it has professional writers from publications such as Saltwater Magazine, which by the way Josh Writes for now after being banned by Bloody Decks like I have been… Good for you Josh, keep it up!  But for some reason eight years after the company issues where anyone with proof of a loss of money came forward was returned their money or put on a charter for no cost they persist in their comments. Today Ali, the guy who owns this site STILL is focused in an obsessive way on Master Baiter´s. And in fact seem to only talk about Master Baiter´s and nobody else…again, why?? No kidding, Master Baiter´s while being the only real fishing company in PV is s small operation with the same financial issues every tourist business has in Mexico. Yet Ali and his twelve Bloody Decks Taliban Friends now have 16 (sixteen) pages on their forums about me and my company. For the most part it is mindless dribble on stupid stuff like me being at the Fred Hall Fishing show in Long Beach and how I did not sell as many t-shirts as I would like…like that was some secret. But sixteen pages of dribble by the owner of the site (Ali) about a small company in  Pv … what is the deal here and why is Goliath still obsessed with stepping on a small guy like Master Baiter´s? I mean does any of this make any sense?

So I am constantly surprised of the attention they shower on me for no real reason. I have been attacked by the BD Taliban, people like this Drew guy for embezzling client’s money and other slanderous comments about my company. I informed them of this and their solution was to kill my ability to address the crap they post about me! NOW this guy Drew has had his boat repossessed for lack of payments and I am still in business. Bloody Decks and the Taliban attack my site, attack my character and put everything like the Fred hall show under a microscope and endlessly talk about Master Baiter´s.

This article will create a stir with the BD Taliban and they will send my site ratings up as they continue to tell people how I am the anti-Christ of fishing in PV. I discussed the site with people in the industry, people that have sites, who write articles for Magazines and publications. Almost everyone of them to a man stay away from the site when looking for information on fishing in PV.

So the question remains, why does Bloody Decks have such a stiffie for Master Baiter´s.

Me, I WILL take as much attention for MY company as we can get. The more they talk about me the more you should wonder why I am a threat to them in any way. But of course now this boat Maximus is heading out to fishing grounds that are game reserves in the order of a Biosphere where they are catching huge Yellowfin Tuna in the middle of winter. As these people booking this boat are uninformed of this fact and are having their well being and safety put at risk in the name of profits to this boat. So now Bloody decks is finding many of those in  PV that used them as a promotional tool are losing business to the boat this Ali guy has put together. Sooner or later this will be an issue for Anglers thinking they are in a safe operation. When there is a serious issue and this all makes the news in America how Vacationing Fisherman are being held on a prison island for fishing in this are illegally, I WONDER how they will spin this into a Master Baiter´s issue.

So where is this all heading, me I don´t care, they are not much of a marketing tool for me or anyone who used to use them. Now you have to have a paid ad to be able to post anything even on the forum now. It appears that Bloody Decks has abandoned even those who put them in the position they are in industry wise. You would think that Ali would be focusing on more productive things than trying to squash anyone who may have a different opinion or outlook on things. Master Baiter´s will continue to build it´s base with the challenges put before us. We are still the only company that will stand up for our captains and crews with a guarantee on any charter over 8 hours on our company boats. Even the mighty Maximus won´t step up to that plate. So there you go Bloody Decks, Step up or Shut up!

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is located in Marina Vallarta on the Boardwalk in front of Dock D. Facing the water turn to your right and we´re down four doors or so from Las Palomas the Restaurant. Come by and say hello!  Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask at my email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Web page:  http://www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

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Fish Porn Safe for your 12 yr old 04-10-2012: Fish Species Available to Anglers in Mexico

I was put the question the other day about species that are available in Mexican Waters… I did a little research and found a site that was very comprehensive and had photos!  Now We all like photos, so here are some to check out. These will all  mostly be from the site. They tell me it is bad to link other sites directing people from me, oh well…we´ll let them worry about that….

African Pompano, they are thick in the winter around the Marietta Islands

Below is the long fin Tuna, I have never personally seen one and  I am not sure where they are but you can find out here http://www.mexfish.com/fish/abcore/abcore.htm

Long Fin Tuna in Mexico Waters

Amber Jacks are all  over PV Fishng Grounds and are also great eating as well. The pictured Amber Jack here was boated off San Jose Del Cabo….  http://www.mexfish.com/fish/ambjk/ambjk.htm

Amber Jacks can get large and they taste great!

Parot Fish are good eating, most people ignore these fish and throw them back, but not Mexican nationals who catch them. The eat the reefs, hence the solid anvil type mouth….

Parrot fish can be two feet long and up to ten pounds. Mexican Nationals love this good eating fish.

A close up view of the anvil mouth ... they crush coral and eat it with these teeth... you should see what they can do with a hook....

This is what they call a Balloon fish or Porqupine fish… We just always called them  puffer fish….. Two versions, the daily and not  threatened body and the full protection mode…I have one of these hanging in my shop….

Puffer fish are abundant like this one in Puerto Vallarta....I hear they taste good, but there is a gland if cut into will kill you if you eat this toxin... better safe than sorry... How they get those quills down their gullet i will never know..Jajajajajaja...

Full blown protection mode:

Side View, Full Protection mode...

Front View...A down the pipe shot if there ever was one... Hard to swallow takes on a new meaning here...

This is a Big Eye Jack.. the Mexicans call him ¨Ojo de Pera¨ or Eye of the bitch, I kid you not. Stong fighter, if you´re a fish eater they`re pretty good if done right… http://www.mexfish.com/fish/beyejk/beyejk.htm

Big Eye Jacks are good fighters and taste good to a fish eater. The Mexican Nationals can do miracles with this meat...

A View of them in the wild:

Big Eye Jacks schooling....

Barred Pargo, a member of the Snapper Family and we  have these locally around the rocks and reefs….

Barred Pargo at the Marietta Islands and areas where there is structure or rocks

Black Marlin  can get well over 1,000 lbs amigo…. I have hundreds of Black Marlin Photos, but this is from the site….

Black Marlin are better known for greater abundance and size in Puerto Vallarta fishing grounds.... But this is a Big Black Marlin and it was only 717 lbs... Ever catch a fish bigger than your car??

Blue Marlin  will average in the 500 lb range for large Males, the Females can get double this as in this picture.

Blue Marlin are Abundant in Pv after mid June when it all starts

You always here me talk about live bait and Google Eyes, well this is what we are running for bait most of the time. They are also called Caballitos (Cabayitos)

Google Eye or Caballitos ... we use them for bait and are plentiful... we used to pay five pesos for these at the bait boats in the morning.. Now we pay 15 pesos, just under a buck fifty....

Come Summer time inside the bay is full of these Needle Fish which believe it or not are great fighters and they give a lot of visual  enjoyment since they love to spring from the water like missiles. They are also knows as False Marlin…. They have a bill that is lined with teeth!  From the picture they can get to about six feet in length and taste great.

Needle Fish like this one are very abundant as the waters warm in Puerto Vallarta.

Check the Chompers on this fish....

Grouper can get very large, this one is the largest one I HAVE ever seen in PV…. Caught by clients of course of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle  … check the T*Shirt

Normally the Grouper we see here in PV is small... But this was an unexpected surprise caught off the Marietta Islands at over sixty pounds!

116lb Grouper caught off Cabo ...

Milk Fish are always aroun the reefs and are basically bottom feeders. Bonie fish they are not great  for eating but they have a real following world wide and we occasionally see them coming in for photos….

Milk Fish, kinda small for this species....

Milk fish in Puerto Vallarta, again caught off the reef at the Marietta islands .. http://www.masterbaiters.com.mx

Jack Crevelle or is it Cravalle.. They take over the bay of Banderas at the beginning of cold water currents and leave as the first of the warm water currents turn up..

While Jack Cravalls are not the best eating fish, they will fight like demonds and will average in the 20 to 40lb range al lover the bay

Rainbow runners are all along locations with any structure at all….Great tasting and strong fighters.

Rainbow runners taste great and fight fiercely...

I am afraid the blog is too full of pictures so I think this is enough for now. I wanted to show some species that exist that are not mostly Sailfish,Marlin, Rooster fish and  Dorado… I hope you enjoyedthis and if you again are interested there is a wonderful gallery of fish at: http://www.mexfish.com/fish/fish.htm

Until next time….

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Abundant Fish Gorging Themselves on Squid, Time to Get Creative

Abundant Fish Gorging Themselves on Squid, Time to Get Creative

Written by Stan Gabruk


I have come to learn that fishing is more than just finding monster fish and then just boating those monsters like it´s an everyday deal. That is what comes across the air waves on television programs, magazines and web sites. But in the real world it´s a daily challenge to get fish. Not find fish, we have plenty of fish, but getting fish, that can be another story. To get a fish, you first have to get that fish to be interested in what you´re offering. At times like this live bait is not going to do you much good. Presently this is the situation in our world famous fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta which means it´s time to get creative.

Blankets of one inch brown and black Squid or Calamari in Spanish have invaded the fishing grounds of Puerto Vallarta.  When this happens it can be hard to get fish to turn their heads since this is their favorite food, like Godiva Chocolates to my ex-wife. So before we talk ¨fish¨ we better discuss what the plan is. There is an old saying, ¨Elephants eat peanuts too¨, so you better put some baits together that can mimic conditions. Now you can get these squid lures or ¨Hoochies¨ for next to nothing in the states, but here in Mexico they´re stupid expensive but available.  Forget live bait (run one line), make a daisy chain or two and troll slowly. Have live bait on hand for sure because things change and you don´t want to be left unprepared.

Now the other condition worth note is the ´clean¨ Green Water we´ve been plagued by for the last three weeks. Fish will take baits in this condition but fish will only come into these conditions if there is plentiful bait.  So there you are.

The ever more popular Tres Maria Islands this week had a few days where those going the distance came in lacking of fish of any real size.  Still 60 lb Yellowfin Tuna are better than a sharp stick in the eye. For the guy who can´t wait until August, this may be what the doctor ordered. I would wait a few days before booking a trip to the Islands waiting for news of improvement.

El Banco and Corbeteña have seen Dorado in the 40 lb range last week. Blue water is moving into these areas and with a little luck there will be greater numbers of Sailfish soon. Amber Jacks, Dog Tooth Pargo, Rainbow Runners and more. You´ll have to make the call if you want to spend your fuel dollar for these species.

The Marietta Islands is still the place to be if you want fish. Rooster Fish, Snappers both up to 40 lbs still if fair numbers. Bonito, Jack Cravalls, Amber Jacks and a host of others are all here. Amber Jacks will take live bait as will the Bonito and Jack Cravalls.  Clear Green waters are here as well, with any improvement in conditions this area will explode.  

Punta Mita and Sayulita have had some favorable reports of Dorado and Rooster fish taking baits. Going against the ¨grain¨ so to speak the water around this area seems to be a little cleaner at times than inside the bay.  Striped Marlin were ten miles off the point and farther north there is a shot of Sailfish near San Pancho and points north. For Sailfish make plans for a ten hour day.

Inside the bay things could be better but there are still small fish to be had around structure. Snappers, Grouper, and assorted bottom fish are great for the younglings and are affordable. Jack Cravalls and Bonito are always around for those looking for some stiffer action.

Master Baiter´s is back and up running again in our new Marina Vallarta Location directly in front of the public phone at Dock D. We´re in store front area between Los Palomas Restaurant and Chappy´s Bar next to Charlies Fishing.  So once again reports of my death have once more exceeded reality!

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle is located in Marina Vallarta on the Boardwalk in front of Dock D. Facing the water turn to your right and we´re down four doors or so from Las Palomas the Restaurant. Come by and say hello!  Remember, at Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle, We Won´t Jerk You Around! If you have any questions on any subject regarding fishing or Puerto Vallarta, feel free to ask at my email: CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx Web page:  http://www.MasterBaiters.com.mx

The trade name Master Baiter’s ® Sportfishing and Tackle is protected under trade mark law and is the sole property of Stan Gabruk.


Dorado at Corbeteña and Punta Mita, Sailfish and Striped Marlin, Fishing Season Begins Now

Dorado at Corbeteña and Punta Mita, Sailfish and Striped Marlin, Fishing Season Begins Now

Written by Stan Gabruk


Come this time of the year as we spring forward into fishing season we hopefully begin to see Sailfish and with any luck at all by mid April we´ll have Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi). For the last couple of years Dorado took their time finding Puerto Vallarta (PV) and did not show up until mid July. We are now coming out of what was a second La Nina year in a row. So we´re just happy to have these gold and Sapphire Colored Blue Plate Specials swimming in our World Famous Fishing Grounds. The other good news on the agenda is how Sailfish have shown up again in the Golden Triangle. This is the area between El Morro, Corbeteña and El Banco. Along with the Sailfish there have been some Striped Marlin released as well. It may be a little early in the season to talk of any frenzies, but we are happy that Dorado is showing early. High Season for fishing begins now and there is no turning back until next January.

For the last couple of weeks we have had to deal with dirty green water which of course fish are not fond of and of course means they won´t take a bait. One reason is they may not see it, the other is this water leaves a bad taste in their mouth for sure. That was last week, today we still have some green water, but it´s¨ the clean green¨ as my crew call it. The fish seem to be ok with. By that I mean fish will see and take baits in this emerald water. So it looks like the currents have pushed out the bad stuff and we can focus on the fish and not the conditions so much. We may see more dirty water in the season as is normal, but for now it ¨feels´ like we´re going to move into summer earlier than I expected and  with open arms!

Snappers everywhere at the Marietta Island

If you have been fishing in the bay and wondering what the deal is, well the bay has been less than exciting. You´ll only find very small fish and not many of those. You may have some luck off Yelapa or Cabo Corrientes but for the most part anything under eight hour trips is lacking. This should change in the coming weeks as water temperatures are raising with the warm days we´ve been having. Everything will slowly change from this point forward. Just remember during summer the bigger species are farther out so most of the attention is focused outside the bay.  We will see smaller Dorado and a host of other fish in the bay but this will take a little longer than what shows up farther out.

For now the Marietta Islands is still the place for shorter day trips, at 28miles out it´s not exactly a short trip. Those with the inclination and fuel dollars will find there are still Rooster Fish some days  are thick but fickle. Jack Cravalls, Snapper are large in the 40lb range, Sierra Mackerals, Blue/Green Runners are still hanging. The numbers of fish are diminishing but they are still there to be had amigos so hit it now if you can. UpDate:  The reason they have not been taking baits the last few days is they are gorging themselves on Squids of Red and Brown. So mimic these colors and use a daisy chain if you want any fish amigo….

More Snappers and Roosters than you can imagine

The area just a few miles south of the Marietta Islands has seen Sailfish swimming on the surface, jumping and lounging in the sun. They´ll do this and if you toss baits at them, they may just ignore them. This will drive you nuts!  Right now one out of three may take bait, so it will be work for sure, but is it really work? Striped Marlin are also hanging out in the area so if you´re heading to Corbeteña you may want to troll to the rock from El Morro. For now the bite is happening with the Sailfish around 1:00 PM. So plan your day accordingly like I plan our fishing trips.

The area around Corbeteña is alive with action once more. For the most part these are Dorado in the 30 lb range and the numbers have been decent. So go for it, they taste great and are taking lures and Google eyes in the ¨clean green¨. We should see Sailfish and Striped Marlin in this area as well so be ready for some serious strikes.

El Banco is still void of any real action. You may find some Dorado there as is likely, but the reports coming in from this are disappointing at best. For now your fuel dollar is better spent elsewhere. I expect El Banco to be better than it has been the last three crazy years and with just a smidge of luck the dominate  current north will sweep down hopefully  and put El Banco in the middle of it, cross your fingers. This will mean closer-in Yellowfin Tuna. Why hit the Tres Maria Islands if you can find the same thing closer to home base?

Punta Mita Point and the Sayulita reef of Anclote have seen Rooster fish in the 25 to 40 lb range the past few days so we will keep an eye on this area. With Spring in the air Rooster fish can  all of a sudden stop taking baits as they swim in ¨sea of love¨. Mating season always screws up the fishing. You´ll have to roll the dice on the Roosters. Things can change in a few minutes so keep your ears on. The water temperatures are still on the cold side of 74 degrees, but it looks to be warm enough now for summer species to start moving in. This is good news amigo so be happy.

The Tres Maria Islands this past week was a mixed bag. The southern island Juanita was jammed full of 60 to 80 lb Yellowfin Tuna for the most part. But there were reports from the same day of the main prison island being empty of Yellowfin. One thing for sure, fish move so you never know where they will be when bait moves in. As a reminder this is a prison island and biosphere reserve so respect the twelve mile limit off the islands and you´ll have no problems being there!

Bait is available, but not abundant at the fishing grounds so make bait when you can amigos. You can still purchase bait from the boats by the fuel dock in the morning. Bonito and Google eyes for now are working as well as anything else so have your bag of tricks handy and some bait, anything can happen from this point forward.

That´s a big Rooster Fish off the Marietta Islands

That´s about it for now from PV… Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!

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